Joni Eareckson Tada – Diving Accident Anniversary – 52 Years

– Hi, I’m Joni, and I am shaking my head wondering, how did I get here? Fifty-two years in a
wheelchair is a long time. I mean, even Jesus thinks so. In John chapter five, the Lord was at the Pool of Bethesda, remember that? And He stopped by a man over a straw mat who had been paralyzed
for thirty-eight years, and it says, “When Jesus learned he had been in this condition for a long time.” That’s what it says in verse six, and when I read those
words, “a long time.” I mean, tears filled my eyes. Cause man, if Jesus thinks
that thirty-eight years of paralysis is a long time, what does He think of fifty-two years? I think He probably says it’s a long time, and so do I. And yes, every day I’m wasting away. You’ve heard about the recurring cancer, and those new problems with my lungs, and pain, and… Our bodies are just fragile, but I am still on the growing side, the strong side, because
like the bible says… I’m growing in two
directions at the same time. Outwardly, I’m wasting away, but inwardly, I’m
being renewed day by day. My body may be unraveling, but my spirit, my measure of faith, my assurance of salvation,
my sensitivity to sin, my confidence in the word
of God, my hope of heaven, compassion for others with disabilities, my love of Jesus. Everything about my spirit is growing. Sure, I’m weaker physically, but I grow stronger spiritually. Deep, great trials bring with
them deep grace from God. All of which enlarges our
souls capacity for Jesus. And that’s what I’m celebrating on my accident anniversary, so join me in the celebration. Help me here at Joni
and Friends, would you? Share this wonderful message of being renewed in Christ day by day. Help me share it with many more people with disabilities, all around the world. God bless you for listening and caring, and being a part of Joni and Friends.

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  1. Joni I have been paralyzed for 24 years. You are and encouragement for me! God bless you and everything you do. Love to you from me from East Tennessee!

  2. Congratulations and celebrate the huge number of people God has used you to minister to over the years.
    God bless you x


  4. oh sister … u bless me over n over… thank you for your video tho my body may be whittling away after 27 years i am growing spiritually .. u have been a mentor to me .. i was thinking my 27 yrs was a long time … may god continually bless you and use you…

  5. Thank you so much Joni for the wonderful impact you have had on my life. ‘Inspiration’ is the right word yet it seems too small somehow. I know the road must be hard for you sometimes but you have thousands – possibly millions – of spiritual children such as me, whom you have so richly blessed. We are so grateful for, and to, you! May the Lord continue to bless you and your ministry.

  6. God bless u Joni!! I've been a follower of yours for years. I listen to u every morning right before I go n to work and I get such an uplifting message every morning. U r such an inspiration! So many times what u say is such a deep thought, a totally new concept, something for me to chew on while at work. I L💖 VE u Joni and pray for u to b richly blessed!!

  7. You remind me of the Psalms. Honest and exposing pain in the beginning but Proclaiming God’s goodness in the end.

  8. You are truly a wonderful person, I am pretty sure you will get tons of marvellous and extra good things in heaven when you arrive there, until then Jesus will give you more strength, power and victories to help you along the way!!! Xxo

  9. Joni I have encouraged by your listening to your videos they have helped me lifting my spirit many times and I know that Our Great God and Lord Jesus will sustain us until HE calls us Home – God Bless

  10. Hi Joni, There will come a day when you will wake up and be free from that wheelchair and you will run free. The rest of us will hardly be able to keep up! I so look forward to that day for you! Praying for you. Thanks for all that you've done and most of all being a vessel of God's and allowing Him to work through you all these past 52 years.

  11. I'm confused. I know of Joni because of the paintings done by holding a brush between her teeth. This woman is able to move her arms perfectly. I looked at her wikipedia and it confirms that she is a quadriplegic. How is she moving her arms now in this video??

  12. God bless you, Joni & Ken. That made me cry. I'm so thankful for you & praying that you won't have any pain & that God heals you. 💝

  13. Your faithfulness is an inspiration! Lord be with you on this special day and all that you have allowed God to do with you! (and Ken)!

  14. Joni, thank you for your transparency. God continues to use you mightily for a couple generations! Yes it is a long time. Your first book was instrumental in my coming to salvation in Jesus Christ more than 45 years ago. Blessings, kdp

  15. How is it that Joni can move her arms freely? I thought paralysis (at her level) was total but she does move. I was wondering how this is possible. Joni has long been in my prayers. God Bless her.

  16. I think Jesus considers 52 years too long ! But because it is the will of the Father that you have to undergo this, it is not too long ….

  17. Joni, thank you for all you do! You are amazing. My mother had MS, she was a strong woman like you, she was amazing too. I miss her, she is with the Lord now. I love you Joni.

  18. Thank you Joni and Friends I am excited to be here and wanting to share with others the greatest Love this World has ever known ~♥~my love and prayers are with you, me and our beautiful Jesus ♡

  19. You are such an inspiration! What an amazing attitude you display and I know it doesn’t come easy! Praying for you Joni!

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