Juliette & Chloe Fight at the Housewarming Party | Siesta Key

– There’s no friendship
with us apparently because I thought we
were good friends. – We were. – Me, me, me! – Get your (beep)
hand the (beep) out of my face. – [Chloe] (Screaming) – Listen, me not
being friends with you has nothing to do
with our friendship. – [Amanda] Let go!
Now! Let go! Now! – [Man] Let go. – Let go. Now. Let go. – [Robby] Stop, let go I got it. (Dubstep music) – Are we (Beep)
five, like literally. – You don’t put
your hands on her. – You put your hands
on her and you know… – I’m asking you to stop! – [Juliette] And you
know exactly why. – I’m asking you to stop. – [Juliette] You broke her
nose, I grabbed her hair. – [Amanda] Stop
Juliette, calm down. – [Robby] Let go of her. – [Amanda] Stop. – [Man] Just breathe. – [Woman] Come here, step way. (Dubstep music) – Chloe, are you okay? What happened? (Chloe whimpers) But what happened? – I don’t know – [Madison] But what happened? – I don’t know like, I just, I remember her being like
really aggressive like I was just telling her
how like I don’t feel like she’s a good friend to me
and like I just don’t feel like she’s surrounding herself
around the right people. She made it all about like
me being friends with Alex and me betraying her. – I don’t understand why? – And that’s all she made
the conversation about and next thing I know
she was just hitting me. – She hit you? – [Juliette] I grabbed her hair. – Juliette, She can hurt you! – [Juliette] What are
you talking about? You broke her nose. – She could have
(Beep) you up Juliette. – Feel my head. Ow. – Oh, Chloe. – Do you feel that? – No, there’s a
(Beep) huge bump. – [Amanda] If you put
your hands on her, she could beat your ass. – Why couldn’t I
have (Beep) her up? – You couldn’t Juliette,
You just couldn’t. – She was grabbing your hair. – Hold on, Let me call Cara, I want Cara to come get us. – [Madison] Okay but she
was grabbing your hair. – Hello? – [Chloe] Dude Juliette
literally just hit
me in the head. – No she (beep) didn’t. Ew this girl is
such (beep) trash. – [Chloe] Can you just
get me and Madison. – Yeah I’ll literally
leave right now. – That was Chloe, um Juliette
just her her in the head. – [Victoria] Are you
(beep) kidding me? – Yeah like physically
attacked her. – I’ve been there with
Chloe. It’s not worth it. Letting her get to you at that
point where you get physical with her, it’s not worth it
and it pisses me off that she gets you to that point. – Hey! Shut up for
one (beep) minute. – [Amanda] Don’t (beep)
tell me to shut up. – Then why did you
break her nose? – Because I got hit first. – [Juliette] And I cant? – Did she put her
hands on you first? Did she put her
hands on you first? Did she? – [Robby] No but she spoke
about people she loved. – I’m not talking to you! – Did she put her
hands on you first? – [Robby] Kind of
a package deal now. – Shut the (beep) up. – Did she put her
hands on you first? Yes or no? – I don’t know. Why are you mad at me?
What did I do to you? – Because I’m tired
of this (beep) – What (beep)? What did I do? – You grabbed her by her hair. – What did I do? – [Amanda] Okay your (beep)
with the wrong person. – [Juliette] What did I do? – [Robby] (Clapping) Yes, Yes. – [Man] Juliette, Juliette. – What did I do? (Robby Clapping) – [Amanda] Bobby
don’t (beep) clap. – You were my friend. – [Amanda] You wanna
get your ass beat too? – [Juliette] You were
my (beep) friend. – [Amanda] You wanna put
your (beep) hands on me? I dare you. – You’re not on my side
and I can (beep) tell. – If they weren’t here you wouldn’t (beep)
stand up like that. – [Juliette] You’re not my
friend anymore apparently. Fake ass bitch. – Are you (beep) kidding me? – You know Chloe
betrayed me, You know. – [Man] Juliette, Juliette. – [Juliette] You know! You were my friend! – [Chelsea] Can you
get out of our house? I’m not trying to get in any… – Yes, yes, yes. – [Juliette] Get out, get
out, get the (beep) out! – [Man] Stop antagonizing her. – [Robby] Go home! – [Juliette] Get the (beep)
out get the (beep) out! (Group arguing) – [Man] Chelsea I got it. I got it, I got it, I got it. – [Man] Relax, Relax,
She aint gonna do (beep). – Robby, Don’t
antagonize her dude. – I’m sticking up
for her brother. If you can’t see that. – [Jared] You’re clapping
in the background. – [Robby] Yeah because its
her house and she’ll get out. – [Juliette] Because
he’s right Jared. – I understand
that but were here don’t antagonize it. – Please get out of the house. I don’t want to cause a scene. – Lets go come on (beep) – She put her hands on me. – Please leave. – [Amanda] No, I’m not
leaving without my phone. – [Man] all right all
right well come on then you’re going to (beep)
go there and break her nose. (beep) that you don’t
want to do that (beep). – [Amanda] I want my phone.

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  1. Robby Hayes acts lile such a little bitch lol what kinda grown ass man claps like that during a girls fight. He needs to be off this show I cant stand him

  2. I hate Chloe and was very impressed with the hit Juliette put on her. Lol Greatest MTV moment ever. Now if Jeremiah would just beat the hell out of Gus!!

  3. I HATE MS PIGGY CHLOE! She's the worst and amanda is annoying for getting involved. I would have done the same thing if chloe slapped my hand like that.

  4. Chole didn’t learn from Amanda I see 😂😂😂😂😂 Juliette just say chole hit you first like damn how you don’t know lmaaooo

  5. I was hoping juliette would have taken it further and actually beat chloe's ass bc she needs to quit causing drama and she's dumb for bringing up a sensitive subject while juliette was drunk. Your friendship is something you talk about when you're both sober. And chloe couldn't beat juliette up. "Bc you just couldn't" pathetic reason amanda. I don't like her this season she's annoying.

  6. Y’all hating on Chloe because she fat just admit it. Juliette was in the wrong and y’all still coming for chloe. Y’all skinny ugly bitches need help.

  7. K like honestly everyone knows that chloe has triggers hense why she got upset and slapped her hand away, anyone would react like that but she was walking away like an adult hense why Juliette is the childish one here like gurl that shit pisses everyone off plus Juliette was obviously really drunk you can see it in her face

  8. Honestly In my opinion Juliette did nothing wrong Chloe got what she was asking for. 🤷🏼‍♀️ amanda and Chloe seem like very jealous/toxic friends when it comes to Juliette. not only did they get involved in her relationship with Alex last season which I think is no ones place to do but now she’s dating someone new and they have nothing but negative things to say. If they focused more on themselves and what they had going on in their lives they could actually enjoy hanging out with no drama..😂 I don’t think Juliettes intentions were for it to go that far.

  9. I don’t like Chloe she seems to have this obsession with Juliette. I never liked Juliette short friend the one that looks like a mouse 🐭. I think the short friend seems fake and I just never got good vibes from her. We don’t know anyone in that show and what they are really like. I just think mouse 🐭 and Chloe have bad vibes like negative people

  10. amanda or whatever her name is , is so obnoxious she literally told her chloe could beat her ass .. um ok what a friend lmfao , it’s ok for her to hit chloe but jul cant lmdao

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