JoJo Siwa Throws Heiress a Birthday Party | T.I. & Tiny: Friends & Family Hustle

– You’ve seen this house before?
– No. – Oh my goodness. – JOJO: Hi! I heard it’s someone’s
birthday today! – Yeah, are you turning three? Come in, come in!
– How’re you doing? – Nice to meet you. Hi.
– Hi. – Hey!
– Party’s here! Hi, how are ya? – So we’re at JoJo’s house for
Heiress’s big birthday party. Are you so excited? – Yeah.
– Yeah? You wanna meet JoJo ’cause why? – Because I love JoJo.
– Oh wow. What about me? – I do love you. But I love…JoJo. – Oh wow, look, Heiress! – HEIRESS: Thank you. – JOJO: Of course.
And you got some presents. – TI: I think she’s shocked. – You wanna just
hang out with me? Yeah. – TI: Man, I think JoJo got
this thing just how she like it. She started dancing in pageants. Then she got a television show and parlayed it
into a deal with Nickelodeon. Then I think she has hair bows,
all kinds of pillows, and candies, and everything, all
while creating passive income. This is how I would like for
King and Major to think. – Look at that!
It’s your very own JoJo doll. – Isn’t that cool? – Can I have a high five?
What about a fist bump? What about a double high five? What about double fist pump? Nailed it.
– HEIRESS: Thank you. – [laughs] Usually, I can’t
keep this child quiet. She’s barely said anything
since we walked in. – Are you gonna
win a good prize? We’ll see, we’ll see. – I think she’s
a little star struck. – Heiress, we’re gonna find
you a cool party outfit. Wanna wear it?
– Yeah. – Alright, let’s find
you a matching bow. – You got a lot of bows. – There’s over 7,000
different styles of JoJo Bows. – That’s nice.
That’s very creative. JoJo’s about my age, and she’s
making money, going on tour, blah, blah, blah, because her
parents–both of the parents– is willing to let her
do her own thing. I wish my father would let me
do my own thing, too. – You look so cute!
– It’s your birthday! – I think this bow would
look great right here. – Ooh wow.
– Go double one. There it is. – Oh, no, no, no! – KING: Heiress, you
wanna eat birthday cake? – Yeah.
– KING: There we go. – I hope my friends
don’t see this. – Since you’re three years old,
you get three birthday cakes. – KING: But one has
to go in your face. – Or it should have
to go in his face. – Okay. – KING: One, two, three! Oooh! – Whoo!
– Got him! – KING: Ahh! – Oh, he got me. – JOJO: He got you. Can you see?
– No. – KING: Happy birthday, Heiress! You gonna give me a cake kiss? Mwah!
– TINY: [laughs] – Thank you, Mommy. – For what? – Thank you for
my birthday party. – Oh, thank you. Yeah, I love you. – I love you, too.

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