K-Town S2, Ep. 4 of 7: “The Bachelor Party From Hell: Part 2”

YOUNG: So I’m super excited
for my bachelor party. I’m going to crazy. I’m going to go all out. Hey, we’re like the only ones
in this club right now. Steve, what the [BLEEP] is this? [MUSIC PLAYING] JOE: Steve, you were the
one that was going to plan this shit. What’s up? JOWE: So as soon as I walked in,
I thought it was a prank because I was like, dude,
where’s everybody at? JOE: This is what happens when
someone else takes charge. You know what I’m saying? YOUNG: We have the whole dance
floor to ourselves. Like– literally. There are more guys
than girls here. STEVE: Busby’s was–
it was empty. It wasn’t a big deal for me. The biggest problem for
me, at that point, was when I saw Scarlet. She is capital D-O-O-M. JASMINE: Bachelorette
party, yay! STEVE: I just wanted a good time
with the boys, for once, not the girls getting
involved. JASMINE: Girls, bachelorette
party, yay! JOWE: Hey, get out of here. Why are you guys here, man? It’s a bachelor party. Why do you guys always fricking
crash our frickin’ bachelor parties? JASMINE: Where were
the strippers? We brought one– Scarlet. Where were the hot girls? We brought them– us. YOUNG: I’m sorry, Steve, but
I have to say, if the girls didn’t come, there would
have been nobody in this place, dude. JASMINE: Our bachelorette party
is going to be better than their boring
bachelor party. The guys don’t know how to
have fun like the girls. STEVE: We’ll have fun if you
guys stop crashing the goddamn bachelor party. SCARLET: We’re the
only girls here. I’m just saying, you failed
as a best man. STEVE: Hey, [BLEEP] you. SCARLET: Enough, it’s
not even a [BLEEP] argument. Don’t even try to argue. STEVE: Scar, she’s in
everybody’s [BLEEP] face. I can’t take it anymore with
that girl sometimes. She talks so much shit. I mean, was she like tied up
when she was younger and some guy was talking shit to her? Young, are you all
right with this? YOUNG: It wouldn’t be
fun without Scarlet. STEVE: Scarlet, don’t bite. SCARLET: Shut the [BLEEP] up. Steve thinks I ruined the party,
a vibe, and now Busby? Steve can suck a purple dick. Seriously, he is a dildo. A dick and a tool combined
together gave birth to Steve– a dildo. STEVE: I don’t know how
to they found out. YOUNG: It’s OK, Steve. It’s OK. VIOLET: Because you
told Christine. STEVE: Hey, Christine told us
that you guys were having a bachelorette party separately,
at the same time. YOUNG: Hey, you know what? Bachelorette party, bachelor
party, every party– [BLEEP] it. All our close friends
are here, so– VIOLET: Yeah, that’s
all that matters. JOWE: Jungoru, jungoru. STEVE: OK, all right,
all right. Let’s [BLEEP] make the best of it then. Hey, you know what? I didn’t expect all the girls
to show up at all, but you know what? Let’s [BLEEP] have fun then. [CHEERS] [MUSIC PLAYING] -Aww. YOUNG: I’m having the best
time of my life. [MUSIC PLAYING] JOWE: Hey, you know what?
