Julianne Moore Looks Back At Her 6 InStyle Covers | 25th Anniversary | InStyle

I remember being in a bookstore with my son when I was on the cover of a magazine and, and he was probably three-and-a-half, and he saw the magazine he said,
“Look mommy, that’s Julianne Moore!” Ready? And action! Here… This is the 2004 cover of InStyle magazine, right here. And I was very, very happy about it until I ran into a friend of mine,
and he told me he thought that I looked like I was smelling something bad. Like, look. (Sniffs.) Alright. This is the 2006 cover of InStyle magazine. Here I am. And I’m just like,
looking over my shoulder, like, “Are you…? Is that a camera? Are you behind me?” Look! “Are you behind me?” This is 2013 cover and on the inside, surprise! I have surprise bangs. Let’s see what else. Oh here I am too. Look, I’m on the phone. But I’m not really on the phone. I’m just pretending. I’m like, “Hello? Who’s this?” “Oh I’m sorry, he’s not here right now.
May I take a message?” That’s what I did. I am now looking at the 2017 cover of InStyle magazine. This is the first issue that I did with
my friend, Laura Brown. Here I am looking super natural. Very, very natural. And this is the one where we created all these different characters in different time periods. Today is my sixth InStyle cover, which is amazing. And the theme is iconic ’90s looks. So, so far we have done
Marc Jacobs grunge look. And then we did Prada. And we did… This is Versace, kind of a bombshelly Versace. And Donna Karan, the really kind of sexy baby look. And then, two Guccis. Two. Two Guccis. Am I too jolly? Was I too jolly? I laughed too much. But that’s okay. Yay! Thanks. Just in time, I’m starting to sweat. Yeah, it gets hot. That’s why they call it “the hot seat!”

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  1. 2:39 Celine Dion vibe. All the different characters she does proves what makeup and lighting can do – completely change who you look like.

  2. Never seen another celeb in her 50s in real or on screen this stunning. And graceful. Absofuckinlutely gorgeous! This Versace look is murderous.

  3. She is so naturally quirky and very dorky cute and very very intelligent which ia why her career is still so successful, can we get here more in blockbuster movies?

  4. I love her! I also remember all the covers that the ladies are showing in the these videos. I subscribed to Instyle since I was 17. I loved getting it in the mail
    And the smell of the pages and the articles and pictorials. I need to subscribe again ❤️

  5. Wow, i catching, i was just wondering around, i m not even that much of a fan of her, but look at her, gorgeous, her hair and outfit here topnotch,

  6. she sounded like Madonna on Vogue when she said “on the cover of a magazine” oooooo you’ve got to just Vogue…

  7. she LOOK stunning… better than ever and not ridiculous and fake surgeries

    is so amazing how youth doesnt mean nothing at all
    when you are happy with your body soul and mind you can look like Julian. She is better than ever

  8. She is stunning. There are two scenes with her in the movie Magnolia that I just love – the pharmacy/"Shame on you!" scene and the "I've done so many bad things/"Shut the F up." scene.

  9. I've always liked her! Can't get over how glowing she is!!! Love her skin, make up and naturally tousled hair in this…. the faux fur is a but much for me though. There is something so genuine about her. Glam yet the girl next door kinds….. the one you can imagine having coffee and conversations with …

  10. The outfit for this video is amazing!!

    All the other videos the ladies are dressed like they are going to target! 😂😴😴😴

  11. She's not beautiful at all but with what she does on her face she was able to make her self more beautiful than the others wow

  12. She is SO beautiful, good actress, smart… but great model for close too! I think they photos are really professional. She can do anything.

  13. Does no one realize how condescending and back-handed they sound when they go on about woman looking good "for her age"? Can we STOP with that shit? If someone looks GOOD, they just look GOOD. Not for their age, just period.. We gotta get out of the mindset that you gotta look young to be attractive. It's stupid, and people don't seem to realize they're doing it. It's on pretty much every single thing ever that shows an attractive woman over 40. It's like we can't see a middle-aged/senior woman being beautiful without making it about age.

  14. she has amazing bone structure
    it's all in the teeth guys. Take care of ur teeth and go fix misalignments. It's will be 100% worth is trust me💚💙🧡💛💜

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