Jordyn’s 7th Birthday! PRESENT OPENING🎁

– What is… – [Dad] What is it? – [Mom] What is it? (Jordan thumping onto floor) – In Today’s World I turn seven years old. But, before I get started
give us a big thumbs up, and subscribe to our channel. (whoosh) Guys. It’s my birthday today. I’m seven years old, and
ready to rock this day. (happy poppy music) Wow. Happy birthday Jordi. (happy poppy music) Look at all my presents. I got four presents. – No, you got five. (Jordan gasping) – I didn’t even see that. Twizzle! (Jordan giggling) Elf on the Shelf got me a present? Thank you Twizzle. That means I got five. Today guys, I gotta go to school, but when I come home we getta party! Alright guys, I’ll see you
when I get back from school. – Blah! (Jordan screaming) – Dad! (whoosh) Guess what guys. I’m back. And that means it’s party time. Wait, where is everybody? Oh no, they must have went
to McDonald’s without me! (fun poppy music) (door opening) – Alright guys, so, for
all of our kids’ birthdays we let them pick where they want to eat, or what they want to eat, and
what they want for dessert. And, guess what. Jordan picked McDonald’s,
of all places, McDonald’s. And so, guess what, we have to honor it, and we are here at McDonald’s
having a family dinner, celebrating Jordan’s birthday. – I love McDonald’s! – Happy Birthday Jordan. – Happy Birthday Jordan. – Happy Birthday Jordan. – Aren’t you glad I picked McDonald’s? – There’s a basketball
hoop in this McDonald’s. (basketball hitting ground) I’m awesome. – Slam! – Oo – Are you ready to leave
and go get presents? (baby vocalizes) Actually we have to go buy Jordan’s special dessert
before we open presents. – That’s my favorite part
about birthday parties. Thank you for being born Jordan. – You’re welcome Steven. Now let’s get some ice cream
that no one else knows. – Yeah. (Whoosh) – Alright we are getting
ready to go in the store. Jordan has a secret dessert she wants to pick for her birthday. – We’re giving them lime ice cream and… Sprite with it. – She wants to do lime
ice cream and Sprite. Don’t tell the other kids. Let’s go see if they have it at the store. (fun poppy music) – Let’s go eat some Sprite
floats for my birthday. (skipping footsteps) Guys, it’s totally happening. I’m getting ready to open up my presents. – Guys, the time has finally come. The time that Jordan has
been waiting for all night. – It’s present time. Bring on Twizzle’s present first! – One special thing that Jordan gets that some of the other kids don’t get, is sometimes she gets
a present from Twizzle, because her birthday is in December. And today, Twizzle got her a present. – Uh, I hope Twizzle’s around in January. – And May. – April. – What about July? – [Child] What about no! – Thank you Twizzle. (baby cries) (wrapping paper tearing) What? – [Male Child] Take it in. – [Female Child] It’s a shirt. – No, not just any shirt. A JoJo Siwa shirt! (joyful sounds from Jordan) ♪ JoJo Siwa. ♪ – What did she just say? – I’m gonna wear this every day! – Oh boy. – You are the best Elf on the Shelf ever. Can’t wait to get on the
next present coming up. (wrapping paper tearing) (Jordan gasping) You getta make present- I mean bracelets. (wrapping paper tearing) Whoa! Whoa, this is cool. – [Female Child] Look at the back. – I getta make jewel bracelets! Awesome! This is cool and all, but I’m
gonna open up my next present. – Next present, coming up – One, two, three, open it. (wrapping paper tearing) – I guess Paco’s helping me. No, here look. Okay Paco you are good at this. Okay. No that’s the wrapping. – Nope, it’s ♪ Da Dun. ♪ (Jordan screaming) – You can make necklaces. And rings! – More jewelry?! – I’m so nice! – I getta make my own jewelry necklaces. Present number four. – Some scissors are really good. (wrapping paper tearing) Do it right here. (wrapping paper tearing) – What is this. – What is it? – JoJo! – What is it? What do it mean? – Twelve days of socks. – JoJo, she wears cool socks. I got JoJo socks! I can wear her every day. Okay what, dude there’s socks in here. The last present! Here goes nothing guys. (wrapping paper tearing) A box. A box. I love this, it’s a box, it’s a box, okay. (Jordan taking deep breaths) – [Mom] Alright, Jordan, real quick, what’s the one thing that you
