Kaden Plays Jokes on Jazzy’s Girls Only Party with Pikmi Pops! Kids Fun TV

[Girls Chattering]
[Suspense music] [Chloe] Well, come check
out the water beads in mine! [Girls altogether] Okay! Oh no! What happened to my “Pikmi Pop?” What happened to mine?! [Jazzy] This video is sponsored by, “Pikmi Pops Surprise!” Shhh! Hey guys, I’m gonna go
and play a trick on Jazzy! And she doesn’t even know I’m here! Shhh! [Suspense music] Hey guys, do you want to come over and do a challenge with me? Yeah, I just got my “Pikmi
Pops Squeeze Ball Maker!” [Door bell rings] They’re here! Hey guys! [Friends altogether] Jazzy! Come on in! [Fun music] Okay, are you guys ready
for this challenge? [Friends Altogether] Yeah! This is how it works! We gonna make our own squeeze balls, with these squeeze ball makers! Is that what these are for? Shh, come on guys! We get to put these cool items
in our squeeze ball maker! Oh, so this Bubble Ball goes
in this cute little unicorn? Yup, you got it! Let’s go get them! This will be fun, but
what is this dice for? So that’s the twist! We’re going to make it a game! Whoever rolls the highest
number, gets to choose what color goes in
their Bubble Ball first! [Fun upbeat music] Everybody grab your key,
and open your Bubble Ball! Insert the tablet! [Fun upbeat music] Next, slide your Bubble
Ball into the Squeeze Maker! Remove container, and
then we’re gonna fill in water to this line! Let’s roll to see who goes first! [Chloe] I hope I get a high number..three! Three! Please, please.. five! Six! [Girls cheer] I’m gonna go first! I’ll choose dark blue! Dark blue? [Maile] Okay, let’s see what turns out! [Girls altogether] Whoa! [Girls] Whoa! [Chloe] It looks so pretty! [Fun upbeat music] Let’s get our little key and mix! [Fun music] [Girls altogether] Whoa! [Zoe] Whoa, I can see
like the combination! [Fun upbeat music] Okay, now we get to roll
to see who goes next on choosing the glitter!
[Dice rolling] So, I think I’m gonna go
with this type of glitter! Okay, I’m gonna go full
on and add all of it! Okay! One, two, three! [Girls] Wow! Okay! Wow! ♪ Duh, duh, duh ♪ [Maile] Should I do that too? Okay, so next round is like the
little more bigger stuff! [Fun upbeat music] Jazzy when you invited
us over you said this was a challenge, but right
now it’s just a game! How is it a challenge? Great question, we’re
gonna do a YouTube poll! At the end, the viewers get to decide who made the best “Pikmi Pop!” Wait, didn’t you forget you can also do the mystery box instead? Yeah, that’s true! Oh, yeah!
[Dice rolling] So, you get first pick! I don’t know what I’ll,
what I should choose? I think I’ll go for the mystery box! This one! Oooh, I got water beads! Let’s add them in! [Girls Altogether] Whoa! Whoa, what is this Jazzy? I think it’s oil! Oil, why oil? Maybe we’ll have like a lava lamp effect! [Girls altogether] Whoa! [Zoe] It’s like a bubble! It’s just staying at the top its not– [Girls] It’s like actual snow! Yeah! I think I’m gonna choose
one of my little surprises! [Jazzy] You might get a charm! [Maile] And I got one! [Zoe] You got one? And silver glitter! [Zoe] Me too! Now I’m gonna put my charm in! [Fun upbeat music] Three, two, one. [Girls altogether] Whoa! [Girls] Whoa!! [Jazzy] Now, you just take–
[Chloe] Wow, this is so cool! [Fun upbeat music] So you take your cap
and then you put it on. Take your key and tighten it! Okay, let’s take them off
and see what if it looks like! That’s so cool!
I love it! I love mine! It’s like an ocean! Wow look at my charm,
it’s a shooting star! Okay, so now let’s choose their outfits! It’s either a Pegasus or a Llamacorn! Mine looks so cute! Looks like it’s blowing a bubble! [Zoe] Whoa! Pegasus… blaaaah! These are so cute, I love it! [Fun music] [Girls altogether] One,
two, three.. Aaaaa! Okay, Fun Squad time to vote! Which “Pikmi Pop” do you like the best? [Girls altogether] Aaaaa! Click on this poll and vote right now! Hey everybody, come look at my charm! [Girls altogether] Wow! [Zoe] I totally love it! [Maile] It’s a sky blue! Whoa, that’s cool. [Chloe] We’ll go take out
the water beads in mine! Oh no, what happened to my “Pikmi Pop?” What happened to mine? Lets look around! [Suspense music] I don’t know where it,
what happened to it? Oh, no! I got them all! Huh? Guys, I found the culprit! [Girls altogether] What! [Kaden] I’m out of here! Get him! Get him! Get him! [Fun upbeat music] [Kaden] Aha, I’ve got your “Pikmi Pops!” Hey, give it back! Okay guys, you two go that
way, and we’ll go this way! [Girl] Get him! Let’s go! Whoa! [Chloe] Give us back our “Pikmi pops” or else! Those belong to us! Give them to us! I just wanted to play
with your “Pikmi Pops.” Ahhh! [Fun music] [Zoe] Yay! I just wanted a “Pikmi Pop!” But I’ll get your “Pikmi Pops” next time! You can make your own unique “Pikmi Pop” with the new Bubble Drop Squeeze Maker! This pack gives you three
custom Bubble Squeezers! And gives you everything you need to mix, fill, cover, then squeeze! The pack includes glitter,
charms and other fun surprises! Each pack comes with two animal covers: A Pegasus and a Llamacorn! Available in stores on August 1st! For more information, it’s in the link in the
description down below! If you want to see another awesome video, click down here! Click it, click it, click
it, It’s amazing click it! [Girls altogether] Don’t
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