Jonah’s Secret Engagement Party for Sandra – Superstore (Episode Highlight)

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  1. That Jerry guy is just as horrible and pathetic as Sandra. Garret says "Good to you see you", and then Jerry runs up to his face and stalks him at work. Then Garret says "Cya later" Jerry stands there and says. Okay when? He is pure psychopath. Then , Garret says "What ever you say Buddy." Jerry lights up and says "Buddy?" I mean they are playing characters but that Jerry guy is really demented, sad thing is that there are probably real people like that in real life too.

  2. The new episode is tonight, and there's not even one single promo… Are you trying to make people lose interest and get the show cancelled or

  3. While most of the episode was good, I really didn't like this scene and any that involved the bullying of Sandra by Dina. I know it's the character but this was over the top mean and I did not like watching it so I forwarded to the next scene.

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