Kacey’s First Birthday Party (Jania Meshell & NBA Youngboy son)

What’s up everybody
welcome back So, Jania Meshell and NBA Youngboy’s son Kacey just turned one-years-old on the 13th and she kept things private for his actual birthday but Saturday is she had a big party for him and it had a safari theme which I
thought was pretty cool like most people just pick a cartoon character just go
with that but she did a really good job she had a little petting area for him and
everything with kangaroos and baby goats and she had him come out in his little
car and all and just overall it just looked very well put together and like she really tried to go all out for him and she probably went even harder
because she didn’t have to spend her own money on it “How much?” Um. I don’t get child support. But! Kacey daddy paid for his party so… And it didn’t look like NBA Youngboy was at the actual party but his mom sure Sherhonda was there and his sister TeeLee but none of the other baby mamas or the other kids came and I don’t think Jania nvited any of them and they probably didn’t ask to come either but it looks like NBA Youngboy might have actually been with Jania earlier in that day because while Kacey’s party was going on people were posting clips of NBA Youngboy shooting a video for one of his new songs and if you look at what NBA Youngboy is wearing during the shoot you can see what looks like it could be NBA Youngboy’s foot in a picture that Jania posted earlier that day and Jania had a shirt made that said dad on the back of it so, I think they worked some things out beforehand and Jania already knew he wasn’t gonna be there and it’s not like he just stood them up or something like that and I’m pretty sure Jania and Youngboy are on good terms now because Jania did something that she hasn’t done in a long time which is go live singing and dancing to his songs “Talk about it. Let me talk my s*** f*** it talk about it.” “Uh uh. Let me talk my s*** f*** it” “I do my dance while Dump watching from the sky. And I be feeling like…” “Don’t give a f*** bout who you with cause she forever mine. Pain gone flow.” “Pain gone flow. It’s on you.” and y’all know NBA Youngboy tells what’s going on in his life in his songs and he said he don’t care about who she’s with cuz
she’s forever mine and Jania threw that little hint like she knew that line was for her and they got a bond that’s just gone be there whether they’re actually together or not and it wasn’t that long ago that Jania was at a point where she wouldn’t even tolerate people talking about him on her live Jania baby I’m a real fan I love you to death Thank you. Do you hear me? Jania! You just don’t understand baby girl. Y’all from Mississippi, I need to come out there. Youngboy f*d up. He f*d up. He f*d up when he lost you! We love you! You was a good one! We love you not Youngboy! We just f*** with his music. We love you! and honestly both of them seem like they’ve been a lot happier since they’ve been back in contact and I’m not at all saying that
they’re gonna get back together because Kay and Yaya are still in the picture but ever since Jania came back around the other girls have been going crazy with the drama and right after the last video that i posted
after Kobe passed away Jania and DeJounte Murray had followed each other on Twitter and now they’re not following each other anymore so, if nothing else, I would say Jania shook some stuff up when she came back into the picture and now the door is open for stuff to go either way but y’all just let me know what y’all think about all this in the comments and if y’all want to see more of Kacey’s birthday footage I’m gonna put it on my other channel and the link will be in my endscreens and in the description and I’ll see y’all in the next video I ain’t one to gossip, so you ain’t heard that from me.

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