K-Town S1, Ep. 6 of 10: “The Bachelor Party from Hell”

MUSIC/NAT SOUND SCARLET: Who’s ugly? Who the [BLEEP] is ugly, bitch? I’m ugly? JOWE: Hey you’re in the wrong club. STEVE: Wait, wait, wait, wait. SCARLET: You want to start with me. You want to start shit
with me? YOUNG: I have never seen Scarlet that angry before in my
life. The whole time in my right ear it’s like oh [BLEEP] this
man. [BLEEP] you. YOUNG: Yeah, you [BLEEP]ing douche bag. You [BLEEP]ing — SCARLET: Shut the [BLEEP] up. STEVE: Scarlet, hey. SCARLET: Get out of my way. You can suck
my dick bitch. MUSIC UP SCARLET: My dick is bigger than yours you [BLEEP]ing asshole. JOWE: Hey go to Chinatown. Shut the [BLEEP]up. STEVE: Jowe, stop. JOWE: Knowing that Violet was there, you know,
it kind of helped me keep my composure.
Cause she came up to me and she like hey it’s not worth it.
She’s not worth your time. She’s just drunk and you’re drunk. JOWE: We’re all just trying to have a good time.
And you know, just hearing that from someone that
actually truly cares actually really did calm me down. SCARLET: I hate that mother[BLEEP]er. Don’t make me sit down. Do
not make me sit down. [BLEEP] Jowe. [BLEEP] Jowe. JOE: I know, I know, I know. SCARLET: Can I go pee? JOE: Yeah you can go pee. SCARLET: Is that okay? Oppa can I go pee? JOE: Yeah you can go pee but wait, wait, wait. Just, just sit
for a second. STEVE: Scarlet, Scarlet, Scarlet. Think about Young for a
second. It’s his party. This is a bachelor party. Look at him,
man. SCARLET: He’s chilling. He’s fine. STEVE: No he’s not. YOUNG: What the hell is going on right now?
There was no such thing as promoting Belasco.
I don’t even think we talked about Belasco.
I never even saw fliers there. YOUNG: There was no bachelor party. I mean who
brings girls to bachelor parties? Four girls, four guys
that ain’t no bachelor party. These guys forced me to
drink which I had no idea, had no intention to even drink. STEVE & JOE: Ahhh. YOUNG: And the whole thing in my mind I’m just thinking like
okay I have an audition the next day, tomorrow. Uh. JASMINE: So Joe Cha saw us fighting and bickering. And so
of course being the oppa that he is, the older brother he
wanted to call everyone into a room JASMINE: so we can talk it out and make peace. Whatever. JOWE: Hey look I don’t go around and say how I represent LA. SCARLET: Yeah you do. JOWE: That’s childish. That’s childish. JASMINE: You are representing Korea Town when you call
yourself the Korean Town prince. JOWE: Do I go around and say hey everybody look I’m the
prince of K-town? Do I ever say that? JASMINE: Yes you do. SCARLET: You say that shit on Facebook all the time. JASMINE: You claim it all the time. JOWE: Obviously you guys don’t know. So you guys are
prejudging. So let me put it down straight — SCARLET: Oh my God. Oh my God. We don’t know shit. JOE: Hey, hey, hey. We’re not making the situation — hey,
hey. Jowe. We’re not making the situation any better. JASMINE: Violet told us that your dick was small. Violet told
us. Violet told us that your dick was small. JOWE: Hey you know what’s funny? Hey you know what’s funny? I
show cock my to Young — I, I show my cock to Young and Joe
today. What’d you guys say? JOE: Jowe’s cock, I don’t want to talk about it. JOWE: What’s the first thing that Young said to me today? SCARLET: Oh my God it’s small as [BLEEP]? JOWE: No, seriously help. This is my [BLEEP]ing brother. SCARLET: Oh my God. It’s that a lipstick? Is that a
Chihuahua’s dick? JOWE: This is my brother. And he will never lie about what I
say. No, no what did Young say as soon as I showed him my
cock? What’s the first [BLEEP]ing thing he said? YOUNG: Why the [BLEEP] is Jowe Kyu keep showing me his cock? JOE: You guys are going back and forth, back and forth. Come
on now. No. SCARLET: He’s just tool bag. JOE: Hey let, let — SCARLET: Unless you point a dick at his asshole then he’ll be
like oh — JOWE: Hey, ni how sha nugga nugga sha. Okay. Shut the [BLEEP] up. Now you sound
stupid. SCARLET: Take that mother[BLEEP]er. JOWE: Oh. Water. SCARLET: Suck my dick, bitch. It’s not water. It’s Coke.
Have fun bitch. JOWE: I take shower in water. SCARLET: Have fun. JOWE: That’s why you’re walking away cause you’re stupid. SCARLET: [BLEEP]ing talk shit? Want to talk shit? Talk shit
all day bitch. Want to talk shit? Suck it. Suck it. SCARLET: What you gonna do? You ain’t gonna do shit.
Exactly mother[BLEEP]er. Suck it. JOWE: Water, water. SCARLET: I seriously hate that mother[BLEEP]er. Like talking to
