Jollibee Valentine Series 2019: Anniversary | Reaction – Australian Asians

Rach: Hey guys, we’re Asians Down Under and today we’re going to check out Kwentong Jollibee Valentines Series 2019 “Anniversary” Kirk: Yes Diane: I’m really liking these Rach: Yeah I really like these Kirk: They should make a whole movie Rach: It’s like Super Bowl quality Kirk: I love how they all feature workers Law: Like real people Rach: It’s all based on real stories Kirk: Is this one about their love life? Kirk: This makes me miss the Phillippines Kirk: Don’t tell me you’re working on your
anniversary Kirk/Law: She’s quite pretty Kirk: No Law: He forgot it was their anniversary Kirk: No! Law: Why does that sound familiar? Kirk: She was at Jollibees? Diane: She’s at Jollibee Kirk: Burger steak, that’s what that is called Law: Now she’s late Law: Making mistakes (at work) Law: Oh because she didn’t check her work Kirk: Too distracted by what happened Kirk: It’s hard being so busy, right? Diane: Oh, what? Kirk: You can’t do that, she needs you man Kirk: Oh no, don’t tell me she saw someone else Diane: He forgot again, he forgot again Kirk: Oh Kirk: Oh hell no Kirk: That’s why she looks so beautiful, dude Law: It’s okay, Rachel Kirk/Diane: Oh my god, Rach! Kirk: Rachel! Diane: I don’t want to know what’s going to happen Kirk: But is it worth it though, dude? Law/Kirk: Oh no Kirk: It’s too late, dude Kirk: It’s too late Kirk: While he’s been doing well, she hasn’t been doing well Kirk: Good, yes! Law: Thank you! Law: Thank you for the happy ending Kirk: I thought you were going to leave Kirk: I thought that was it, I thought it was over Rach: Get me a tissue Kirk: There we go, Rachel! It’s a happy ending! Law: It hit a bit close to home Law: Just a little bit Kirk: I can feel it Kirk: Lawrence Kirk: I did this today, bro Kirk: I can relate Law: I can see tears in your eyes Kirk: I literally just did this! Kirk: I bought flowers, man! Rach: Someone get me a tissue Diane: Where do you guys have tissues? Kirk: We need to pay attention Law: It’s work Diane: The ultimate test! Kirk: Yes, turn it off my man! Diane: Yes! Kirk: She’s impressed Kirk: Go back. What was the last message? Kirk: There is nothing we can’t ever overcome when we fight for love! Oh! Rach: Can we just pause? Kirk: Pause! Pause! Law: Too close to home, too close to home Law: What did you guys think? Rach: It was so real Diane: Yeah Law: It was very relatable Rach: I feel “The Choice” could probably make more people cry Especially for young people But this one. I think a lot of people have trouble balancing relationship and work Rach: One line that she said that I really related to I know that you are here for me Rach: What did she say? Rach: But I feel you have already left Rach: Like I’m the only one working on it Kirk: I think a lot of people can relate to that Kirk: It’s not even just on a work basis Kirk: It could just be on an effort basis Yeah sometimes you feel like you could be putting more effort than they are or vice versa They could be putting in more effort that you are Law: Damn, this one hit Rach: Why didn’t you guys cry? I feel so bad Kirk: We were holding it back! Law: Rachel just bursted Law: You can see tears in Kirk’s eyes Kirk: I bought a gift Kirk: Flowers Kirk: And I wrote letters Kirk: It didn’t work out as well as this one though Kirk: I was like sheeet I did this today There we go You understood that one, Rachel When Rachel cried, I was going to look at Lawrence and be like “Lawrence!!” hey guys thanks for watching our videos don’t forget to Like subscribe
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