we’re single so, you’ve guys are taken? We’re going to go to the bar. JOE: Go to the bar. Let them go. Let’s watch. STEVE: Me and Christine,
there’s nothing between us now, man. JOWE: OK, first of all,
we got to strategize. You’ve got to take
the guy with the stripes out of the way. STEVE: No, no go in and then
put your back towards the guy’s friends. Box him out like basketball. JOWE: No, you know you what, you
just shake his hand, and I’ll just slide in. Cool? STEVE: Hey, what’s going on? How are you guys doing? -Getting drinks. JOWE: How’re you guys doing? What’s going on, bro? STEVE: There’s no drinks
in you guy’s hands. STEVE: What’s your name? -Dan. STEVE: Dan, how you
guys doing, man? It’s all good? JOWE: Obviously from far
away, they looked good. Closer and closer, they started
looking like, oh, we’re kind of a little
doubtful. You know what, Steve, you
take that one, I’m going to take this one. STEVE: You guys are
both really cute. You know? JOWE: You know, you guys are
too pretty for me, though. I’m going to be too insecure
with you guys. JOE: Joey’s got more
game than Steve. You know that? YOUNG: Yeah, yeah. I think Steve’s going
to get jacked. JOWE: Steve’s girls was
like ultra super mega mondo to the max. STEVE: Let me talk
her real quick. -Stop taking advantage of
my friend, all right? -Are you getting jealous? You’re making me jealous. STEVE: So do you come
here often? -No, no, first time, acutally. -Stag party? JOE: Stag party? I never heard that. Stag party? -Don’t you have a smartphone? You could look it up. JOWE: I’d rather just
learn from you. You’re a smart girl. -No, you’re wrong. You’re not very smart
to think that. JOWE: It was a joke. STEVE: I can’t [BLEEP] do this anymore. I can’t even look at her. JASMINE: We have to
beat the guys. We have to get strippers
here before they do. -Male strippers? Eww. JASMINE: I want girl ones. SCARLET: Oh my god, is
that Colonel Sanders? No. Yes. VIOLET: He’s over there. SCARLET: Oh my god, we should
get him to strip. [LAUGHTER] SCARLET: Colonel Sanders is one
of those K-Town figures that, anywhere you go,
he’s always there. I was just like, this would be
perfect for him to give So Young a lap dance. SCARLET: I missed you so much. It’s been so long. How have you been? COLONEL SANDERS: Great. JASMINE: OK, where’s my KFC? SCARLET: Stop, he’s not dressed
like Colonel today. JASMINE: He said he was
going to give me KFC. SCARLET: Would you give So
Young an honorary dance? All the girls are going
to give her a dance. We just it would be fun
to have, like a guy to throw in the mix. JASMINE: Can you just give
her a little booty shake? SCARLET: Ohh. [CHEERING] STEVE: OK, [BLEEP] it, there you go. JOE: Steve was actually a good
wingman, to be honest. But dude, dude, just relax. I’m trying to just have
some fun, like, practice my game at least. You know what I mean? STEVE: Give her a cherry. JOE: You like cherries? -No, I don’t I like
real cherries. I don’t like maraschino
cherries. JOE: Can you tie a knot
with a cherry? -I can’t. I’m not even going to
pretend like I can. JOE: Huh? -I’m not going to pretend like
I can because I can’t. STEVE: Hurry the [BLEEP] up because this bomb right
here is going to explode. And I can’t take it anymore. Hey, give her the cherry. Give her the cherry. Cheers. Ready? JOE: Steve, you want me
to pop the cherry? What do you want me to do? STEVE: Please, I can’t
do this, bro. It was really good
meeting you guys. -Yeah, yeah. STEVE: Seriously. -Nice meeting you, too. STEVE: Nice meeting you. Nice meeting you. I’ll see you guys later. Can you [BLEEP] kill me right now? That was a bomb. Tell me you got something
out of that. JOE: No, I don’t
want it either. Obviously, we made
their night. And they probably had the
best time of their life. STEVE: Hey, I took
one for the team. Next time it’s your turn. OK? Dude, Joey, oh my god dude. JOE: That wasn’t a grenade. That was an A-bomb. SCARLET: Everybody,
back the [BLEEP] up. Get out of here. So Young, you read for the
ride of your life? Yeah. [CHEERING] -Oh my god. Oh shit. I’m going to go. Oh my god! Hold on. I need to go. I need to go. I need to go over there. What the [BLEEP] is going on right now? [CHEERING] STEVE: Hey, where’s Young? Where’s Young? Young’s OK with this? [CHEERING] YOUNG: He’s so hairy. JASMINE: Take off your shoes. STEVE: What’s going