you makes me want to through another drink in his face right
now, seriously. SCARLET: Where the [BLEEP] is Jowe? MUSIC UP SCARLET: I’m so hung over. JASMINE: I thought we were going to get Korean Barbeque. JASMINE: Uh, I want to make you the magic potion. I swear. My
hangover kit is more like a survival kit. SCARLET: So you’re gonna make this go away? JASMINE: Everything go away. It’s going to cure every. Pepto.
You get the regular one. I’ll get the max. Tiger balm heals
anything and everything. SCARLET: Really? JASMINE: Yes. SCARLET: It works? JASMINE: Yes. SCARLET: When I go to get a Thai Massage they’re like you
want Tiger balm? Tiger balm good for you. JASMINE: Tiger balm and Thai is not the same thing. Oh look
at this one. You could like spank somebody with this. SCARLET: Yeah, you would like that. JASMINE: I think you need a loaf of bed-, of bread. I get
one. You get one. Trust me this is gonna work. Trust me. JASMINE: Ah, you know what’s bomb? The polls. SCARLET: That’s a lot. No you carry that shit. JASMINE: Why? SCARLET: Cause it’s heavy. JASMINE: I’m hung over. SCARLET: Me too. You carry it. Rock paper scissors. [BLEEP].
Dammit. JASMINE: Take this. I can’t even walk right now. SCARLET: I think you need some pads, dude. Are you getting your rag soon? SCARLET: I got my rag last night girl. We’re on the same cycle
we hang out so much together. Want me to get you some pads? JASMINE: No not me, not yet. Not yet, not yet. SCARLET: Want some maxi pads? JASMINE: My friend when she was in Korea, she was telling me
that there’s this, there’s this like hangover juice. JASMINE: She takes me to a Korean market and she forgets the
name of it. But, she remembers this picture of this man. JASMINE: It’s like this little can and there’s a picture of a
man. SCARLET: For real? JASMINE: Like a picture. JASMINE: And so, in Korea this dude is called “ahjussi”. So we just started calling ‘ahjussi” juice. JASMINE: Ahjussi. SCARLET: What is that? The man is called — JASMINE: It’s like man, mister. Oh it’s right here, it’s
right here. I see it. SCARLET: You found it. JASMINE: Ahjussi juice. JASMINE: Found it. JASMINE: But you can only find this in a Korean market. I
swear. SCARLET: Let me look at the ingredients. JASMINE: Read it. SCARLET: Licorice, rice roots. JASMINE: Licorice? SCARLET: That’s rice dude, R-I-C-E. JASMINE: It’s riss. SCARLET: Whatever. Licorice roots. JASMINE: Get one. I’m gonna get like five. SCARLETT: Why five? JASMINE: It’s bomb. MUSIC/NAT SOUND JASMINE: We decided to spend our Friday helping Joe promote
for his Belasco party. JASMINE: All right. Let’s flood this car. So he has to go to
the trouble — SCARLET: Why are we doing this. Dude it’s hot. Let’s go. VIOLET: I’m so over this. SCARLET: I’m over it. JASMINE: I’m having fun. I’m actually having fun? SCARLET: Let’s just say we did it but not really. VIOLET: We’re so done. SCARLET: Yeah. VIOLET: Wait. Don’t toss it. Okay, ready. You’re gonna fan
it out. SCARLET: Make it rain. Oh yeah. Oh shit. [LAUGHTER] MUSIC UP CAMMY: Scarlet had Korean barbeque before but this place
actually had some special things she never tried. MUSIC/NAT SOUND VIOLET: The food’s coming. The food’s coming. CAMMY: We have a variety of like intestines beef and pork
coming. SCARLET: What? You’re gonna tell me which ones intestines,
right? CAMMY: Yeah, for sure. SCARLET: Because I’m not going to eat that. For sure. CAMMY: You have to try it though. JASMINE: Yeah try it. It’s really good. CAMMY: You have to try it. It’s chewy. At first it’s weird.
But then when you actually eat it — SCARLET: No, dude. Poo lived in there. JASMINE: That was its home. The poo that was its home. CAMMY: They take it out. SCARLET: I don’t know that. VIOLET: You should at least try a piece. SCARLET: No. JASMINE: Do like a tiny, tiny piece. CAMMY: And then there’s beef tongue coming out, too. SCARLET: Okay, I can, I’m down with tongue. Tongue is cool. VIOLET: Here let me fill your glass. SCARLET: I’m gonna go like this right? VIOLET: Yeah, do two hands because usually like — JASMINE: You have to stand up and bow. I’m just kidding. VIOLET: If you were elders you’d do two hands and ladies
usually drink like — and you never pour yourself a shot. SCARLET: Oh, I pour other people first. Pour like the oldest
person first. Okay. JASMINE: Oh my gosh. CHEERS GROUP: Cheers. JASMINE: You have to turn to the side. SCARLET: But I’m not a lady so it’s okay. MUSIC/NAT SOUND YOUNG: Shit. No, no, no, no, no. No, no, no. No, no, no. Hi
