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  1. I'll just say this. People think Hitler was terrible, but then think Lenin and the other communist dictators were somehow morally better? I mean each of these dictators killed millions, but somehow after one fascist leader, fascism is terrible. Though even after all these Communist dictators; Vladimir Lenin, Josef Stalin, Pol Pot, Mao Zedong, Kim Jongs, and so on. Those same people who think fascism is bad, then say "oh thats not true communism" and other stupid responses. Like wtf there's a Lenin statue in Seattle, what is wrong with people?! Really the only difference between fascism and communism is that communism expressed equality by killing anyone.

  2. Comunism is hidden Capitalism. Capitalism is hidden comunism. They have problems only when they have to switch.
    100 years ago – Lenin – Stalin (cleaned after Lenin)
    Today – Barak Obama – > Trump (cleaning after Obama)
    History repeats itself, but not the same way.

    When comunists come to power, they always come with blood.
    When Capitalists come to power, they always come with banks.
    They use the banks to give money to Comunists.
    Comunists go and do nationalization of the banks.
    Its called – full circle. Same coin, different sides. Same Symbols (pentagram; Eagle; Red/Blue colors;)
    We have Western and Eastern Roman empire that is here.
    The question is, do you know who is Spartak the Bulgarian?

    PS: Everything is symbolical, dont jump with wrong conclusion.

  3. Lenin brought the Terror and from 1918 was having thousands murdered. he wanted to obliterate the old order, from land-owning farmers to the Tsar. the Cheka ( secret police ) were unleashed by him. Stalin, a criminal, was Lenin's strong arm man.. he might not have wanted Stalin to succeed him, but he didn't do anything to stop him.

  4. People romanticise the idea of Marxism and so in turn romanticise Lenin. The whole idea of the working class overthrowing the bourgeoisie in some glorious revolution, of the underdog that has been exploited finally standing up for themselves. You can understand how that might sound appealing to some young impressionable minds of today. But what comes after the overthrowing of the exploitative ruling powers? Marx's half-baked idea of communism, to destroy anything that had anything to do with capitalism, an example such as the schools, which in his opinion was fueled by propaganda to perpetuate the ideology of capitalism, and replace it with communist schools… which he proposed should be fueled by propaganda to perpetuate the ideology of communism. He expected people to give up everything for the state, to be content with work for works sake and be satisfied that you have contributed in bettering your state. To give up your autonomy, and to have to exact same ideology and goals as every single person around you, even your own children weren't yours and belonged to the state, just like you. And what happened to the people who didn't agree with even a part of this? That's where the gulag comes in. Marx and anyone who believed his idea of communism would actually work are delusional. The biggest flaw in communism is that people are human beings, you can't force someone to behave like a robot or insect and expect it to work. Even insects like ants and bees aren't really representative of communism as they have hierarchy structures. People like Marx and Lenin aren't people who should be praised, they're failures who couldn't even bring their inherently flawed ideology to fruition and caused the deaths of hundreds of millions with all who tried to follow in their footsteps. It's already been said, capitalism has its flaws, it's not a perfect system, it can be manipulated and exploited, but it also evolves and adapts and improves. It might not be the best for everyone, and maybe in the future the global economy will be radically different, but as of now capitalism is vastly more preferable than to the so called "better" alternative of communism which is being championed by the woefully misguided neo Marxists of today.

  5. You are a fucking psychologist aren't you don't know shit about politics then why the fuck are you talking about politics and how the fuck are you different than stalin you advocate capitalism and you don't care if people of lower class die of starvation just because of your own selfishness. Lenin was a hero and a selfless man unlike you fucking greedy shit.Cut the shit and go teach psychology in a fucking university or somewhere.

  6. I'm glad i learned at school about the horrible history of fascism, socialism and communism in the 80's (!). During that same era i watched young socialists marching for socialism. Guess i was lucky going to a school that higly valuated facts over political correctness.

  7. “Yes goy worship your jew on a stick, serve the king and give your money to the people with the golden altars and fancy robes.”

  8. Dude literally right after watching this , that communist potato app came up in ads ahahahah im fucking dead 😂😂😂😂

  9. Wait.
    So people don´t celebrate the 4/20 because it´s hitlers birthday?
    Well, atleast i´ve always smoked a blunt before wishing the poor misunderstood artist a good rest.

  10. Can I get a source for Castro saying to Carter that he was willing to lose Cuba if it meant ending the United States? That's a very important thing to be able to reference.