on right now? How are you OK with this? YOUNG: Who takes their shoes
off during a strip? [CHEERING] SCARLET: Naughty little
wart hog. YOUNG: That’s the last time
you ever touch my [BLEEP] wife. COLONEL SANDERS: Hey, they
put me up to it. YOUNG: It’s OK, but
you did good. It’s OK. She never met another
hairy man like you before in her life. Have a shot now. And don’t ever [BLEEP] touch my life or I’ll
break your neck. SCARLET: Colonel was doing such
an amazing, funny job with his lap dance. I just decided to reward him,
just to, like, show him a little bit of appreciation. YOUNG: Oh, wow wow. [CHEERING] STEVE: Welcome to Douglas’s
bachelor party. SCARLET: Oh what? Oh what? Oh my god, what are you hard? Stop it! YOUNG: Eww. SCARLET: No, I don’t do that. Why are you popping
a boner, eww. Compose yourself. STEVE: I see this
girl at the bar. Not top tier, but
she’s all right. Go half, and I’ll go half. Go half all the way. I’ll finish the rest. No. And I wanted this girl to
go dance with Young. Now, let me ask you one
thing, can you dance? -Oh, yeah, but I’m not drunk
enough to dance right now. STEVE: You will dance. Hey, Young. You can do it. Young, show her. Show her. Here we go. Fast, fast. Here you go! STEVE: Who dances with
his own wife at his own bachelor party? So I’m like, I might
as well [BLEEP] dance with her. [MUSIC PLAYING] -Are you ready? -[INAUDIBLE] STEVE: That’s why I asked you. Are you ready? -That was really good. STEVE: It’s not crazy. Two shots of your choice,
right now. All right, close your eyes. -Yes. STEVE: Completely
close your eyes. -Why? STEVE: Take a shot and
close your eyes. A lot of girls, when you talk
down to them, it hurts their pride a little bit. You’re kind of spearing into
their frigging pride. But then it gets into
the whole mood. Close your eyes. -OK. STEVE: Close your eyes. Close your eyes. They want a man, not
a little girl. Close your eyes. -Oh my goodness. How did I know you were
going to do that? STEVE: You did know I was
going to do that? -Yeah, I know. Usually, when guys say
close your eyes, it just means one thing. But I thought may
there was more. STEVE: Oh, you get a lot. I’m going to close my eyes. You’ve got to get a better
one than that. I’ll close my eyes. I kept on pouring her drinks,
and then we’re drinking and all that. And then, next thing you know. -That was a lot more pressure
on the lips, you know? STEVE: It’s always primitive,
I think. How the female thinks, though. CHRISTINE: Joe, one day you are
going to propose to her. JOE: Maybe I should leave. I mean, when Christine put me on
the spot, it’s not like I’m going to propose to her at
Young’s bachelor party, but different time, different place
to talk about that. Let’s take a shot. CHRISTINE: Yeah, let’s
take a shot together. But– JESSICA: Great diversion. CHRISTINE: Joe and Jessica,
they’re so cute together. I was probably being obnoxious,
but I don’t care. -Wow, they made this strong. STEVE: Here we go. Here we go. One shot. Can you do it? STEVE: Are you down? Because I’m a better kisser
than your ass. -OK, then you tell me. No lying, no bullshit. STEVE: I never do. Ready? -Cheers. STEVE: Come here. You do know how to kiss. JASMINE: Steve, he’s an ass, for
kissing my sister and then kissing that mondu. You know Steve, remember how
he made out with my sister? SCARLET: Yeah. JASMINE: Did you know
he made out with another girl at the bar? SCARLET: Shut up. JASMINE: Me and him,
we’re not cool. Some people are really
what they look like. VIOLET: Me and Jasmine were
just hanging out. And this magician comes up. And I think he was trying
to hit on us. -OK, how much do you want to
bet that the next card I’m going to turn over is going
to be your card? VIOLET: A napkin. -A napkin? VIOLET: It’s a smart move
because it gets us engaged. -What are you going to bet? JASMINE: A kiss. VIOLET: No. -I’ll bet you a kiss. VIOLET: No kiss. JASMINE: You’re going to
take off your shirt. VIOLET: The magician just
was so persistent. It reminded me of Joey, actually
when we first met. He tried to get my
number on a card. I gave him a fake number. JOE: So at Bohemian, Scarlet
pulls Jessica aside and tells her about the blog that
Violet wrote. So apparently, she put on the
title, “Tackiest Asian Couple of the Week.” JOE: Jessica wanted me to