this is Young Lee I have a 10am audition today. Uh, I’m
running a little late but I’ll be there in thirty minutes. SCARLET: This is a lot. VIOLET: Yeah. It’s so good though. CAMMY: I have to cut it up because it’s just better to eat,
you know. It’s easier to eat and stuff. SCARLET: Oh, so it doesn’t get stuck in your braces? CAMMY: Yes. [LAUGHTER] SCARLETT: Oh it’s gonna [OVERLAPPED] VIOLET: Have you ever had the live octopus? SCARLET: It’s moving. Ahhh. [LAUGHTER] Holy shit. CAMMY: We have restaurants here where everything’s alive. VIOLET: So which one is which? CAMMY: This is te-chung. The bigger one. And kup-chung is the
smaller one. SCARLET: That looks weird. Oh by the way I threw a drink at
Jowe last night. JASMINE: Oh yeah. You did. SCARLET: I almost forgot. VIOLET: How’d he react? SCARLET: Like a punk bitch. JASMINE: He didn’t do anything. VIOLET: I wish I was there. [OVERLAPPED] SCARLET: I like got out I’m like what are you gonna do. You
want to hit me? You want to [BLEEP]ing hit me. You ain’t gonna
do shit. JASMINE: The things he was firing back with was, it was
like irrelevant. He was just saying I have a degree. And I
was like I have the same degree. JASMINE: I have a four year college degree. I got a BA. I’m like — SCARLET: Wait, literally — VIOLET: Who? I don’t know he was just saying — VIOLET: Who says he — JASMINE: Jowe. VIOLET: He doesn’t have a BA. JASMINE: He doesn’t? Wow. That’s what he said. CAMMY: What? VIOLET: When I first met him he lied to me. He was like oh
yeah, I go to USC dental school. That’s, that’s the only
reason why I gave him my number. VIOLET: Later I find out he’s not in
USC. He’s not in dental school. That’s something that his
parents wanted him to do. SCARLET: Why are you still friends with Jowe? He’s a
douchebag. Like we always — she doesn’t like him. I don’t
like him. VIOLET: I don’t know, like I can’t help but still have a soft
spot for him. JASMINE: Well obviously you know him the best out of
everybody. Are you surprised with all the things that you
hear? VIOLET: I am because he’s, he has a good heart. He’s, he’s
sheltered. Like I was that way too when I was younger, you
know, but it’s the way we were brought up. VIOLET: You know, like I never really had to work.
He never really had to work. So, he’s still a kid.
Like he has, he has, he’s not really that mature.
So, there’s really nothing we can do. JASMINE: Must be nice. He don’t have to work or do anything
all his life. SCARLET: Violet is dumb for dating for him. But just at the
same time I feel like Violet’s maturity is like here. SCARLET: Like I’m right here and Violet’s like she’s like really immature.
And Jowe’s like right there with her. So, they totally
deserve each other. SCARLET: Like they don’t really know what it’s
like to kind of grow up with a lot stuff and having to like
fend for yourself. JOE: So to make a party successful you have to promote. I
mean not only do you have your Twitter and you have your
Facebook. JOE: You have to actually go out with the fliers and
actually pass them out to people’s hands and talk about the
party. And so, I get everyone out in K-Town to go pass out
fliers. JOE: Hey, be sure we get these fliers out to everyone that
walks by. JOE: Put them on the cars, you know. Let’s get these
promoted. JOE: The party’s tomorrow. Let’s go. Let’s go. Come on.
SCARLET: Hello. Oh here you go. There’s a party for
tomorrow at the Belasco. JOE: Come okay. JOE: Scarlet, come here, come here. SCARLET: What’s up? Yeah, yeah. Here you go. There’s a
party tomorrow. JOE: They’re such kids, come on. That’s gonna piss them off.
They’re not gonna come. Come on. JOE: I’m taking this really seriously. And everyone’s
[BLEEP]ing up. And they’re just throwing it on the streets on
random cars and piling it. JOE: I mean the thing is I paid money for those fliers
and I need for them to not act like kids and to do some work. JOE: Just like this, just like this. Don’t do that. I hate
that. JASMINE: Who’d want to go to a club if we’re all so serious? JOE: Guys. Let’s not mess around. JASMINE: Come out to a club. You have to because Joe Cha
told me to give you a flyer. JOE: This is money. Pick it up. STEVE: Okay all right. Okay, okay, all right. JOE: It really got me pissed off. Hey let’s walk over this — Steve. STEVE: What man? JOE: Don’t mess the flyers up like that. STEVE: What do you mean? STEVE: So I’m trying to enjoy myself with Joe, he’s yelling
at me the whole [BLEEP]ing time, dude. All I hear is Joe.
