JoJo Siwa Dream Bedroom Makeover – Birthday Surprise!

– Happy birthday! (lighthearted music) – We got this, we got this, okay. – We’re both winded right now. – We’re like, we haven’t
been carrying anything, what? Okay, good morning, everyone. Oh, my goodness, JoJo Siwa is here. She is the most amazing wonderful friend, person, thing, sister, JoJo. – I’m gonna cry. – (laughs) She’s just so awesome. – What is going on? – Well, you’re just like the sweetest most generous amazing person. It’s just like you’re so– You’re so sweet. I love you, give me a hug. – What’s going on over there, Jessica? – (sighs) Well, I’ll
tell you what’s going on. She just brought like a
zillion million billion boxes because Bailey turned 11 this week, and JoJo wasn’t able to
be there for her birthday. – It’s sad. – (chuckles) But she came up with like the most amazing
birthday gift in the world. And she is going to basically redo all of Bailey’s bedroom. – The entire room. – And she brought a zillion things. – Literally (laughs). To be everything, I’m pumped. – Bailey doesn’t even know. – She has no idea that I’m here. – So, JoJo’s going to
like totally surprise her, redo her room, make it a super JoJo Siwa dream bedroom masterpiece.
– Yes. – And I’m gonna help out. – We’re gonna do this.
– Yes. Look at all these boxes. Oh, my goodness, and there’s
more over here (screams). – Jessica, I have wings!
(Jessica laughs) I’m flying! I just broke something, but I don’t know. – [Jessica] I think it was dead anyway. – [JoJo] You just stay. There we go. – Okay, so here’s Bailey’s bedroom before. It had that on it. – I’m already doing the makeover. – JoJo is getting it done,
she’s not messing around. I was you showing you the boxes, and she’s like done already. Parker’s here to help out. Are you gonna be able to
keep the secret, mister? – You gotta keep it a big secret. It’s Bailey’s birthday surprise. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah! – All right, so here’s her room before. (gentle music) It’s beautiful, we have the most beautiful (chuckles) Wendy Beliissimo furniture. Wendy was incredible and totally redid all of Bailey’s furniture, and it’s so cool and we love it. Beautiful bedding, we love it. But I’m sure it’s significantly stained with all kinds of kid stuff at this point. JoJo, are you ready for this challenge? – So ready, let’s go. – [Jessica] Let’s do it. – Dreams come true. – [JoJo] Why not have a JoJo lamp? – [Jessica] Yes, she’ll
love that for reading. – JoJo lamp, there you go. ♪ Because you light up my
life like nobody else ♪ ♪ The way that you flip your
hair gets me overwhelmed ♪ Work with everything. – Hot sauce, I think I was probably more involved in this one than Bailey was. (energetic music) So much hot sauce (chuckles). (energetic music) Did I mention I’m the main person in our family that eats hot sauce? (energetic music) Okay, this is already looking so cute. I’m so excited.
(energetic music) What is this? – It’s a little like light box that eventually lights
up when you plug it in, but the plugs aren’t in it. And then, you can put lights in it. – [Jessica] That is so cute. – [JoJo] Pick out all these
and put ice cream cones in it, donuts, and cupcakes, whatever you want. – [Jessica] Bailey’s gonna have something made by her brother in her
bedroom, that is so cool. (gentle music) – I’m done. – [JoJo] Oh, that looks good, Parker. – B-A-I-L-E-Y. And then, I put donut, JoJo, JoJo– Donut, JoJo Siwa, JoJo Siwa, ice cream, and then
donut, and then cupcake, and then JoJo bow, JoJo bow, cupcake, unicorn, unicorn, cupcake, ice cream, cupcake, and then heart, heart, heart, heart, and then A, a swirly A. ‘Cause I thought a swirly A
would be cool for her, whoa! You have one of those
olden day like clocks. – [JoJo] (laughs) One of
those olden day clocks. – [Jessica] Olden day clocks, JoJo. – Olden day clocks, wow. – It looks like an olden day clock. Ah, hey. – [JoJo] You can have that. You want it?
