JoJo’s Dream Birthday 🎊 Sweet 16 BEHIND THE SCENES!! | Nick

[music playing] Hey, everyone, it’s JoJo
and you all are invited to my Sweet 16th! ♪ Hey, hey, woohoo
It’s time to celebrate ♪ Let’s get this party started! Woah! – Happy birthday, JoJo!
– Happy birthday, JoJo! Today I get to film
with one of my bestest friends ever, Colleen Ballinger as Miranda Sings. We’re gonna bake a cake together,
excited to see how that turns out! – Miranda–
– Some of these? You are the worst, Miranda! You got it in my shirt! Excuse me please, we’re rolling! Go away, helicopters! How many eggs do you need
to put in this thing? – Have you ever made a cake before?
– Yes! What color do you think
this cake’s gonna be? You’re talking too much! You try it! – In the bowl?
– In the bowl! – Where’s the bowl at? I can’t see it!
– Ahh, JoJo! That’s not where it goes,
it looks like I’ve been murdered! – Yeah!
– No! You’re ruining your birthday cake! You’re ruining this day for me! This was supposed to be
such a big day for me on your birthday and you’re ruining it! It’s my birthday! I’m so upset! Holla, baking a cake! You have fun with your cake thing. OK, just get outta here,
I’m baking a cake. – Have fun cleaning it, I’m out!
– JoJo! You are one of the funniest,
most genuine people I’ve ever met. And we’re so proud of you! Happy birthday, God bless you
and keep winning. I’m super excited to be turning 16
because that means that I can drive! But I haven’t ever driven a go-kart,
it’s gonna be fun! Hi, nice to meet you, I’m JoJo! – Kendall!
– JoJo! – Hi!
– Hi! Guys, it’s Kendall! What are you doing here? Hey, guys, I’m Kendall and I’m here
to celebrate JoJo’s 16th birthday party. Today we are doing a little race. You’re going down! [music playing] – Hey, I haven’t learned to drive before.
– Oh, gosh. Racers, start your engines! Woo! Feels crazy, like it feels like
I’ve lived so much life but really I’ve only lived 16 years. ♪ Feels good, how do I feel?
It feels good ♪ ♪ How do I look?
You look good ♪ Action! Alright, JoJo, you’re gonna need
this license for your next surprise! What surprise?
How many surprises are there? Happy birthday, JoJo! [screaming] My gosh, gotta see it! [music playing] This is a magical car! Woo, it’s a party! – It’s a party under the car!
– Wow! – This is incredible!
– This is insane! No, my favorite feature? Uh… I like the spinning tires. Dream come true! What’s up, guys?
My name is Hayden Summerall and today we are indoor skydiving
for JoJo’s dream birthday. I love indoor skydiving
’cause it’s just fun! You have the freedom to fly! She’s gonna be really good,
she’s like a pro at everything. [music playing] Happy birthday, JoJo! – Happy birthday, JoJo!
– Happy birthday, JoJo! Love you, JoJo! Let’s party! I am at my dream 16! What’s on my birthday wish list this year? You reach a certain age
and all you wanna do is just have fun on your birthday
and I think that’s all I want this year, just to have fun
with my friends and family. Hey, JoJo, as you know,
I made you an incredible birthday cake but you ruined it, so thanks for that. So I had to buy you another one,
so I hope you enjoy it. It’s so beautiful,
um… it was really, really expensive. Have fun eating yourself… you cannibal. [laughing] Happy birthday, I love you so much! ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ ♪ Happy birthday to you, JoJo Siwa ♪ Yeah! [cheering] Ready?
Got one second for this. [music playing] That’s my song, Only Getting Better. I think that I’m gonna put it like,
in front of my front door. Celebrate with me– Eugh! Hi, buddy, it’s nice to meet you! I love your horn! It’s like a little
Siwa Sassy Sparkly Style! Alright, everyone, thank you so much
for hanging out with me today! Peace out!

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