Just Married! – 10 Minute Power Hour

[Intro music] Welcome to the 10 Minute Power Hour! My name’s Arin My name’s Dan! And this is Arin I don’t know what we’re doing today, Arin You don’t? No! You never te- I never know what we’re doing at the beginning of these episodes. Okay, guess Are we gonna roll into those giant condoms like they did in the Naked Gun? What?? Do you remember that love scene? Where like the condoms take over their entire bod- *Inhale* What’re we doin? There- I don’t- There’s nothing to really slam on the table for this one [Dan laughs] We’re playin the Newly-Wed Game! What’s tha- Oh, really? *chuckle* What the fuck? Have you ever played it? Like, the one that used to be on TV as a game show? You can’t see it at home, but there’s one hair There’s definitely a hair- that’s yours That’s mine Y-Y-You can see curl, you can see the twisty
-Yeah Hey! We’re doing a show Since everyone in the comments says that we sound like… A married couple that’s only staying together for the kids [Dan laughs] We’re- We’re gonna do a thing made for couples We ask each other these questions, one of them writes on the whiteboard what their answer is and the other person has to guess Holy shit, I love it
-…what the answer is So visual Eh- The- Umm [Both laugh] That’s very visual and physical! As is good for the show!
-[Dan laughs] Augh Dude
[Arin laughs] That’s nothing like what it’s like I have- I have a cozy that keeps it off the ground [Arin cough-laughs] Let’s use this piece of acoustic foam to wipe the thing Oh, that actually works really well Yeah it’s super well
– Cool This is the most expensive wiper of dry erase board
-Yeah it’s very expensive actually I’m gonna see it if you fucking, have it down like that Go
– Perfect What’s your favorite color? My favorite color?
– Yes Okay
– You gotta write it down ‘Kay I think the answer is blue Sky blue, specifically
– Correct! I didn’t write sky blue but that’s- that’s even more true Oh! [Arin farts] [Arin laughs] Good fuckin content, Arin What is Arin Hanson’s favorite color? Okay, I heard a lot of marking, more than, more than it would’ve taken to write ‘pink’ But, its pink. But maybe you wrote ‘hot pink’? [Arin grunts] Danny: “Pink, idiot!”
Arin: Pink, Idiot! ‘Pink Idiot’ is also what I call my dick [Both laugh] We scored! *Clap* We know each other pretty well
– Mmm! [Laughs] We know each other pretty well- On a pretty deep level, I think we could say. What frightens you the most? Oh, please. Easy. Um, I actually don’t… Oh, you know Do I?
-I’ve- I’ve said it Oh! Yes! I know what it is!
– So many times Yes, tell me Sharks! You fuckin’ know it’s sharks! Wooooooo!
– They’re monsters of the deep! Killing machines, ready to destroy us all!
– That’s awesome! Except they’re also an important part of our ecosystem, so I got it right!
-The fuck are you gonna do? ‘Cos I’m a smart boy and I know my friend Dan better than anyone else Hooray! Even myself Augh! Dan, what scares me the most? I don’t know how to say it, but it’s- Uh, a single tone that gets louder as you listen to it more, Like a monotone getting louder. Ding ding ding ding ding!
– [Dan laughs] Monotone noises that rise in volume as if coming closer to you! [Laughs] Why?! That’s such a weird fuckin’ thing to be scared of Could you imagine if sharks made a monotone sound as they came closer to you?
– [Laughs] What a fuckin’ nightmare. What would you request… As your last meal? Dan: Ooh… What would *you* request as your-
– No what would *you* request? Oh oh oh oh
– ‘Cause I have to guess it Y-You’d think I woulda figured out this format since this is question 6
-[Both laugh] DEH Hey Dan, what’d you come up with? Uh, I dunno you’re supposed to guess Shit! [Through laughter] I would just say Really good chicken fingers? Ha HAAA! Chickie fingies! Chickie fingies!
-YAAAAAAAA- [laughs] You know it baby! Yeah, did I- [Dan laughs] Tucker just went, [whispers] WOW [Both laugh] We hang out… a fucking lot I like that you didn’t specify either, like, “the best chicken fingers” Just- just a regular old, fuckin…
– Nope, nope. Unfreeze that bag o’ nuggets
– [Laughs] I’m a simple man Alright, alright
– Okay Same- Same question what would I request as my last meal? Aw, jeez… I should know this But you- you’re such a food guy, like there’s so many things that you like Three word hint? Uuuumm [Arin taps desk with marker] For breakfast please! [Arin panting] Oh my god, is this the one that we miss on?
– Yeah. Yeah It m- I- Well, ‘cos there’s just so many possibilities Uhhhhhm Could be like, amazing eggs benedict Uhhh [Dan drums on desk] heehheheehhehehehe Y’gotta- gotta give me a final answer, dude
– Uh Dicks! Not dicks Oh, well, then I’m fuck out of-
– But I’ll give you a pass on that one [both laugh] Um Yeah, I’ll go with pancakes, Really amazing pancakes. It’s not!