confront Violet about it. So I mean, it wasn’t really the
time and place to do it. It was Young’s bachelor party. CHRISTINE: [INAUDIBLE] -So I’m going to try and find
your card, OK Christine? CHRISTINE: You’re going
to find my card? JOE: So I’m just trying to find
the best time to confront Violet about it. STEVE: Yeah, my night
was going well. And I went to grab Joe and buy
him a drink at the bar. Hey look. Hey check it. Check it. JOE: Hey, I need to go back. All right. I need to go back up
there and [BLEEP] call Violet out. Hey, come here. So remember [BLEEP], a couple
days ago, at [BLEEP] Bohemian? Scarlett comes up. JESSICA: Can you stop trying
to make my boyfriend drunk, by the way? STEVE: Jessica comes out
of nowhere, and she’s lashing out at me. And I’m like, what the [BLEEP] is going on right now? JESSICA: Every time you’re
like, oh, Joe, come out, let’s drink– bah, bah, bah. STEVE: When you [BLEEP] say that, it actually sounds
like Steve is like a [BLEEP] really, really evil
mother[BLEEP]. JESSICA: Yeah, yeah. There you go. STEVE: I am. Is that how you feel? That’s how you feel, too? JESSICA: He doesn’t [BLEEP] know. STEVE: I’m the evil
guy, the [BLEEP] satan? Do you feel the same way? JOE: Steve, calm down. Calm down. STEVE: Hey, I’m here. JOE: Hey, calm down dude. STEVE: Hey, you know what? Hey that’s what your [BLEEP] girlfriend [BLEEP] believes? Hey, you’re my [BLEEP] brother. I’ve always backed you up. JESSICA: You don’t
care about him. You don’t [BLEEP] care about him. All you do is call him and
be like, [INAUDIBLE] STEVE: I don’t care
about Joe Chang? JESSICA: –let’s go drink. STEVE: Everybody here knows. JESSICA: You’re just trying to
drive him into the ground. You don’t [BLEEP] care about him. STEVE: You really believe
I’m [BLEEP] that kind of [BLEEP] trash. The evil [BLEEP] satan. JESSICA: What else do
you have going on? What else do you
have going on? STEVE: Why do you feel so
strongly that I’m going to ruin all of your [BLEEP] lives? STEVE: You know I’m [BLEEP] successful. Before I quit my job recently,
I’m a successful [BLEEP] sales manager. I made really good money. JESSICA: Oh really. Oh really. OK. STEVE: I am. Everybody already knows that. JESSICA: He’s better
than that. STEVE: Jess, I’ve always
been so [BLEEP] goddamn low to all my friends. Why are you saying this to me? What’s going on? JESSICA: I’m just telling
you the truth. STEVE: What did I do to you? JOE: Steve, calm it down
right now, dude. Calm it down. STEVE: Hey, you’re not
even backing me up. JOE: That’s my [BLEEP] girlfriend. STEVE: Joe, what
did I do wrong? Just calm it down. Calm it down. STEVE: What did I do wrong? Tell me right now. JESSICA: All I’m saying
is that he’s a loser. STEVE: What did I do wrong? JOE: You didn’t do
anything wrong. STEVE: [BLEEP] dude. JOE: He’s drunk. He’s drunk right now. He’s– STEVE: Are you kidding me? You’re going to call
me drunk again? JOE: You’re not drunk? CHRISTINE: You’re slurring. JOWE: No, Steve’s fine. Steve’s fine. No, you’re good. Dude, she’s just being
insecure right now. STEVE: This whole Busby’s
event was for Young. It’s his bachelor party. And a lot of pressure
was on me. And I really, really, really
wanted it to be really good. YOUNG: Do you know what’s
going on right now? STEVE: Hey Young,
[SPEAKING KOREAN] I wanted it to be everything
right. And the girls [BLEEP] intervened right now. [SPEAKING KOREAN] CHRISTINE: Steve, stop. Stop. Stop. Stop. STEVE: Shut up Christine. Hey, you get out of here, too. CHRISTINE: Did you really
just tell me to shut up? STEVE: Christine, be
quiet right now. Seriously, let’s not let it get
bigger than anything else. JOE: Don’t fight. Don’t fight. JESSICA: No, no, no, no. I don’t like him either,
by the way. I don’t like him. You know that. You know that. JOE: I do know that. JESSICA: Then why do you
hang out with him? JOE: I’m not hanging– Come on, babe. JESSICA: You really want
me to go there. You really want me
to go there. JOWE: OK, so my history
with Jess. What did ever do to you to
make you feel that way? JESSICA: Talk shit about me. JOWE: I don’t talk
shit about you. JESSICA: Oh my god. JOWE: When did I ever say
anything about her, once? Have I ever said? Have I ever said anything
about you? JESSICA: Violet? Has he ever talked
shit about me? VIOLET: To my recollection,