Steve, Steve, Steve. JOE: Steve. Steve, Steve. Steve: Shut the [BLEEP] up. JOE: Steve what are you doing? STEVE: He doesn’t have a [BLEEP]ing funny bone in his Goddamn
body. JOE: Don’t’ fly, hey. Don’t mess the flyers, don’t hold the
flyers like that. We still have to get Chapman. Come on
let’s go. STEVE: I have never seen Joe make a joke. Okay. That’s my
dying wish. STEVE: Before he dies say a joke to me and I, I’ll let
you go with a smile on my face. JOE: Hey, this is the last spot. So just — STEVE: Okay, okay. Relax man. JOE: Last spot. Come to Belasco on Saturday. CAMMY: We were probably having too much fun but in the end we
pulled it off and got the job down. WOMAN: Love you. JOWE: Come to Belasco this Saturday. It’s going to be Kinjas and S2K. JOE: Kinjas and S2K they’re two huge dance crews that
performed on America’s Best Dance Crew. And they’re really
respected in the dance community. SCARLET: Roll down your window. Roll it down. Roll it down.
Roll it down. YOUNG: And if you dance like this, like this. SCARLET: There’s a party tomorrow at Belasco and we’d love
for you guys to come. JOE: Scarlett do your work okay. MUSIC/NAT SOUND JOE: Hey thanks guys. Thanks guys. Thank you. Thank you. JOE: Hey tomorrow let’s get a lot a rest. I need your names
tomorrow. The guest list, okay. Any tables that you have let
me know. SCARLET: What if we don’t have any friends? JOWE: I’ve heard all the girls names that I’ve met tonight,
yo. SCARLET: I don’t have any friends. JOE: You, you bring all the girls. You bring all the girls.
You bring all the girls. K? YOUNG: It’s done then. JOE: It’s done. YOUNG: All right. So did we do a good job? JOE: You did a good job. Yeah. STEVE: Why the long face, man? Why you depressed dude? Come
on bro. JOE: That audition, how’d it go? STEVE: How was it? How was it bro? Wasn’t that good? I’m
sure you did well man. You always do well bro. Not to worry
about. YOUNG: Well honestly like I didn’t go. JOE: You didn’t go? YOUNG: I was late. JOE: You were late? So they didn’t make you go at all? STEVE: Wait you missed the entire audition? Are you kidding
me man? YOUNG: And you know what, this is why I said that I didn’t
want to go out yesterday. We made a deal. We said one hour. STEVE: Yeah, right. YOUNG: One hour. So I came out. And I thought we were gonna
go promote. We were gonna do some stuff like this. And then
you guys start, everyone starts fighting. STEVE: Dude, whatever happened yesterday man that, that was a
little uncalled for man. I mean — YOUNG: No I’m okay. I mean, I’m not — okay I’m not here
trying to like blame anybody or something. YOUNG: But at the same time it’s just like this is why I came here.
Right. Why I came here was a casting audition. SCARLET: It’s Jowe’s fault. JOWE: Sorry. YOUNG: No, I’m — no. No. JOE: Hey, hey, hey. I’m sorry man. I’m sorry. YOUNG: I’m not trying to blame anybody. JOE: Tomorrow, hey why don’t you perform on stage? Just
bring the people that, you know — just perform on stage
tomorrow. JOE: It’ll be better. Thousands of people man. Hook it up
dude. Do it tomorrow. Hey, serious. SCARLET: Oh, you’ll be so cute. [OVERLAPPED] STEVE: We’ll be all there to support you. And that’s better,
that’s more important. I know you’re good. SCARLET: Let me see that MJ move that you do. STEVE: And do the snap. [OVERLAPPED CONVERSATION] GROUP: Ahh. STEVE: You’re smiling now man. SCARLET: Beat box and snap. Beat box. GROUP: Do it. Oh. [OVERLAPPED CONVERSATION] JOE: Hey but honestly Young, hey, hey. Just hit them up
tomorrow, just hit them up tomorrow morning. YOUNG: Hey, okay let’s just say this. All right, hey guys
like I’m gonna say something like okay I’m not trying to blame
whatever. YOUNG: What happened is I, I messed up. But, as long as,
you know, we all cool and you know if, whatever — JOE: I’ll do that to. I want you to. Yeah. We’ll make that
happen. We’ll make that happen. I’ll make you a star. Make
you shine. JOE: Alright we’re good. We’re good. No more sad
face. No more sad face. YOUNG: Belasco. MAN: Next week on K-Town. JOE: Just a few hours before the club opened my stress level
was freaking up to here. SCARLET: Why are you yelling? JOE: What’s the [BLEEP] up with the questions? Shut up. STEVE: If it’s not epic he’s gonna lose his job. The
pressure’s [BLEEP]ing on right now. JOE: You guys see me stressed? I am [BLEEP]ing stressed? CAMMY: This has turned into a complete disaster. JOE: Leave. SCARLET: I’m getting my shit and I’m getting the [BLEEP] out of
here. JOE: Get your shit and leave. SCARLET: [BLEEP] off. [END OF KT 106]