did want for your birthday? – I wanted a FinFun. – [Mom] Okay, what else did you want? – That’s all I wanted. – Oops. Was there anything else
that you where hoping for? – Nothing at all? – I bet it’s not a FinFun. – [Mom] Just go ahead
and open it, we’ll see. – What… in the… What? – [Dad] What is it? – [Mom] What is it? (Jordan thumping onto floor) (joyful noises from Jordan) – [Dad] Why are you so excited? – I got a FinFun! – You don’t even need this. – I know, it’s a bag to put them in. – What’s this? Oh it’s just this. – Junction! I- This is the best birthday present ever! Oh, it’s the new type of FinFun. And, there’s another fin in there. It’s Maui’s fin. My favorite one that I actually wanted. (Jordan gasping) It feels so cool. – Is it actually may I feel, cool. – [Female Child] Can I feel it? – Oo, it even has this one so I can, so it doesn’t have any holes in it when it scratches the bottom of the pool. – Guys, seriously, she has
been asking for a FinFun forever! – Forever! – FinFun, if you’re watching, she could be your next spokeswoman. – I watched all the YouTube videos on it, it’s because these ones actually make it so your feet is actually separated, so it’s easier to swim with. – [Male Child] Oh my goodness. – The other ones have the heels connected like a real mermaid, but these ones are actually really easy. And, you need to learn all
about the rules about it. The first time when I
watched the second video, I’m like, “Where’s the first?” And then, I went on the TV, found it. And now, I know how to swim like that. – [Dad] She’s kicking
her fin the whole time. – I’m a mermaid. – [Dad] You look like a mermaid. – She is a real mermaid. – When you are done
swimming with the FinFun, you just set this down,
and just go like this. Set this right here, down, like that. Then you just put it in the bag. – See, spokeswoman. – She may be more obsessed with that FinFun
then I am with Fortnight. – But, not as much as I am with ice cream. My daughter is literally turning
into a mermaid right now. Is there a mermaid song she can sing while
she’s turning into this? (multiple people singing angelically) I thought that mermaids
wanted to become people not people becoming mermaids. – The grass is always greener. – Under the sea. – ♪ Under the sea. ♪ – ♪ Under the sea. ♪ – ♪ Everything’s better
down where it’s wetter ♪ take it from me. ♪ (baby vocalizing) – I think she just said,
“Get off the stage.” – I was fishing and I
caught this on my hook. Time to cook it. (Jordan shouting) – I know I already said this
before, but best birthday ever. Don’t mind me guys, go get your dessert while I’m practicing being a mermaid. (Jordan giggling) (thumping of tail on ground) – Well I guess I lost a
daughter and gained a mermaid. – One down, four to go. – [Mom] What do we do with this one? – He’ll be a merman. – Oo. – Mom, dad, my suits are here. – Steve it’s already happening! – We are mermaids! – Time for my special desert. (slurp) And, it’s tasty. Guys, now it’s time for
the best part of the night, when you guys say nice things about me. – Guys I’m ready with an awesome desert. – Mom, this is not about
dessert, it’s about me. (bell chime) – I love how excited you are about life. – Jordan is so giving, she always shares. Thank you Jordan. – Jordan is such a good
friend, you can count on her. – I have something to say. I like me cause I’m so funny. – I like Jordan because
she’s really humble. – I’m totally humble. – Jordan is super adventurous
and willing to try anything. – What I like about Jordan is she is the most loving person I know. She kisses Blake, like, 5,000 times a day. – I like Jordan, cause
she’s so nice to me. (baby vocalizing) – Well guys, that’s it for
my special birthday video. Stay tuned for my party! I wanna give a special
shout out to Katelyn. The question of the day is,
“What should my mommy name me?” Subscribe to our channel, comment below, give us a big thumbs up, and
I’ll see you guys tomorrow. Bye, actually in the sea. Bye. (fun poppy guitar music)

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