Julie’s 10th Birthday Party!

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Hi Mom! Happy birthday. Where’s my coat? It’s a bunny cake! This is scary. Happy birthday, sweet Julie. We know what a kind, thoughtful,
and generous person you are. Oh Dad, there’s something
wrong with my neck. [inaudible] or something, but
it’s like tight up there so… Here, I’ll fix it. Good morning, Passengers. Today is Julie’s birthday. And I did not see
her off to school. I feel really bad about that, and I’m coming
into the kitchen, and I’m seeing
all kinds of evidence. The scrambled eggs… Toast… That they made
their own breakfast, and I think they got off
to school just fine. Oranges. Gosh, you know, you’re doing a good job
when your kids can get up, and do everything
that you normally do, only you’re not there. Like they’re starting to like
show that independence, which is awesome. I wonder who scrambled the eggs. I have a hunch it
was Chad or Shari, but I could totally be wrong. Last night, Kevin and I
stayed up really late into the night making decisions. Decisions about
this upcoming year, and things that we
want our goals to be, or what we don’t want
our goals to be, and at one point
like they clashed, and we didn’t agree. But we went– We went to bed,
we woke up with like fresh eyes. So then we were
in the bedroom discussing more, and we’re on the same page now. I totally see Kevin’s point of view, and Kevin totally
sees my point of view, and I think we’ve come
to a consensus, and we’re both really excited of what we’ve decided our goals
for this year will be. Our goals for our business, our goals for his work,
our goals financially, our goals… Like those kinds of things. Oh and by the way, Kevin, it was just
out of the blue yesterday. He went to work,
and he was awarded this, this grant, this award that
gives him money for his research and gives him a bonus. And I’m like,
we just got a bonus. It was just– It was just really exciting that
he’s being recognized at work. I’m proud of him. So my goal is to figure out if I like this turtleneck
with the sweater. [inaudible] someone did a poll,
I do a thumbs down. I’m like not loving it. I don’t know. It just feels funny. Do you guys like it? And then I’m going
to get something done that will make
Julie feel special, because I feel really bad
she went to school, and I wasn’t there to say,
happy birthday to you. It just kind of felt
like I was a little selfish. So I’m gonna get Julie’s
birthday cake made. I know she likes bunny cakes. I’m gonna get her
Christmas presents wrapped.>>She has a–
>>Mommy, I want to help
you make the cake. I wanna help you make the cake. You want to help me
with the cake? Okay, and you can help
me wrap the presents? Sounds good. Because today is
Julie’s birthday. And I have two or
three more presents that are supposed
to be delivered today. So I’m hoping they’re delivered before she gets
home from school, so I had a chance
to wrap those as well, and get on the birthday table. Happy Birthday, Julie. I love you. Mommy! So cake-making takes a backseat
to my bread making, but I’m trying my best. I’ve made such a mess in this,
and it was so nice, and then I put it down,
it like totally fell over, and it’s looks terrible. That is one sad, sad bunny ear. Mommy and Daddy are sleeping. Wow! Hello. Hi Mom. Happy birthday. Where’s my coat? Happy birth– A bunny cake! I’m the only one that said happy birthday
to Julie this morning. Wait, I said it. Julie had 9 extra–>>It’s a bunny cake!
>>I know. It looks evil. I did the best I could on it. It really looks it’s evil. It has different
colors red eyes. Whoa. It’s a piggy bank. Julie, you have a letter
from Grandma Griffiths in the mailbox outside. Okay. It’s a piggy bank? That was so nice of her. I know. Did you get donuts to your,
to your friends? To your class? Good. I got one. Costa Vida is the one-year [inaudible].>>Don’t [inaudible],
>>Don’t.. If she wants to go
to it, it’s fine. Okay. I mean, I like Costa Vida,
don’t get me wrong. I want to go
to a place with shakes. You think about it. We’re [inaudible] in the [inaudible] today. We’re gonna watch Civil War. Yay. Julie wants to watch
Civil War for her birthday. Captain America! Put some in the ears. Put some at the bottom. Not in the ears. Those are so pretty. No. That one, that
one looks crooked. Oh, man. This is scary.>>This is–
>>[inaudible] in the back [inaudible]. I got sparkler candles. I thought they’d be fun,
but they’re like flickery. Nervous? I know. I can see a flicking. [inaudible] by myself. [inaudible] by myself. Ready? Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday dear Julie. Happy birthday to you. Abby. It scared me. Oh my gosh. It’s still like flickering. It’s flickering. It’s still going. I think– No. It’s out! Yay! All right. Happy Birthday, Julie. What’s wrong with my neck? Like from my neck to my head,
it’s hurting all day. Oh Dad, there’s something
wrong with my neck too. I did the card>>on that bunny though.
>>[inaudible] or something, but it’s like tight up there. Here, I’ll fix it. I think it worked. I think it worked? What?>>Wait, how much is it?
>>Let me see. 20 bucks.>>What?
>>[inaudible] you can buy with that? Dad tax. No. If there’s anything
in this world Julie loves… It’s money. It’s money. It’s Roblox money. That’s her love language,
like gifts and like… Money. Happy birthday, sweet Julie. We know what a kind… what a kind, thoughtful,
and generous person you are. You are an example to us. We hope you have
a wonderful fun day. On top of everything,
you are also a spitfire, that makes you almost perfect. What? Spitfire? Many all kinds of happy
things happen to you. Love Grandma and
Grandpa Griffiths. Now, do the next one. Next one. No, do the present. Hey, it’s actually easy to open. It’s a box! No, we, we– Me and Mom wrapped that you know. It’s shoes. Oh my gosh. I helped Mom picking them out. Guess what? I’m her same size. Let’s go. I can’t believe I have a girl
whose feet are as big as mine. I helped Mom pick those out too. It looks like
another school uniform. I hope you like them. I do. This is from Grandma Franke. A Utah Monopoly. What? We’re gonna play it tonight. That’s cool. Can I see it? [inaudible]. Yeah. Eve made this for you. Birthday. Love Julie, [inaudible] Julie. Oh, it’s a unicorn. They are getting better. Those unicorns though. That is better
than I could draw. It’s a duckiecorn. No. It’s not. Oh, I hope Mom picked– I know what it is. Wow! It’s more, Julie. I know. You can make me another one. [inaudible]. Julie there is
a story behind this. The one thing that Julie wanted for her birthday was
extra string to go with her bracelet maker
she got for Christmas. However, everyone else
in the world who got that for Christmas
wanted extra string, and you could not buy
the extra string unless you bought
the actual bracelet maker again. It’s a new gymnastics outfit. You call it Blue Flame. Okay. A journal? That’s actually so cute. Pen. Hey, it’s like the one
that I got you. Fabric? Yay! It’s fabric so you can just
sew whatever you want on your sewing machine. Thank you. Wow. You got
a good haul there, kid. We love you, Julie. We do. Let’s talk about Dad tax. Take this Father. I actually want to see
Dad in that suit. Nobody wants to see Dad in that. No. Nobody wants to see Dad in the–>>I would love to see Dad in that.
>>In the fire and flame gymnastics– The blue flame suit. I would love to see Dad in that. Maybe I’m a superhero. Superhero. Okay, Julie. Do you want to go eat now? Yeah. No! Where do you want to eat? Costa Vida. [inaudible]. Let’s go. Okay, let’s go eat.

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