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  1. Controversial to go be with someone who is your "Friend" because they have a different political stance? Sounds dense to me.

  2. Looks like he learned from his mistake in Get Him To The Greek never tell a musician their music is bad, its not gonna end well hahah.

  3. He's looking so great, being famous makes you thin you can spend so much money on help tad jelly I wanna personal trainer too!

  4. I really don’t care who supports who… even though I don’t like our current president I wouldn’t unfriend someone or not support a loved one? Who cares …no two people have the same beliefs?

  5. I love seeing Jonah like this, I feel like I'm seeing the real him and he seems so genuine and authentic now.
    I love how he talks to Jimmy like he's sitting around the house having a beer with a friend calling him dude, etc.
    There needs to be more of this in Hollywood 👍

  6. I like how he was hoping Jimmy would find the buffalo bit funny or interesting and you could tell he was totally disappointed when he Jimmy didn't really care lol

  7. I do watch Jimmy once in a while when there is a guest I like, I do notice Jimmy Kimmel can be condescending to his guests with that giggle while he says it. That has turned me off a little bit and I'm tired of his trump monologue, it's funny cause we have an Idiot fool as "pres" but Jimmy has really dragged on those trump jokes. What's Jimmy gonna joke about when he is out of office?

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