– Ohh! What is it? It’s biscuits and gravy!
– Biscuits and gravy! Made by your dad Made by my dad! Totally, totally understandable. Totally. Alright
-WAH WAAAAAH – AAAAAAH! Man, that was the first loss, huh?
– I know No big deal! We move on. We’re doing very well
– [Arin mumbles] Alright. So the next question. Is, Who would you say is better when it comes to making [trails off]- Matt: Hey Arin? Um… I- It’s not, a big deal I’m- I’m working on it right now, but I accidentally forgot to censor your email uh, password in a video recently. And I took the video down, but Um… I just wanted to let you know I don’t think anyone… Um… Has g- uhh, like gotten it Or, put it online or anything, but I’m work- I’m working on it right now just- Wait so, it was uploaded? Yeah for like a couple hours but its… Arin: A couple hours?! [Nervous laugh] It- I don’t think anyone- I’m on it! Don’t worry. I’m working on it, it’s fine. I don’t think anyone’s got- getting into your email Arin: Well- Jesus Christ, I got to fuckin’… It’s fine! Arin: Are you sure?
– Yeah, I’m positive Oh my god… Matt: I’m goin- I’m searching the terms and everything on Google… To make sure that… I get it! I get it. It’s okay.
-Matt: I didn’t mean to interrupt Arin: Yeah, no, it’s fine, it’s fine. I’ll- It’s totally fine, though I don’t think a single person even noticed. I didn’t- didn’t even see any comments about it, okay? Oh my god I already have like, new sent emails. Arin: Are you fucking kidding me? I have to change my password. Okay Well I’ll just- just, keep doin’ your thing. They can get *any* of my accounts from this Okay Uhhh Who would you say… is better …when it comes to making love? You, or me? ≧◡≦ Are you fuckin’ serious? That’s the question! I’ve never seen your technique. Well this is weird because you’ve only been… Making sweet love to one person… That ain’t true
– For- for I’ve had many other sexual encounter I made a lil’, I made a lil’ uh What d’y’think? You. I wrote… “Me”! In perfect cursive
– [Arin laughs] With a heart, and a balloon Wow! I can’t believe it
– [Dan laughs] Time to ask you the same question, Arin. It- it’s… It’s me. If you could get rid of one of *my* things, what would you get rid of? (Confused) One of… Why would I get- Want to get rid of one of your things? – Well you gotta choose! Alright I’ll come to your house and fuckin’ throw your shit! Fine. What do you think, Arin? Fuck. Dan: Am I allowed to give a hint? Dan: Like one single hint? Tucker: Yeah! Of course, it can only be three words long. Oh okay. You.. Want.. To. The smell in my library? “Your bookshelf that smells like pee”!
– YAAAAAY Arin has a bookshelf in his house that smells like horrible urine! I hate it! [Through laughter] I don’t know why I dont know either! It was just recently painted. No one’s peed on it, to my knowledge If I could get rid of something of yours,
– Of mine Okay
– Okay Uhm.. You want to. Oh! What do I have
that I want to get rid of? My crippling stomach disease? [GASP] The something that’s wrong with his tummy!
– Yeah, we did it! Dan: There’s something terribly wrong with my digestive system I’m probably going to die young. Do you remember when um, When you were feeling sick and a bunch of people- [dry laughs] Told you you had pinworms? And you went and checked
your feces for pinworms, and, The way you described it was “I’m two- I’m two inches away
from my dookie and I’m like…” [Disappointed??] “I don’t have pinworms.” [Both laugh] Next question. What do I wear to bed? Oh wait, I think I asked it wrong. Dan: God dammnit Arin It’s ‘what do *you* wear to bed?’ And then I have to guess [Dan laughs] Matt: Hey, uh Real quick Not, a big deal. Someone, I just wanna- it’s just a formal heads-up Someone, changed- they got, through your email Got into the Grumps… YouTube channel, and they changed the password
– [Whispers] I’m in But I’m figuring it out right now It’s not a big- I know how to get it back The Grumps email!? I thought it was just my email, My personal email. Yeah, but that’s linked to that Grumps account, So they were able to… But it’s okay, it’s just the channel and the PayPal. Uh- Okay, its *just* the channel and the PayPal? Matt: I’m just- I got it under control I know- I think I know how to get it back Probably Arin: The- the email address on the- It’s linked to the Google account, Arin: So it’s Yeah Arin: They can get anything. It’s not a- I totally… Matt: Know how to get it back [Muffled] Oh my god You don’t even need to worry It’s just, I was just giving you a f- Uh Just to let you know ‘cus ‘Cos you’re my boss Arin: I don’t understand, What, what is “I’m taking care of it” mean? Arin: That doesn’t.. I got to go Work It’s totally, cool. Somebody’s got to take the fall for this Okay this next question, lighten the mood
a little bit… Okay What do I wear to bed? Remember that was the question?
