JoJo Siwa Rented Out Six Flags For Her Birthday Party!

– So, this is bananas. I’ve never done anything like this before. I can’t believe that this is real. Jakey, how do you feel about this? – I’m so excited! (soft music) Good morning, everyone! Today, we are going to JoJo’s Dream 16! (soft music) – [Chris] What are you doing? – Making slime! (soft music) (people chattering)
– What is that? – It’s a smell. – It’s a smell?
– Yeah. It makes it smell good. ♪ Are you ready ♪ ♪ Are you ready for this ♪ ♪ Are you hanging on
the edge of your seat ♪ – [Chris] Oh, yeah, it
smells like the Avatar ride. – Yeah! (soft music) – [Chris] What did you find? – Oh, my gosh. Cotton candy burritos. – [Chris] Is that ice cream inside of it? – Yes, ice cream, and a
churro, and fruity pebbles. And they gave me gloves, ’cause they knew I’d wanna
eat it with my hands! They also gave me a backup fork, but I really don’t wanna
use my backup fork. I wanna use my hands on
my cotton candy burrito. Parker, what are you doing right now? – Putting a glitter tattoo on. And me and Duncan are gonna be matches! – I want the butterflies on one side and snowflakes on the other side. – [Duncan] Bug. – [Jessica] Ladybug? – Yeah.
– That’s neat. – I think, actually I want–
– Dinosaur? That’s cool! Dragon! What does a dragon say. (imitates roaring) – Yeah.
– Actually, I think I’m gonna need
some time to decide. – [Jessica] Yeah. (soft music) – [Chris] Oh, that’s cool! – Oh, that’s your favorite!
– Tell me the real truth. That there’s a real–
– Oh, my goodness, Let me see! Ohh.
– Ohh! – [Woman] I got a lot
of frequent flyer miles. – [Chris] Is that sparkly? (Duncan mumbling) Sparkly! (Duncan mumbling) – [Jessica] We’re gonna go get a picture. (soft music) (upbeat music) – [Girl] You’re holding her! (people chattering) – [Woman] Did you hold a doggie? What? (people chattering) ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ ♪ Happy birthday dear JoJo ♪
(scattered laughing) ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ (people cheering)
(people applauding) – Alright, we’re gonna cut this cake up, so everyone can have some! (all cheering)
– Yay, whoa. Who’s here? (Duncan mumbling) Flynn? – He’s ready for the party! – Ready for the party!
(cheering) – I like your shoes!
– Hi! And Grandma’s here! – Hello! (upbeat music) (gentle lullaby music) – So, we’re leaving JoJo’s
house, but the party’s not over! – It’s just beginning. – It’s just beginning, ’cause
we’re all in a bus now, and we’re going to Six
Flags Magic Mountain. – We’re gonna call it the napping bus. – Napping bus? You think you’re gonna nap on this bus? (upbeat rock music) – Jessica handed me her camera and said, “Tell everyone what we’re doing.” We rented out Six Flags! Parker, Bailey, Jacob, you guys excited? – [All] Yeah! – [JoJo] Rachel? – Woo! – [JoJo] Wait, oh, Cory just got here. – [Woman] Mouth queen, queen of the mouth. – He’s carrying her mouth
for her in that backpack. You know, gotta do what you gotta do. – This is happening right now. – So, I don’t even know
what we’re about to do, but I guess the park is closed. It’s end of hours for the park here at Six Flags Magic Mountain. And we’re about to go in ourselves, and we have full access, as far as I know. I don’t even know. And we’re gonna go in
there, and the park is ours. So, this is bananas. I’ve never done anything like this before. I can’t believe that this is real. Jakey, how do you feel about this? – I’m so excited! (Jessica laughing) – So awesome! – This is amazing. – [Chris] And there’s
no people here but us. – Hey, there’s some people. – That’s our group! That’s us! That counts as us! Another fun thing about this trip to Six Flags Magic Mountain is that we all got these sweaters, so it’s a whole bunch of people
all wearing the same thing. So, basically, since the park’s closed, they have to open up the
ride as we show up there. So, I don’t know what’s opening first, but we’re following everybody, and we’re gonna go on a ride. What ride do you think we’re
gonna go on first, Jake? (groaning) You don’t know?
– Wait, wait, wait, wait! Oh my goodness, a ride is moving! Oh my goodness! I’m gonna cry. (soft music) – So, we are going on
Twisted Colossus first, which, I’ve waited in line for this ride. It usually takes a very
long time to get to it. – Yeah.
– And we’re just walking up to it right now. I can’t even comprehend this. Oh my goodness, that ride is so awesome. – High five. – Gotta high five about it. – Did you even feel how awesome that was? – Colossus is a ride that has
