Jonathan Groff, Disney’s first gay prince talks marriage equality and meeting his Prince Charming

Actor Jonathan Groff is just like us. He’s
admitted to not being the best when it comes to dishing out advice to himself. You think you know everything, and you can
give great advice, but when you turn around on yourself, it’s harder to give your own
self advice. One of the things I love about this movie
is that I think it’s going to hopefully educate a bunch of little kids that come to see it
that it’s not always like one day my prince will come, that it could be a different version
of that. Hang on! I like fast. Woah, woah, woah, woah.
Get your feet down. This is fresh lacquer. Seriously. Were you raised in a barn? That was really sort of amazing and a full
circle moment when I was in the recording studio using my imagination to think of what
the situation was like and playing a character. It felt like it did when I was a little kid. Groff plays Kristoff in the festive blockbuster,
which has been a career dream. Any other dreams lately? Yeah, I had a dream two nights ago that I
was flying, and I haven’t had a flying dream since I was in, you know, the first grade
at five years old. And from flying to marrying. The first law that I would make would be…
that anyone could get married that wanted to get
married. That would be the first law.

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  1. Me: Wait Groff is Kristoff? goes up to mom that hates Hamilton but likes frozen THE DUDE THAT PLAYS KING GORGE IN HAMILTON VOICES KRISTOFF NOW I WILL WATCH THE MOVIE AGAIN

  2. Friends: What's your favorite ship?
    Friend 1: Harry x Hermione (Harry Potter)
    Friend 2: Sapphire x Ruby (Steven Universe)
    Friend 1: looking at me What about you?
    My Thoughts: GROFFLIN GROFFLIN GROFFLIN GROFFLIN!!!!! (Lin x Groff, duh)
    Me: Not sure.

  3. Wait so Kristoff, my favourite character, just happened to be Jonathan Groff, my favourite actor??? Hot damm


  5. Tell Zach Efron that he gotta get off, cuz he’s never gonna look like Jonathon Groff— Damn he’s so cute.. Okay, I’m sorry, but it’s true

  6. Christians and Muslims need to put aside our theological differences and ally with each other against these people.

  7. Me: ugh i've watched frozen so many times i never want to see it again
    Groff: you'll be back~
    Frozen 2 comes out
    Me: welp i'm back

  8. Wow, not many celebrities would have such a great and meaningful answer to that question! Jonathan Groff is too pure.

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