– Oh right okay What do I wear to bed I’m sure you’ll never guess Shit no it’s
what do you wear to bed! God dammit! It’s what do you wear to bed and I have to guess!
– Are you serious? We’ll just do, we’re just doing it out of order it’s not a big deal No it’s not because you wrote it and that would be the one that you speak and I would have written it on here So it’s wrong! Just erase it! Are you writing a novel? Jesus
– I’m just trying to be accurate Okay
– Okay great thank you for fucking taking an hour to write that shit Alright well what- what do I wear to bed Arin? Um, your underwear. Just a pair of boxer briefs. Goo- mostly there And socks? [Through laughter] Socks? You don’t wear underwear and socks that’s like the cardinal rule What? How is that the cardinal rule?
– The answer is… “Boxer briefs and sometimes a t-shirt
if it’s cold but usually it’s too hot because we live in California you know
how it is man” So I was right! Just boxer briefs!
– Okay you’re basically right, yeah yeah You can’t write caveat to it! [Dan laughs] Okay Oh I just totally fucking looked but I know what the answer is. I’m sorry uh just cut that out. Problem solved! Tucker: Just cut it out. I’ll- Yeah, sure, I’ll cut this out Alright, so… what do I wear to FUCK what do I wear to bed? Well you wear
boxer briefs and maybe a t-shirt same as me And socks? [Both laugh] Final answer!
– Uh boxer briefs Ding ding ding ding boxer briefs
– Yeah! “And that’s it you fuck.”
-Yeah! Outstanding! I know ‘cos we go over to each other’s houses and excercise And you definitely just rolled out of bed are you gonna show up to boxer-briefs box of recently work well
I’ve seen you wish ha ha that I would stop what easy why is that an easy one I
don’t think that’s easy at all ok done ok I’m gonna guess being a
really good friend you wish I wish you’d stop being a really good friend i I mean
I can’t seem to think of anything that you would want me to stop doing alright
yeah uh three words in I know I know it okay
farting farting during filming you know it yeah a three word hint was going to
be it just happened -I can’t help it it’s my gas
-what do you wish I would stop doing?
-mm-hmm… -My behavior is impeccable, I can’t imagine
-What would it be… Matt: Hey! Matt: Last update. [Out of breath] I contacted Youtube, They said, we ca- they can- get back to us in about seven to ten business days About getting into the account, so… I think we’re… …on the clear. nothin’ to worry about anymore. Got it all under control. Arin: Thats a really long time. Te- did you say ten business days? Matt: Se- Seven to ten And also, I contacted Wells Fargo about the banking… info. Dan: Oh we use, we use Bank of America. Why do you know that? We’re– I think we’re in the clear just 7 business days just hold on, and… it’s not even an issue mistakes happen in the workplace Cool, thanks Matt, good work.
Thanks, am I… still on board? Arin: What do you mean on board?
Matt: At the company. Arin: Yeah, yeah, I’m not gonna fire you over this. I just want it figured out, and
clearly nothing was figured out today so it’s seven to ten business days–
Arin: Yeah, wow. That’s, yeah that’s gonna
be resolved in– so quickly. Dan: I think you’re doing a great job.
Matt: I’m gonna take off and head home. Arin: Yes please, yeah, take the rest of the day off Matt: Thank you, see ya.
Dan: I don’t want anyone else in his position I think he’s I think he’s crushing this -all right, so what do I wish that you would stop doing?
-okay -maybe supporting somebody who probably just cost us our entire livelihood -I don’t you know what it would be other than like… um.. -looking at my phone during game grumps?
-is that it?
-no -oh, what?
-I said being so funny!
-Oh, Arin! -I went for the milk-toast option! -I’m going to make a quick transfer… -New boat. -Well that was a lot of fun, Tucker, who’s behind the camera. Did you have fun Dan? -I had a great time, I’d actually– we only
got halfway through the question so if you’d like to do another ten minute
power hour of the rest of the questions at some point perhaps not the next
episode but one after that or so, I’d be down Join us next time! And if you wanna do us more if you want to have uh uh suggest more things for us to do on the show then go and comment in the comments section. I actually got a new boat, recently. So if you wanna come and party on that this week, that’d be awesome. You got a new boat?
– I got a new boat. How did you afford a new boat? I- you know, Been saving up That God of War… revenue I made the same as you, and I can’t afford a boat. Well, looks like someone needs to be a little more thrifty. Alright, thank you for joining us on the 10 Minute Power Hour. If you like this one.. I stole the money! Ha ha ha ha. You’ll never catch me! Sorry, Tucker. Excuse me. *Door opens* I forgot my marker. *Door closes* Well it’s all on camera so I’ll just sue him. *Door reopens* Can I get a ride home?

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