I don’t remember. But it might be a bad time– JOWE: I’ve never talked
shit about you. VIOLET: I have, and
I apologize. But then it wasn’t even
talking shit. Like, I made one post which
I think you know about. Which I will take– STEVE: I never talked
shit about you once. JOE: We just heard about. VIOLET: I will take
responsibility for. JOWE: Jessica’s being [BLEEP] insecure. She’s talking shit to
Steve and Jowe. JESSICA: Jowe used to talk
so much shit about her. JOWE: I never talked one
thing about you. What did I say about you? JESSICA: I don’t remember
him saying anything. VIOLET: Like, as much as I hate
Jowe, and he annoys me, like, I don’t want an outside
person coming into an event that we’re throwing for our
friends and just getting on everyone’s case. Who does that? STEVE: You said I talked
shit about you. I want to know. JESSICA: Yeah, you did. JOWE: OK, what did I say? SCARLET: Joe, say something. That’s your girl. JOE: I’m trying to listen
right now because it’s new to me, too. SCARLET: It’s not new to you. Yo [BLEEP] that shit. I have no right to
say anything. But the fact that Joe didn’t
say anything at all– say something. JOWE: I haven’t heard anything
incorrectly about it. SCARLET: I keep hearing
this shit. What the [BLEEP] did he say? STEVE: Yeah, what the [BLEEP] did I ever say? She’s never even told
me about it. SCARLET: No one ever told
me what the [BLEEP] he said. So tell me what the [BLEEP] he said. JOWE: Even my own [BLEEP] brother didn’t say shit. JESSICA: He’s going around
saying that’s we’re hooking up. That’s all you said. VIOLET: But you guys
did hook up. SCARLET: Oh. My god. JOE: I know that Jowe
and Jessica– they were seeing each
other at one point. But that’s something I didn’t
want know about. And that’s definitely something
I didn’t want everyone else to know about. VIOLET: You told me that
you slept with him. JESSICA: And you did, too. JOWE: Yeah, he was
my boyfriend. JESSICA: You weren’t
even with him. VIOLET: We slept together after
a month and a half. JOWE: OK, stop changing
the subject. what the [BLEEP] did I ever say about you? VIOLET: No, no, no. She’s mad because you were going
around saying that you slept with her, which
is the fact anyway. JOWE: We first met a bar. She pretty much threw
herself at me. We just hooked up here
and there for like a good couple weeks. And then I just completely
stopped talking to her, which she became completely
bitter about. And ever since that, she just
like has this big hatred towards me. JOWE: Hey, Young, You
know you’re [BLEEP] way too good for her, dude. JOE: Jowe don’t why do
you say that, man? JOWE: Because it’s the [BLEEP] truth, and I know you. JOE: Why are you going
to say that? JOWE: Because you’re a [BLEEP] good guy. CHRISTINE: You have
to make a choice. JOWE: Because she’s bringing
you [BLEEP] down. [INTERPOSING VOICES] JOE: I’m trying to be the best
influence in your life. JOWE: You have been. JOE: I have been. JOWE: You’ve always been. So why are you going
to say that? I’m happy with her. VIOLET: It shouldn’t
be an option. You love her. That’s all that matters. JOE: I’m happy with her. And you’ve been venting to
me how unhappy you are. You know what I’m saying? [INTERPOSING VOICES] JOWE: Stupid. Honestly, when she punched me,
I was just like, what the hell’s going on? JESSICA: [INAUDIBLE] VIOLET: I’m sorry, you were– [DRUNKEN SHOUTING] VIOLET: I’m not even being
a bitch right now. You can act all belligerent
as you want. CHRISTINE: Let her fight you. Let her fight you. [INTERPOSING VOICES] STEVE: Next week on K-Town. JESSICA: What the [BLEEP]? VIOLET: You wanted
it, I [BLEEP] gave it to her. STEVE: I’m going to [BLEEP] kill her. JOWE: Hey, don’t put
words in my mouth. SCARLET: The fact that
you’re [BLEEP] friends with him? Bullshit. JOWE: Every [BLEEP] time. JESSICA: You don’t [BLEEP] care. JOWE: I’m going to
get on my [BLEEP] knees. I wanted the [BLEEP] best bachelor party for you. YOUNG: Let’s just call this
wedding off, man. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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  25. This show shamed all second generation koreans and made us all look like douchebags.. and this wasnt even Joey's or Steve's fault, but it was Jessica first then Scarlet's fault.

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