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  1. I realized something as I was watching this, because it reminds me of that disconnected toys/valentine's day decorations scenes. Amy is usually very cynical, but when she's with Jonah she is relaxed and childish. Then he goes and asks simple but life-changing questions like, when IS the time to make a decision/change, like at the end of the episode, without attacking, calmly because they're just having a conversation. I think she'll actually do something about being a manager because he said that. So, he's very good for her, I just hope she appreciates him and they make it work. ❤️

  2. Awe yess Amy and Jonah being happy with no drama (that I know eventually will appear *sobs*. I'm just appreciating the time they have together)

  3. The whole time I was expecting them to be found out. But that never happened and I'm so glad. Amy and Jonah finally got to be away from the store and have some real fun together.

  4. I really really like what the 2 characters bring out in each other. Like these are two characters that don't really laugh at all unless they're with each other, they both have a great balance of challenging each other while encouraging each other, and also they're very good at making changes or standing up for others when they are together. Very cool dynamic that's missing from a lot of TV (and real life) couples

  5. Crazy idea but what if in a future episode corporate send these photos to Amy during a important moment in the show when they are bout to Improve workers right or something

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