  11. Communism is incompatible with a democratic system in any form. The only way to handle its adherents is to silence them permanently, and to make the very idea as abhorent in the maintstream as Naziism is (which it should be, but it isn't, because of the Marxist sympathizers in the media and education).

  12. To be fair, Lenin didn't realize how big of a monster Stalin was until near the end, and even denounced him on his death bed.

    The way he's speaking makes it sound like no one was ever done any harm under capitalism.

  13. Not even halfway through and I'm already seeing that these dictators, no matter what ideology they are part of, are totally for an ends-justify-the-means agenda.

  14. A revolution process doesnt necessary involve communism. Now this is the deaths cause, not the communism itself. if comunism would be achieved politically and not by force, i dont see why people should die. Tbh this is he first time i disagree whit J.p. i dont see why comunism should be scientifically bind to dictators and stuff. History is not a laboratory whit set variabilities. The nature of history itself is made of milions of variabilities while even a single one can cause large consequences. Thats why we have people studying history, because to split every single cause and determinate the conseguences of that single cause itself is a hell of work to do. If my logic makes flaws i would rly apreciate if someone points me out

  15. I'm from Italy and after whatching these I'm soo confuse , totally another prospective on the words communism and socialism

  16. Here in Central Europe it is common knowledge. All communists were horrible criminals. Those who defend them, we consider them complicits. Educate yourselves guys! There is a reason Stalin called western communists useful idiots.

  17. “You think that if you were the one implementing those Marxist doctrines, you would have ushered in the utopia”

    As an ex-communist this is exactly what they all think, including my past self. That’s generally why there are so many tendencies of communism, orthodox Marxism, Trotskyism, Anarcho-Communism and so on, each thinks at the very least that if their tendency was dominant in those communist states they wouldn’t have been so bad.

  18. he is absolutely right about lennin…u should watch "putin hate lennin and stalin"…i couldn't believe what they have done to christians ..

  19. Honestly, I don't believe that statistics. Back in the 1950s, Soviet Union had only around 100 million citizens. If Stalin has killed 15-60 million, then it implies that 3/20- 3/5 of people who died. If we take the median of those two numbers, then 32.5 million died (birth rate can be neglected(which was relatively low in the Soviet Union at that time)). This is not possible because it is simply not true that if that had happened, no one would overthrow the government and stay put. You see, Tsar was overthrown when its regime hadn't even killed 10 million; yet, some people claim that Stalin had killed that many without any punishment. Plus, everyone in the communist party and citizen is looking at him. Furthermore, if that had happened, then even the soldiers would revolt against the regime because in a family there are around 10 members right? 32.5/100= 3.25/10 implies that in most families 3 members would in the hands of Stalin. Same case with China, back in the 1950s, China had only 500 million citizens, Jordan said that around 1/5 of the Chinese population died in Mao's hands? If a psychologist cites such an absurd statement, then it is thoughtless of him for doing so. Mao is praised because he made China a country that deserves international respect by fighting off the Americans in North Korea, making nuclear warheads, etc. China are North Korea were perhaps the only country that fought USA face-to-face and "won" against them in the 1950. They won because they managed to achieve their objective whereas USA didn't. Also, Mao had reduced starvation compared to the governance of the Nationalist Party. I suppose that Stalin and Mao were farmers/workers friendly but enemies to the rich people based on the books and historical information from Chinese sources, Russian sources and Western sources. However, rich people do not represent the majority of a country; therefore, it is another deduction that shows the flaws in the statistics.

    If people aren't brain-dead, they should've realized the questionable points in the statistics. I somehow feel that Jordan is a bit ignorant concerning political topics.

  20. He didn't give an in depth critique of Lenin's triumphs and failures. Very superficial analysis – Lenin died in 1924, years before the Ukrainian famine, and decades before the development of nuclear weapons. He mentions Lenin, Stalin, Mao; Russia, China, Cambodia; The Great Leap Forward, Korea War, Killing Fields etc as if they were all the same thing – taking each one out of its historical context.

    PS. I'm not a communist or a member of antifa, I just think his analysis barely scratches the surface of why these events took place.

  21. Communism is the only political system that we know that has solely and consistently produced a failed state after another for nearly a century of world-wide experiment that was carried out in a multitude of environments in varying time periods with different ethnicities, geographies, and cultures. We can confidently say that Communism is a failed ideology after being tested so thoroughly under so many varying conditions to a point that the probability of any next communist state being successful approaches zero.