– Yeah. – Parker’s here helping, but he’s actually just going through the room stuff and snagging it before (laughs) Bailey even knows about it. – A thousand percent
what’s happening right now. (Jessica laughs)
(energetic music) – I wish this was my room. – [Jessica] Isn’t it amazing? – [Parker] Mm-hmm. – It is pretty cute, it’s
really cute (chuckles). – [Parker] Look at what I did. – What’d you do? Oh, that looks pretty cool. Do you know what I think would be cool? – [Parker] What? – [JoJo] If I put these
in her closet for her. – [Jessica] Oh! – She’s got some clothes.
(gentle music) There you go. – We should show Bailey some! I really want her to see. That’s an unlock one?
– It’s an unlock one. – [Parker] Is the key right there? – Pretty fancy, isn’t it?
– One of the keys are it. – [JoJo] One of the keys,
both of the keys are it. – Both of the keys are?
– Both of them. All right, I think we’re probably ready to put on the final touches. But I think mister cutie boy
shouldn’t be in here for it. – [Jessica] Oh, my gosh, there’s more? – And I think we should do
something to his room, too. – [Jessica] (laughs) Oh! – Yeah, yeah! – [JoJo] It’s really little, but I think you’re gonna like it. But you have to go downstairs. – Okay.
(JoJo laughs) – I had to give him a little surprise. – (laughs) JoJo, you’re amazing. Oh, my goodness, Bailey
is going to freak out. This is so amazing, it
is so, so, so, so cute. (squeaks) JoJo. – [JoJo] You like it? – [Jessica] Yeah! – I’m still doing things. – [Jessica] You are the
best present giver ever! – Thank you!
(Jessica laughs) Okay, but look it, I have
something for Parker though. – Okay, let’s go set that up. Okay (chuckles). So, yeah, that’s Parker’s
current bed condition. All right, I’m sorry. – We’re gonna make it better. – We’re gonna make it better (laughs). – We’re gonna make it bed-ter, bed-ter. – [Jessica] Oh, JoJo joke. – Look at what I got, I got this. And I think we can put it right there. And he gets a little JoJo. – [Jessica] He’s going to spaz. – He’s gonna love it. – [Jessica] Okay, Parker,
look what JoJo did. – [JoJo] Do you like it? – Yeah, I love my new bed! You made this thing
like I wanted it to be. – [JoJo] I made my face in there. I hand painted it, the whole thing. – Really? – [JoJo] No, but it’s still cool (laughs). – [Parker] They’re stickers. – [JoJo] Do you like it? – I love my bed!
(Jessica laughs) – [JoJo] You love it so much? – [Parker] Thank you. – Of course, I wanna know, what’s your favorite part about it? – Maybe the stickers. – You like the stickers,
which sticker, that one? – [Parker] Yeah. – You like the one with my face on it? – Oh, that’s awesome,
that’s a great idea, Jake! – [Jessica] That is a great idea. – It is a great idea. He’s like, I know.
(Jessica laughs) – Okay, this room looks incredible. – I’m so happy with it. I can’t wait to show her,
she’s gonna be so happy. – I hope you likes it. – I’m like really sweaty (laughs). – Me too, I have to like (sighs). – (laughs) We did that fast. – We did, we were like speedy. – (laughs) Okay, okay I
went in and fixed my lips ’cause they were a hot
mess after all that work. But I wanted to point out one
little detail really quick. – [JoJo] What? – [Jessica] This. – [JoJo] The light up unicorn. – One of Bailey’s favorite
colors is glow in the dark. And glow.
– Love that. (laughs)
Love that. – So, I think she’s gonna freak out. It’s perfect, all right, let’s go get her. Hey, sweetie.
– Hi. – (laughs) How are you doing? – Great.
– You know we’re up to something, huh? – Yeah.
– Okay (laughs). It’s a really big surprise.
– What? – (laughs) There’s actually
a person in your room right now waiting for you. – Really?
– Yeah. And Parker’s here with us. He knows all about it, huh, buddy? You keeping that secret?
