JUST DANCE 2020 TRAILERS REACTION! (fun & sad facts edition)

Hello! Hello! How are you? How are you? Oh it’s awesome, really? Nice! Me too! I’m fine. Thank you Weekly rendez-vous for new trailers of Just Dance 2020 First of all, before we start A: I would like to thank our sponsor So I’m gonna thank… nobody! Okay first, before we start discovering new trailers I wanted to give you fun facts about the three songs that we discovered last week that you guys gave me in the comments. Thank you I made Andrei a remark like “you know, they’re really giving us a lot of information they’re really into it! And I really appreciate it, because I’m like….” everytime I read a comment, you know. A: can you give us some sad facts? A: because fun facts, everybody can give me. A: nobody gives me any sad facts A: I can give you a sad fact
Dina: about what? A: sad fact number one: this week there’s only two songs and not three released That’s a sad fact. A: Sad fact number two: I bet you don’t know any of them either Dina: Really?
A: pretty much. Anyway, “Soy Yo” was in the Dora movie, and in “Pitch Perfect 3” Thank you for giving us that information, though I never saw the Dora movie, neither “Pitch Perfect”, but I think I heard the song somewhere else. So… maybe, if you have other suggestions “Fancy Footwork” was in the movie “Step Up 3” And it was also, and maybe you’re gonna know that a remix of “Fancy Footwork” was also in Need for Speed Pro Street A: The game?
Dina: Yeah
A: it was the shittiest game out of the entire serie. Nobody liked it. Don’t look at that if you made that game At least they put a remix of “Fancy Footwork”. I don’t know if it’s a good solution. But yeah A: Need For Speed usually have good music, but Pro Street was too hard to play, if you enjoy the music But do we care on that channel? A: I don’t know. Why do we care about your list? I don’t know! I wanted to thank the viewers for giving us information, like genuine knowledge maybe with the third song The song was from Monatik Which I said was a Russian band, but it appears that it’s an Ukrainian singer So it’s not from Russia, and it’s not a band. It’s just a singer. And the song was “Krugit” I was told to say it like “Krugit” Last fun fact, and this is not fun actually. It’s a sad fact that I have for you Sad fact… Are you ready to cry?
A: Yes. Dina: Are you ready to cry?
A: Yes. Why do you reply for the viewers? 60% of you right now, watching what I’m saying, are not subscribed to the channel! I actually checked the data. What are you guys doing? Click on Subscribe! 60%! Imagine! A: and leave a “like”! Imagine if everybody was clicking “Subscribe” right now, maybe we would reach the 100k subscribers So, please please please people, do your share of the job, and subscribe! Ok? Let’s discover the new Just Dance trailers A: can I just add something?
Dina: is it sad or is it fun? A: It’s fun! To anybody that’s not subscribed, you should go in the videos and check the latest video that just came out two days ago A: saying that “We Cannot Dance” in french A: Where Dina dances with the singer and the artist of the actual song from Just Dance A: and for all of you who have already subscribed A: Stay subscribed for special video on Sunday Please do not unsubscribe, please please! Ok, so Sunday, there will be another video, now that you know the information A: They knew already, there’s a planning Dina: if they know the planning, but maybe they don’t know the planning A: go on Twitch! twitch.tv/thefairydina Anyway! “Fancy” by Twice? “Fancy” by Twice, I think it’s a K-pop song. I’m not an expert in Kpop So please forgive me if I’m not saying the right thing But I think it is and there’s another song called “Ugly Beauty” by Jolin Tsai You were right, I have no idea…
A: told you! I have no idea of those songs Okay, let’s begin with the Kpop song and it’s funny cuz it’s called “Fancy”. We already had a song called “Fancy” in… Just Dance 2017 or 2016 Damn it, I don’t remember! by Iggy Azalea And last week we had “Fancy Footwork”! and I think I saw a comment saying “oh I was hoping for Fancy from Twice” Here you go, you have it! Definitely Kpop Music is super cute. I don’t know why… maybe it’s because it never got out But it reminds me a lot of “Bboom Bboom” that never got out, by Momoland. It was a trio. Trios apparently are really popular for Kpop in Just Dance cuz we had “Bubble Pop” that was a trio Psy just had trios like “Daddy” and “New Face” so it’s really a trend to do trios for Kpop songs apparently. Anyway, I enjoyed it. I can already see, because I’m not a Kpop expert, as I said and I don’t know the official choreographies of any of the songs (maybe from “Kill This Love” a bit) and I can already see the comments saying: “This is shit, this is not the official choreography!” I don’t have that point of view because I don’t know the official choreography, but This seems really simple for a choreography in the beginning I was like “yeah, cool” like… those moves overs there They repeat the steps like… one… two… three…. four…. five…. six… seven… Eight. Okay, we got it. Maybe after four, it would have been nice to change It’s like all the movements are lasting eight times. And the one that I didn’t really like… this! 