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  1. I admit, you're right on that. I'm not Korean to say something about them. I talked a little bit too fast. I should just say arrogant, cocky… can be found everywhere. Sometimes you don't realize when you're stereotyping people. You made me realized it. Thanks for doing that 🙂

  2. I seriously wish Scarlet was not chinese. She shames our people so much….actually she shames every living thing

  3. Scarlet is such a fucking social climber. THeres nothing worse than trying to be korean when you're fuckin not. OMG.

  4. i know the girls in this show except for Cammy are trash but i hate when a girl calls u a pussy for not fighting back .Or when u do actually hit them back they freak out like u tried to kill them.

  5. shesssh, doesn't matter if they're korean-born-in-usa or FOB koreans, they have kim chee bloodline cuz they have hot kim chee temper!

  6. Great video. I found myself so mystified observing my best mate go from being lame to a ladies man. He went from zero to hero. He pretended he failed to realize. Then he smiled and told me while he was wasted. He mentioned he learned from the Jake Ayres Master Attraction Formula. Google it if you want to know about it… He's on a date now with a stunning girl… Lucky bastard!

  7. I've looked over most of the feedback on here but I just think it's a solid vid. My brother wants to become astonishing with females. He began to understand alot from Master Attraction. (Google it.) The advice on getting women from nightclubs in those emails through that site gave got him his first fucks in greater than a number of long yrs. I have been aggravated though because I heard them all. Awful.

  8. I've never been to Korea, but I used to have a lot of Korean friends back when I was learning English in ESL class. Sadly, they went back to Korea 🙁
    I'm not just talking about the way Koreans vs Korean Americans behave in night clubs. I'm talking about how they behave in general on the daily basis. Based on my own experience, I can tell you that Koreans (fresh off the boat) act differently than Korean Americans (of course). Obviously, they come from two different cultures.

  9. you guys be hatin on scarlet but she makes this shit fun to watch. This show is nothing without her so go suck a big purple dick.

  10. My weird cousin was able to make the most beautiful stripper there is in my town fall in love with him because he cheated by using the Cupid Love System (search in Google). It’s bad but I wish I was joyful for him but I wish an eye-catching person would fall in love with me. I am seriously green with envy. Does that mean I’m a horrible individual?

  11. i like how scarlet is talking about how violet and jowe are immature when the other night she was throwing water at him. lol that logic, talk about being a dumb bitch

  12. imagine if this actual real life thing hahhaha xD GUYS THEY ARE ACTING the bad ass in this video makes youtube videos he isnt actualyl like that! 

  13. So the stereotype is true based in this, Spoiled Korean kids act like these folks because they never had to work and earn what they have and learn how the real world works. It's no doubt the same with rich white kids and their trust funds but it seems like most Asian kids and even more so with Korean were born this way so they think they can act however they want since they have ZERO clue on how thew real world works. 

  14. The woman  like to insult others and talk trash to others then are upset and completely offended when the guy or girl does the same in return. Something very odd about that.

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  17. I'm originally from SoCal & moved to vegas and I must say totally different worlds. I would love to see these guys and girls come to vegas and go to our night clubs & try to start shit. Haha vegas ppl don't mess around and throw drinks on each other. They throw hands. Girls will fight guys if they have to. Js
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