– Yeah. – Okay, okay, but there’s
a hint on your doorknob. – [Bailey] (gasps) Is it JoJo? – [Jessica] I don’t know. (gentle music) – Happy birthday!
– Thank you. – [JoJo] Do you like it? – [Bailey] So much, wow. – I wanted to surprise you
with a little room makeover. – Wow, this is amazing. – [JoJo] I like your bow. – Thank you. – [JoJo] Is it cute, do you like it? – I love it. – [JoJo] Good. – Thank you so much. – [JoJo] Of course, it’s
pretty magical and unicorny. – Yeah, I love it so much, thank you. – Of course, I’m happy you like it. I heard that your favorite
color, one of them, was glow. So, that’s why I got the glow. – Thank you so much, JoJo.
– Of course. I’m so happy you like it. – (gasps) These headphones? – [Jessica] Oh, that’s something. – I like these headphones. – [JoJo] They’re pretty cool,
they’re good headphones. – [Bailey] Whoa. – [JoJo] Do a little rock hair? – [Bailey] Yeah. – [JoJo] Yeah. – [Jessica] What’s behind you, Bailey? – (gasps) A unicorn! This is awesome, I can put this on my lap, and I can like draw on it. – [Jessica] Just wait. It does something special on the back. – Whoa, it’s like my very own table that I can take anywhere. – [JoJo] Yep. – Thank you so much. – [JoJo] Awesome for car rides if you wanna write in the car rides. – [Jessica] Bailey, you can
put your computer on that, and then have your headphones in, and then you can edit the day away. – (laughs) This is awesome. – [JoJo] I got lots more
clothes for you two, downstairs, for both of you. – [Jessica] And Bailey, guess what. – What? – [Jessica] She added some
things to your closet, too. – Really?
– Cute. Little rainbow tank top. Next thing, you got a little sweater. – [Jessica] Isn’t that cute? I love that.
– Yeah. – [JoJo] You got these fun little pajamas. – (gasps) Thank you. – [JoJo] Super magical. And last but not least,
these little pajamas. – (gasps) Thank you so much, JoJo. – Of course, I’m so happy
that you love it all. And a JoJo water bottle under there. – [Jessica] Yes, keeping
hydrated all night long. – [JoJo] Inside all of those,
there’s different JoJo bows. They’re super special JoJo bows. – Look at that one, spectacular. (Jessica laughs)
– They’re all different. – [Jessica] Yeah, whoa. – [Bailey] That is amazing. – [Parker] Say what? – [Jessica] These bows are incredible. – I love these. – [Jessica] Whoa. – [JoJo] Is that pretty cool? – Is this for Bailey, or? – [JoJo] You guys can share it. – Yeah.
(Jessica chuckles) And our room. – You’re so cute, you enjoy it. – Thank you.
– Of course. (lighthearted music) – This is my dream come
true, this is amazing. This is the best bedroom ever, and I don’t know how to thank JoJo. She is amazing, I love it. – JoJo is clearly one of
the sweetest humans ever, and just one of our best
friends in the whole wide world. If you haven’t subscribed to her yet, please go check out her channel, subscribe to her, watch her
videos, she’s so awesome. She is such an amazing role
model for young kids out there. And an amazing person and so much fun to hang out with for us adults (chuckles). She’s absolutely a super
mature, wonderful young lady. And I just wanna say
thank you so much, JoJo. You make such an impact in Bailey’s life, and we really, really appreciate you, and are so grateful that
you’re in our lives. She’s also going to be having a gymnastics video with
Parker up on her channel. I don’t know when, it could be awhile, but it’ll be there, so be
on the lookout for that. It’s gonna be super, super great. And I think Jacob actually joined in, too. They’re filming it right now, and I think Jacob’s out there. (gentle music)
(giggles) – I’ve never seen you like with
your hair all slicked back. You look so different, and I love it. Look how cute this little munchkin looks. You’re adorable, I love you. Okay, need a bow now, sorry. I’m getting way too excited over this. I’m gonna put it in here. It might feel a little bit loose, but that’s the best way
to get it to stand up. And ta da, she looks adorable.

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