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 For me it doesn’t change enough. It’s not original enough. I don’t know. A: the way you said it, it sounds like aerobic 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 That’s a bit of the feeling you get by watching it. You feel like it’s more succession of movements that are very defined than a choreography that is really dancing. I’m sorry. I’m not a fan. Maybe if I dance it, I’m gonna like it more I like the song a lot. Choreography I would give it a…. Maybe Not 100% convinced by the choreography The looks of the coachs are nice. Background was nice It’s just cute.. It’s just cute. I like trios of 3 girls, so… Why are you laughing? Why are you laughing? A: Trios of 3 girls… I want to see a trio of 4 girls Tell me in the comments what you thought! Dina: Let’s go for the next song which is a trio of….
A: 3 girls!
Dina: yeaaah So in that thumbnail, there was only two girsl, but it’s a trio. Maybe here, there’s three girls and it’s a quartet? Let’s click. I like their outfits What language is that? Jolin Tsai… Is it from Greece? For me, the background looks like Greece because of the outfits of the dancers but then it reminds me a lot of Adeyyo as well, because of the forest tree stuffs And the hair of the main coach, which reminds me of Adeyyo a lot and Adeyyo was from Turkey Jolin Tsai… Chinese… Taiwanese! Taiwanese, okay! Thank you Dina! Such a good ear to understand the languages Taiwanese, ok. Damn it last week I said they’re really trying to cover the entire world by adding a song of every country I think they’re still on their way but somebody said it in the comments: “Where is the French song?” and… I forgot to say that: we got the French song! It’s true. I mean we don’t have the trailer We don’t have the map of it yet, but it was announced and we’re gonna put the picture…. Let’s see… here! We’re gonna put it here. The french channels… social medias of Just Dance, announced that there’s gonna be a French artist, which is called Aya Nakamura, in Just Dance for Just Dance 2020 So I don’t know if it’s gonna be an exclusive song or not, or whatever. We don’t know the song yet. We have clues that it could be “Djadja” I’m not a fan of her, but this song got so popular in France that I had to listen to it I still kind of enjoy it. I can’t wait to see the choreography. I hope it’s gonna be good So coming back to the map of Jolin Tsai “Ugly Beauty”. This is a concept. I like really much the outfits of the coachs. The choreography looks nice. At the beginning I was like… still a bit “meh”, and then by the end I was like… It sounds like “Medicina” a bit but the background is really beautiful and it’s again a universe, you know? It’s like we’re collecting universes with the different maps of Just Dance. I like it. It’s cool. My life is not changing with it, but it’s a trio of 3 girls and that, my friend I like! I think that’s all for this week I mean, we had a lot of fun facts, a bit of sad facts, 2 new songs I don’t know if I should check the creative spotlight of “Soy Yo”. It’s probably gonna get cut in the editing of this video. But I want to know! Because last week it was like… “Is it clay? Is it… whatever?” and finally we have the explanation here A: Okay, watch it Oh, she’s so cute! That’s Laure, I know the dancer! … Oh not at all, that’s not her. okay, so they got inspired by the universe of the video clip and the characters around her are just to give a bit of colors to the grey universe that they started with Wow, they made the entire background! look at it! “Inspiranimation” so the creators of “Mi Mi Mi” again The amount of work, people! But it’s so good. It’s so good looking It… It “woooow” you the first time you see “Soy Yo”, so it’s really good. This project is fully handmade! Look at the background, it’s entirely there! It’s entirely handmade… gosh, that’s insane. That makes me like the song even more What I really liked as well is that the little characters were doing… like they were trying to copy the coach. It was so cute. I really appreciate that they put that online because it really raises some questions You see some maps and you’re like “wow, I wish I knew how they did it” So I’m really glad that they put an explanation at least for “Soy Yo” The next map I’m hoping to see the creative spotlight of… Just Dance team, if you’re listening to me I would love to have one on “365” because I still don’t get how the robot outfit was made, so I would really love to see that. Thank you in advance. That’s it for today. That’s it for today. Thank you for following this video until the end. And did you want to add something? A: I would like to thank our sponsor… ourselves. Yeah thank you ourselves… I’m hugging myself yeah Am I subscribed? Yes, I’m subscribed to my own channel, yeah! See you next week! Stop judging