    Marxist: "It's going to work this time."

  22. Well actually russia was the best communist state, the original one. However bad this ideology turned out to be and however much it cost, we pioneener it, suffered and then we dropped it for all the world to see the example where leftist domination can lead you. But the world doesn’t want to see…and I assure you, the idea was good and russian people inherently were good and even the officials most of them after stalin killed the revolutioneers – the officials mostly were good, well intended while of course not without a certain degree of corruption which is natural in such system. But the system allowed basic flows in human rights protection and ineffective economy design and that is why it crumbled

  23. Glory to comrades Lenin, Stalin, Mao, and all the other proletarian leaders throughout history. Death to America.

  24. Peterson you're being delusional and illogical "If your henchman is stalin you're not a good guy" This doesn't make sense on every level, you can't judge someone based on their friends. Priests have criminal friends to convert them into the faith, psychologist have mentally sick people as friends. Asshole friends are everywhere. You can't just say that someone is evil because their friend is evil unless you live in the 1800's . Out of the 20 million of people that died mostly died in war against Nazis, Russia was poor and before communism, they were even more poor. Did Stalin and Lenin do horrible things? Sure they did. It's horrible and state capitalism shouldn't happen again because Ussr was not socialist, it was state capitalist by the way. Our next experiment is Anarcho-Communism which by the way had success in spain, while fascist and Russians attacked them. While at war, these anarcho-Communist managed to live peacefully in an anarcho-Communist society, therefore state communism doesn't work, but if you remove the state, then yes it will work. We have evidence that this spain in 1935-1939 managed to live peacefully, the reason why it failed is because hitler bombed and killed them all, but as an economy and a society it was the most peaceful for 4 years. Their economy prospered while spain nationalist attacked them, backed by fascists. I never heard of a country running peacefully, while being at war. The people and workers owned the workplace equally and they shared their profits and there was no hierarchy or government. Anarcho-communism works.

  25. Pol Pot was educated at university in Paris… then went onto lead a socialist revolution and slaughter millions.

    Yuhhhh… :/

  26. I don't think my man understands the reason why people celebrate Lenin, we're not condoning the political violence. We're condoning his socialist experiment.

  27. "You must understand, the leading Bolsheviks who took over Russia were not Russians. They hated Russians. They hated Christians. Driven by ethnic hatred they tortured and slaughtered millions of Russians without a shred of human remorse. It cannot be overstated. Bolshevism committed the greatest human slaughter of all time. The fact that most of the world is ignorant and uncaring about this enormous crime is proof that the global media is in the hands of the perpetrators." Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

  28. Lenin is a hero in my book because he finally murdered the czar that was way worse. Why didn’t Jordan mention “Bloody Sunday”, the fact that Romanoff oppressed the Jews.

    Lenin was a true revolutionist. As for gulags, well, look at what cossacks did to Jews in Lvov in 1942. Why is he not talking about that?

    Russia needed Lenin.

  29. Great article on Lenin that gives specifics in support of Peterson's position. Peterson's point about Stalin is valid, but I still didn't know just how bad Lenin was until I read some of these quotes.


  30. My family survived famen (32-33) in Ukraine, not all of them, 3 people's died, because of starvation. That was a soviet way to force people for collectivization. Genocide of "reach" peasants, who was not drunk, lazy communist scum. 1 cow made you reach in eyes of communists. Hate this bs ideology, which is now so popular among stupid people who doesn't know any history.

  31. The smartest thing Lenin ever did was warn his peers about Stalin. The problem was, they didn't fucking care and only heard the promises made by Stalin.

  32. Jordan, usually I agree with you, but your bias talking about socialism are so blatant that I find them ridoculous

  33. If you pay attention actually too whats going on its happening again in Ukraine right now. The difference the people are resisting they remeber the past. 🇺🇦

  34. Accurate knowledge of history is important to have a proper debate, and Jordan with all my admiration to him is wrong on so many accounts regarding the topic.

    As someone with second-hand knowledge from family members that lived since the 1920s in Russia, and as someone who read plenty on the subject it is much more nuanced than that.

    First Jordan's numbers are way off, about ~1 million people died in the gulags, while ~20 million were imprisoned at one time or another. the gulags were indeed a monstrous system of forced labor and political extermination.