been around for a long time. It burned down, and then they rebuilt it, and when they rebuilt it,
they put inversions in it, which is when you go upside
down, and they made it dueling. – Yo, what’s up, guys?
– So, the next car that goes, you’re racing them and you
go upside down over them, and you’re basically, you look up, and you see the other people on the ride. And Bailey was on the
opposite train from us, so we were looking up, and
Bailey was just like “Ahh!” “Ahh!” “Ahh!” How was it? – Great! It was awesome! (soft music) – Alright, we are in
Gotham City right now, which could only mean that
we’re going on one ride. Batman. – I’ve never been on it. – You’ve never been on Batman? I love this ride. It opened when I was about Bailey’s age and the line was three hours long. And today, we’re first in line. We’re just walking right up.
– (laughing) Yes! – This is so cool. (intense music) How was the ride? – Really fun! Tears were coming out of my eyes because it went so fast! – I’ve never been on the
front seat in that ride, and you are so close to the rail. ‘Cause it’s like, by your head. And you can just see it going past. I feel like it was much scarier. – It went so fast that,
without me wanting to do this, I started crying, like,
tears came out of my eyes! – On accident!
– On accident! Jacob did it too! – [Chris] Accidental tears? – Yeah, if you open your eyes
and don’t blink for a second– – Yeah!
– Tears start pouring out of your eyes.
– I was like, what? (jaunty music) – [Chris] So, I guess we’re
going on this thing next. – [Child] It’s so fun! – It’s called Tattoo. I’ve never been on it, but
apparently, it’s like flying. Ugh, that ride is something. On that ride, the track’s above you, and you’re like–
– Laying down. – You’re facing the ground, basically. You’re lying on your stomach on that ride. And so, it feels like you’re flying, and it is so surreal. I don’t even know how to describe it. How’d you like it, Jake? – Doesn’t it feel like you’re flying? – It does feel like you’re flying! But completely out of your control. Like, if you were strapped
to something that was flying. That’s what that feels like. (gentle guitar music) – Bailey, how did you like Viper? – No!
– No? You didn’t like Viper? – No.
– No? – I am so glad I didn’t go on that. – You’re glad you didn’t go on it? It rattles you around quite a bit. It should be called rattler. Different snake. (gentle guitar music) What’d you think of Revolution? – So good!
– So good! – So good!
– So good! – Did you like it? – I liked it! It was so good. (gentle guitar music) How do you feel about that ride? – Terrifying, I hated
it, and also I loved it. – [Woman] Stay clear, gates are opening. – That’s a good one, but if I went again, I’d throw up, for sure. (laughing) – We just went on a ride called Full Throttle twice in a row, didn’t get out of it. Went on it twice. – I was screaming the whole ride! – It was so intense! And now, there is a Queen cover band that we’re gonna go watch. But we’ll probably exchange the sound for royalty-free music. Enjoy! (upbeat rock music) – You guys having fun, right? (all cheering) Well, we just started getting
warmed up right now, so. But we’re not cold, we can
go all night if you want. Or ’til they shut us down. (intense rock music) (yelling)
(people cheering) (intense rock music)
– Yeah! – [Man] JoJo in the house! – Yeah!
– Breakin’ free, baby! ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ ♪ Happy birthday dear JoJo ♪ ♪ Happy birthday ♪ ♪ Happy birthday ♪ ♪ To you ♪ ♪ JoJo it’s your birthday ♪ JoJo in the lady Sandra Rhoad’s outfit, ladies and gentlemen. Fabulous, I’ll take three copies. Thank you very much. Lovely ladies and gentlemen, thank you for your hospitality. We’ve certainly enjoyed
the rides, the pizza, and everything else, and
all the fun and thrills. It’s been a quite wonderful joy on a sweet 16 day like today. What a blessed day. Let us all be safe in
getting home tonight, and we’ll see you again–
– You can see– – Very soon. – [Girl] That the drummer’s wearing a– – Take a picture. – [Chris] Did you like the concert? Were you singing along?
– You got a really cool necklace. – [Chris] I got a cool necklace? – Uh-huh.
– Actually, Jacob brought this over for Parker. (smooth music) (laughing) Can you not hear ’cause of all the, you were right up against the speaker? Okay. (baby giggling)

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    JoJo:Dream sixteen at sixflags at home and with a billion people

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