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  1. Yes!!! Finally!! I will love it ❤❤❤
    PD: Bang Bang Bang and I am the Best are kpop trios too, so for Just Dance making kpop trios is the best thing to do

  2. OH SAINT PARIS! ITALIAN SUBTITLES, that's the only good thing that happened to me today 🙂
    P. S. Ugly beauty talks about how stupid are beauty standards because everyone is beautiful in their own way

  3. Hey Dina, I really love your reaction video and you always be the funniest person ever
    Love you Dina 😘😘😍

  4. Dina watch the new teaser of 7 rings of justo dance and one of talk os amzing this aongs in just dance for this month???

  5. Prochaine chansons que j’aimerais dans just dance (meme si je sais que y’a peut de chance qu’elles y soient,sauf peut être pour 2021 🤷🏻‍♀️) : Nuit de folie début de soirée, Li tourner, give me everything, bumpy ride, zouku machine, thriller,everybody backstreet boy, boombayah blackpink , say my name bebe rexha ft j balvin et David guetta sweet but psycho, song of the lion king, fireball Pitbull, vamos a la play a loona , attention Charlie puth , et plein d’autres qui me viendront sûrement a l’esprit:) Sinon je t’adore championne ❤️❤️ Et je voudrais juste savoir pourquoi il n’y a pas de jdwc cette année ?❤️

  6. If you want my honest answer yeah i was not subscribed i just NOW NOTICED WHEN YOU WERE SAYING THAT but don't worry i am now

  7. Je suis assez déçut de la chorégraphie de fancy… C'est vraiment mais vraiment assez répétitifs et ça j aime pas trop 😅

  8. I hope they made an alternate for fancy with an better choreo. I don't really like it . It's a bit ehhh repetitive like you said.

  9. I liked these two new songs, but I'm just worried that there will be way more trios compared to the quartets! We literally only have 3 quartets revealed, and something like 7 trios…

  10. Je suis déçue pour twice. Ils auraient dut respecter la vraie chorégraphie du clip fancy qui est beaucoup plus fun à danser. Si ils prennent des musiques kpop qu'ils ne massacrent pas les chorégraphie. Dommage…

  11. Dina: 60% of you right now, watching what I'm saying, are not subscribed to the channel!

    Me: subscribes to dina

    Also me: Good thing I'm not one of those 60% of people! They should be ashamed of themselves!

  12. 7:10 exactly what I thought 😂 It’s horrible lol. But I’m happy this is the sweat version, original one yet to be released ugh ugh

  13. to me Fancy just lacked the level of choreo Kpop songs usually get. I mean the official choreo isnt too difficult and so much fun. this is just a boring one imo

  14. It's the Third time that Jolin Tsai appears in Just Dance, First in JD2015 China with Dancing Diva and in Just Dance Vitality School with PeiPlay, both awesome songs

  15. please look at the original choreography of FANCY and compare it to the choreography of JUST DANCE it's nothing like that

  16. Moi je suis content qu'il y ait de plus en plus de Kpop dans Just Dance. C'est vrai qu'ils simplifient beaucoup les chorégraphies mais ça n'est pas réservé uniquement aux fans de kpop donc ça permet de faire découvrir, comme pour les chansons d'autres pays c'est sympa

  17. I really hate the coreo of Fancy 🙁 . The dances steps are out of time, it’s look like they were dancing another song…. For me all the choreography of just dance 2020 are repetitive but these one is 😡😡😡. Why must they ruin such a beautiful song 😥. P.S. where is the Italian song

  18. The original fancy choreography is way more hard and fun I mean I appreciate them putting fancy in just dance but the choreography is just

  19. I was sad about FANCY's dance, so once it gets to the chorus, the dance didn't match the rhythm of the song

    Dina reacts to FANCY's original choreography

    (I used the google translator)

  20. I’m so disappointed in Just Dance it kind of seems like they didn’t even look at the MV and choreography and get inspired. For BLACKPINK you can see they use a bit of choreography and get inspired by the MV and same for Fantastic Baby when the dancer has G-Dragon vibes. I feel like they just didn’t put a lot of effort in the choreography and I’m saying that because I know 100% they can do better. I’m really happy that KPop is expanding in the Just Dance world but us as Once(Twice’s Fans) kind of just wanted to see more of twice and we are not trying to be rude and trying to say “Hey change the choreography to actually the choreography to Fancy” we just want to see a little fancy movement or maybe a bit more backstory. Twice does a lot of cutesy/girl crush concepts but FANCY/FANCY YOU Album is definitely a mature/tropical/very unique/one of a kind piece. For me it kind of just seems like you didn’t really look into the song a bit and just kind didn’t really that much detail. I Have Loved Just Dance for years and still do till this day. I just KNOW you can do so much better. Maybe ADD a bit of the choreography🤟, maybe have the girls wear relatable colorful jumpsuits that look a bit mature, have a purple choker, maybe ACTUALLY look at the Music video and see their concept and get inspired and creative. It’s just shocking because Just Dance you put so much in other dances and you guys get creative with Kpop Just Dance and you guys make it seem like the MV’s but as Just Dance but this one was just……I’m just disappointed. I know you can do better Just Dance, please look into consideration and show us the Just Dance we know you are. 🤟🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻💕

  21. Merci de nous avoir montré une chanson française après : "Danse" ,"Papaoutai" ,"Ça plane" pour moi" et les chanson "Je ne sais pas danser" ,"Je suis pas jalouse" et "On porte pas de sous vêtements" maintenant……OOOOOHH DJADJA. IL Y A PAS MOYEN DJADJA ! Merci Dina pour toutes tes vidéo et tout ce que tu fait c'est génial

  22. Me:Yay Dina
    Also me:*reads title* fun and sad facts
    Me again:umm ok so let’s hope this isn’t to sad
    I love you Dina❤️

  23. Soy Yo was used in commercials for Target here in the US, so I could see European companies using it in ads over there. Maybe that’s where you heard it.

  24. Gracias por todo eres la mejor Crack sigue siendo así de buena onda y un gran YouTuber me encantan tus videos eres sensacional y excelente persona nunca cambies eres fabulosa 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘

  25. Jolin Tsai Also has another song (not in umlimited yet) which was dancing diva but putted the girly team instead of her 🙁

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