    Mao's great leap killed 'only' 30 million (not 100million) by famine caused mostly by gross mismanagement. however it was not an intentional genocide, and the number is so terrible because China was at the time, just like today the most populus nation. If compared to the Irish famine it killed a lower percent of the population in relative terms. and the Irish famine was mostly caused by a callous capitalistic approach by Trevelyan. however, for some reason the Irish famine is not tallied in some great list of capitalism's evils.

    The Russian great communist atrocities (Gulags, Holodomor) were caused by Stalin and were not part of the 'plan' by Lenin. while Stalin was Lenin's assistant, Stalin's true nature became apparent to Lenin only in his later days. Stalin's sins cannot be attributed to Lenin just as the sins of the father are not the Son's.

    Lenin has enough things to answer for in his rise to power but not these things. Additionally, it's convenient to judge Lenin with the hindsight of history without truly understanding the circumstances in which he arose.
    Russia in 1917 was a country that left serfdom only 50 years ago, still had a monarch, and very large gaps between the simple peasants and the elites mostly comprised of Absentee landlord living in lavish splendor. and most importantly an endless war that the simple people saw no purpose to. Lenin promised the peasants' land back to them, an end to the war, and an end to the monarchy, and a common people's voice in the form of the soviets. And he delivered on all of them!

    There are good reasons why Lenin's statue are still standing in most russian cities to this day while all Stalin statues have been ripped in anger. one should try to understand contemporary Russian views on the matter before reaching conclusions!

  35. The Sin against the Holy Ghost/Holy Spirit? It's called "Grieving the Holy Spirit", and the Bible explains it as proclaiming yourself as a Believer of Christ/God, but retaining your old sinful ways, while also never working to improve yourself and become more Godly in thought and deed.

    Even with that point though… when you're killing millions with policy, it's rather pushing the boundaries of "the worst of sin" out a little further. And while God WILL accept all those who profess Faith in Him through Jesus, your sins will still be weighed, and you'll get less once Heaven comes to be after the Revelation.

    Also… everything that Jordan Peterson has detailed here is 100% true, and should be taught in schools as soon as children are old enough to understand the importance… and probably before, repeatedly, for the good of the world.

  36. So basically this fucking clown whose the intellectual hero western white males with asperger thinks Lenin and the Soviet Union are monsters but the unites states which has committed the worst crimes in human history (slavery, genocide, Jim Crowe, current laughably justice system etc) is a saint. Fucking bozo. You could say far worse things about America’s so called founding fathers and you’d be correct. Only in America and the west this goofball is taken seriously. Granted, by a tiny demographic but still. 🙄

  37. what about the genocide in india carried by the british or the genocide of the spaniards in america

  38. No attention or emphasis is placed on the outcome of socialism in the 20th century because they plan to do it again. Next time around the job will be complete.

  39. With respect to the progressive hankering to repeat the communist experiment once again, Einstein is quoted as saying:
    "Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

  40. This is the incident Peterson was referring to regarding the world narrowly avoiding global thermonuclear war in the early 80s: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1983_Soviet_nuclear_false_alarm_incident.

  41. Peterson should also talk about how many people died in colonial wars that were a direct consequence of capitalist imperialism. I guess some would say colonialism was not real capitalism.

  42. Its funny when member of most violent and murderous country in history of humankind speculates about humane ideology. And he bases his speech upon works of hedonistic anti-human propagandist like солженицин. People, wake up. Your knowledge of socialism and communism is based upon comissioned propaganda and speculations. Солженицин lies. In 20 years world will be in energy crysis. And you, primates, will start tearing each other apart for food and fuel. Socialism is only way to safe civilization from collapsing into chaos. But… knowing that there is no way for you right now. I hope you all a great Perestroyka. Make America great again. Капитализм, счастье -, заебись!

  43. Saying marxism would work well if I was in charge is roughly equivalent to, "If I were God, I would do a great job of it, better than any person who's tried before, and better than God, if he does exist." It's a small portion of arrogance, usually coming from a simple place of, "I'm not a bad person. Sure, I make mistakes, but nothing too bad." Which effectively points out that your minor imperfections, if amplified to the scale of a dictator, turns you into a monster as bad as any that has ever walked this earth.

  44. That's all right and okay. But keep in mind: the United States of America were and are responsible too. Not letting it happened. Not fighting it wrongly.

    I mean causing, growing and profiting from it. There are always two sides to look at – history isn't the past as the past was and is defined by the present time. And even history changes when new documentary is released…

  45. I love this. To sum up what Jordan Peterson is saying – If you support communism or socialism, you're an f—ing moron!

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