Juicy MEATBALL RECIPE – How to Cook Italian Meatballs

(light upbeat music) – Hey everybody, it’s Natasha
of natashaskitchen.com and today, I’m gonna teach you how to make the juiciest meatballs. These are make ahead,
freezer friendly, so easy and you’ll learn the secrets to making a truly juicy
meatball, so let’s get started! (bell dings) We’ll start with three
slices of white bread. Trim off the crusts, and dice them up. Transfer those breadcrumbs
to a large mixing bowl and add 2/3 cup of cold water. Stir that together lightly, then set it aside for five minutes. Meanwhile, you can prep the
rest of your ingredients. You’ll need three large
garlic cloves finely minced and finally chop up two
tablespoons of fresh parsley. All right, now that the
breadcrumbs have had a chance to absorb the water, you’re gonna mash it up
thoroughly with a fork. It should have an applesauce consistency. (fork clanks) Now add one pound of ground pork and one pound of ground beef, then add 1/4 cup of Parmesan
cheese, one large egg, your minced garlic cloves, and
your finely chopped parsley. Season the mixture with
one teaspoon of sea salt and half a teaspoon of black pepper. The best way to mix is using your hands, so stir that mixture together
just until it’s well combined and make sure you do not over mix. We’ll start out by
portioning the meatballs and to make this easy, I use a trigger release ice cream scoop and I’ll link to this in the notes. You should get about 22 to 24 meatballs. Portion them so they’re about two tablespoons of mixture each. Now it’s time roll them
and it helps to roll them with wet hands, so keep a
small bowl of water next to you as you roll. Each of the meatballs should be about one and a half inches in diameter. Once all the meatballs are
rolled, we’re ready to cook them. Now you can either bake them or saute, and I love to saute because it creates a beautiful golden brown crust and seals in the
juiciness of the meatballs but I will leave instructions
on baking and freezing in the recipe notes. Place a large nonstick
pan over medium heat and add two tablespoons of oil. Once the oil is hot, add the meatballs to the skillet cooking
in batches if needed, and saute for about two minutes per side, or about eight minutes total. And I’ll also link to the splatter guard that I use to keep my stove top cleaner. (meat sizzling) When the meatballs are
fully cooked through, they should reach a safe
160 degrees Fahrenheit in the center on an
instant read thermometer. And I will link to our favorite
thermometer in the notes. Once your meatballs are done,
transfer them to a platter. You can add more oil as
needed and repeat the process with the next batch of meatballs. (laughs) These are done
and don’t they just look so big and plump? And they are so juicy. I need to show you guys what’s inside. All right, while they’re
still hot and fresh. (metal clanks) Just cut one in half and
do a quick taste test. I’m hungry. Always. (laughs) Ah, look at that. All right, here we go. Mm. Mm mm. Now those are some juicy meatballs. These are so satisfying
and adding the breadcrumbs adds that needed moisture, so do not, do not skip the breadcrumbs. Oh my kids love these
and so does my husband. My four year old says, “Mommy,
you’re the best cooker ever.” (Natasha laughs) When she tried one of these, oh. And they always disappear fast. Once they’re cooked, you
have a couple options. You can either turn them
into a meal right away and my favorite thing to
do with this is so easy. You just simmer some marinara
sauce, add the meatballs, cook them just until they’re
hot and heated through. Add a little bit of parsley and voila! You’ve got dinner. Then just serve it over pasta. Or put them in hoagie
rolls for a meatball sub. Mm. (laughs) Easy peasy. Or you can also put these
meatballs in a gravy, serve them over mashed potatoes. If you toss them in like a teriyaki sauce, you can serve them over rice for dinner or you can toss them in barbecue sauce and serve them as an appetizer
with little tooth picks. There is so much you
can do with this recipe. It works well with so many flavors. Or, if you’re not ready
to eat the whole batch, what I like to do is I like
to freeze half of them. So to freeze, this is so simple. They freeze really well. You just line a baking
sheet with some plastic wrap so that they don’t stick. Then transfer them all in a single layer. We’re going to loosely cover those and freeze just until they’re firm on top. Just loosely loosely And then once they’re
frozen, you’re gonna put them in a large Ziploc bag and
keep them for about two months in the freezer. And then when you’re ready to use them, thaw and use them in just
about any recipe! (laughs) I love that these are make ahead. So easy, so delicious. Make these and you’ll be
known for your meatballs. All right, somebody smelled the meatballs. So we’re gonna do taste test round two. What do you think? – More. – More? You can have more, that’s fine. – All! – All? All right here you go. Here you go, take your meatballs. (laughs) We’re in trouble. (laughs)

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  1. Perfect recipe! I’m Italian 😜 the only difference from my receipt is that I put the bread in milk instead water and if I cook them in a pan with oil I roll them in grated bread , if I cook them with tomato I dump them with tomato sauce in the instant pot and they turn amazing 😉😘 your recipes are always great! Thank you for sharing 😘

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