Justin Bieber Discovers He’s in an ‘Arranged Marriage’ to Hailey

I want to say huge
congratulations on the album, Changes. It debuted at number one. That’s so awesome. Thank you. [APPLAUSE] And then I know
you’re going on tour. Have you started
rehearsing, are you excited? I’m rehearsing now,
and I’m very excited. I’m pumped. I love singing, I love dancing. I’m excited to get
back on the road. I feel better. Oh, good. I’m not feeling sick anymore. So I don’t know
if you guys know, but I got diagnosed
with Lyme disease, which I got bit by a tick. And so my whole energy
and everything’s been messed up for two years. It’s been really crappy. I’ve just been depressed,
it’s been really crappy. But luckily I have
amazing doctors who have helped me to
have a great recovery. So I’m feeling good. [APPLAUSE] Another thing is a lot of my
fans and people on the internet are worried being
like, “I just want him to be able to be OK on tour.” I’m really healthy, so
everyone can look forward to a healthy Justin,
which is good. [APPLAUSE] Yeah! That’s good. Yeah. That’s really good. And then so much of
touring is balance. Yeah, absolutely. For me, on my days off, I sleep. Yeah. What do you like to do? Well, it’s going to be my
first time traveling married. So we’re going to do
a lot of fun stuff. Oh, that’s so great. See the world and yeah. Do it together. It’s going be cool. That’s my wife. [APPLAUSE] Isn’t she beautiful? Hailey, and for
anybody that doesn’t know, I like to joke around
with Scooter that she’s my little guardian angel,
because I had a really bad– anytime I’m having a
bad night, she just appears and makes it better. She’s that type of girl. At the Met Gala, I had
a horrible experience, and then she waited at
the top of the stairs with me for 45 minutes. It was just the
sweetest thing, right? And then she was at church,
and you guys were both there for me, and it was beautiful. Thank you. Anyways, keeping it light,
what do you guys like to watch? Do you like to watch
stuff on Netflix? See, we were talking
about Love Is Blind. We’ve been watching
that, and it’s insane. It is insane. But it’s crazy, and I love it. Is there anything else
that you guys watch? Are you fans of The Bachelor? We watch The Bachelor, yeah. He was at church
the other night. No. He wasn’t! I missed that? Yeah, you missed him. I went up to him and was
like I feel like I know you. You know me, and we
go to the same church, and you didn’t text me and be
like, “Yo, Pilot Pete is here?” I had no idea that
you liked him. Just invite me over, OK? How did you and Hailey meet? I don’t think I’ve
ever heard that story. How did we meet? We met in the early mornings
of a Today Show taping. I’m pretty sure she
didn’t want to be there. Her dad dragged her out
of bed in the morning and basically was like– I think because she
was raised Christian, and I think they
found out that– I think it was an arranged
marriage I’m pretty sure. I’m not– [LAUGHTER] Looking back now, I’m
like, it was definitely an arranged marriage. They set this whole thing up. No, but since she was raised
Christian, she’s like, “Oh, I want to introduce you
to Justin and his mom. They have similar values
and believe the same thing. We think you guys
would be good friends. It was definitely an
arranged marriage now that I’m thinking about it. [LAUGHTER] Goodness gracious. All right, well Mom, Dad, if
you’re listening it’s time because I’m 27. Arrange it up. Arrange it up. Yeah, arrange it up. We have a beautiful
crowd tonight, hey? We really do. [APPLAUSE] You guys are awesome.

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  1. justin and hailey, I ADORE you both! Hailey, you are probably the most beautiful woman i have ever seen- good work, justin! 💜💕⭐️ oh, and your faith is soooo inspiring!

  2. Demi, we can get Ellen to arrange for us to meet. You and I would be an amazing team. I am 28, male and straight. If that is all you need to start things off then I am your guy

  3. I'm so glad these two beautiful Christians are praising the Lord on national TV! Bless their souls❤️🙏🙌✝️🕊️🔥

  4. Did it bother anyone else that he wouldn’t make eye contact with Demi? I don’t think he was doing it on purpose but I just kept thinking “LOOK AT HER!!” lol

  5. It’s like he’s nervous talking to Demi, because he’s making little eye contact when talking and fidgets

  6. Love both these young performers.. I hope Avril being Canadian helped you with lime disease . Love Avril too. Glad to see Justin and Demi are healthy.

  7. Okay he talks about hailey way too much he don’t need to bring her up every interview 😂😂 we know your married Justin!!!!!

  8. Justin actually doesn't look that well, I hope he doesn't push himself too far.
    I actually like that this interview was like two friends catching up, though I didn't know Justin and Demi were so buddy buddy

  9. He looks more comfortable in this interview. He looks more nervous with Ellen. Demi Lovato should have her own talk show!

  10. Hey stranger scrolling though the comments, but wait let me tell you, you are beautiful and the world would be different without you.

  11. Like literally she just said the best words for Hailey and not even one reaction from audience. Like she helped her shes being theree for her and still nthg. Meanwhile we watch love is blind and all audience hahaha .

  12. After a decade of having judgements about Justin and seeing him grow up, especially in his marriage, I have to say it's pretty amazing. I'm so happy that Justin and Hailey have the relationship they appear to have, and I do hope that's true behind closed doors. They certainly seem in love, supportive, and connected by their individual deeper purposes'. And that it is truly magic, so congrats to Justin for growing and loving

  13. "Don't lie who's watching while reading the comments?"😁👇

    (Gifting my 100 subscriber🙃 👌👍)

  14. Doesn't Hailey have a Job, I know they're married but she's always follows him EVERYWHERE. Like doesn't she have anything going on for herself ?

  15. So positive to see both of them interact,both of them have struggled in their own ways and now they are getting better and it’s very evident.

  16. I love you Ellen but you are purposely enabling Non Skippable Ads. I know this as a fellow creator. You're literally worth millions yet you feel the need to have that enabled?

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