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This is Amma Samayal Meenakshi Lets see what are we going to make in dinner menu Kanchipuram idly Sambar in village style Roasted channa dal chutney Lets see how to prepare the batter for kanchipuram idly Ingredients required are raw rice Idly rice Urad dal Dried red chillies -15 nos Ginger – 50 grms Lets see how to soak the rice 2 Cups of idly rice & 2 cups of raw rice I have taken raw rice first 2 cups idly rice 1 cup – Urad dal Idly rice – 1 cup , raw rice – 1 cup & urad dal – 1 cup Blending dried red chillies and ginger together in a mixer jar Then we’ll add to grinder, We’ll soak everything together now Soak everything separately Add water and soak it for 4 hrs after grinding, the batter has to be kept for fermentation 5-6 hrs It shouldn’r raise much as idly batter, it has to raise medium I have blend dried chillies and ginger together in mixer jar If you add directly in grinder, it’ll not mash properly Let’s see how to prepare batter for kanchipuram idly Blend like this in mixer jar, this is enough Shift it to grinder Add urad dal now Mash it properly, we’ll add rice in it Urad dal has to mash well like this It’ll neither be soft nor coarse It’ll be between both Add rice to it Let it grind for 10 mins Add little water It shouldn’t grind soft, it can be coarse Urad dal has to grind for 3/4 th softness It has to be coarse, if it is blend smooth, taste won’t be there Totally 5 cups of rice & urad dal together. So adding 3 spoons of salt We’ll take the batter now from the grinder Don’t add much water to this, take the stone and wipe the batter You can wipe the batter near, but you have to be safe Your hand should be stiff while keeping it in the grinder, so that it’ll not skid The batter is now ready Leave it for fermentation for about 5-6 hrs Shouldn’t leave it for over fermentation more than 6 hrs Store it in fridge after 6 hrs Keep it outside before 30 mins for making it Transfering it to a big vessel Ingredients for kanchipuram idly, We have prepared the batter yesterday itself See, this is how its fermented Don’t leave it for over fermentation If it is winter season, you can leave it for 8 hrs fermentation if not 4 hrs is enough in summer Lets see the ingredients to mix with batter Bengal gram – 1 spoon Urad dal – 2 spoons Mustard seeds & cumin seeds – 1/2 spoons each Shredded coconut – A small cup Asafoetida – As required Oil As required Sambar as Side dish for Kanchipuram idly This is a village style Sambar, my grandma used to make Ingredients are Toor Dal – 50 grms Soak it in water once you wake up Let it soak for 30 mins Soaked along with 1/2 tspoon Fennel seeds Tomatoes – 4 nos Onions- 5 nos Coriander powder – 11/2 spoon Dried chillies- 2 nos Green chilly – 7 nos Coconut – 2 small pieces Mustard seeds & urad dal – 1/2 spoon each Turmeric powder Coriander leaves & curry leaves Salt & oil As required This is a different variety spicy chutney Ingredients required Coconut – 1/2 , sliced into pieces Roasted channa dal – 25 Grms Onion – 4 nos tomato – 3 nos Mustard Seeds & urad dal – 1 spoon Tamarind – A small piece Ginger – A small piece Garlic – 2 pieces Dried Red chillies – 8 nos Oil & Salt – As required Curry leaves – Few We are going to make Kanchipuram in a different way Usually we make idlies in this mold plates, but for this we are going to make it differently Add water to the boiler Keep the mold plate inside You have to make kanchipuram idly in Tumbler only Apply oil inside the tumbler and pour the batter to it You have to place it inside the boiler There is a separate plate for making Kanchipuram idly, As i don’t have it i’m making like this I’ll show you how to make it I have placed the idly pot on the burner We’ll saute the ingredients required for making kanchipuram idly Add more oil and saute for this idly The main thing in this idly is adding oil and saute The idly will be soft Let the oil heats, meanwhile we’ll chop onions for sambar Oil is hot now I have added cumin seeds & mustard seeds Adding channa dal to it We’ll add urad dal too Add little asafoetida powder Add coconut to it Adding curry leaves Add the tempering to the batter This is the consistency of the batter We’ll temper for chutney now We’ll apply oil in the tumblers and start making the idlies use half spoon of oil If you apply little inside the tumbler, it’ll be difficult to take it after boiling After pouring the oil, need not apply inside the tumbler, you can start filling it with batter Fill it 3/4 th, it’ll raise once its cooked cover cook, we’ll saute for chutney first We’ll chop the onion Add ginger, Tamarind & garlic Adding Dried chillies too Saute in low flame Add chopped onions and keep it in high flame You can chop it big in size We’ll add roasted channa dal to it Add coconut to it Adding 1 spoon of salt We’ll chop onions for Sambar Let it saute Add tomatoes to it This chutney will be suitable to dosa , idly Blend thickly without adding water It’s well cooked, we’ll start making sambar Meanwhile, take 2 dried red chillies Toor dal and fennel seeds blend all together You can add water and blend it The pan is hot now, add oil Add 1 1/2 spoon oil Oil is hot now, add mustard seeds and urad dal Green chillies are only added for spiciness Add onion to it Add greenchillies and curry leaves Add salt for the onion to saute Added about 2 spoons of salt Add salt as per your requirement Blend it like this Add little water and mix it This is much thicker, so add water for the right consistency Adding turmeric powder We’ll ass tomatoes now This sambar will be suitable for idly dosa Add coriander powder also to it Saute this Let’s check whether idly is cooked or not We’ll add water now Cover cook for 10 mins Check whether its cooked or not Keep it in low flame Take it out using the knife Keep it out for few mins, let it cool, Check the water level in between and fill it You can use different molds to cook as you wish Cover cook this If you leave it for time, it’ll be easy to take it You can cook it in idly mold plate also Onion tomato is cooked well, now we’ll add the ground paste You can add little more water , it’ll become thick once it’s cooked Let it cook for 10 mins We’ll grind the chutney now Grind it thickly we have sambar too as sidedish Chutney is now ready Sambar is also ready now Garnish it with some coriander leaves Let it cook for 10 -15 mins If you want it little more thicker, add little water and cook it It should be little watery for idly , then only it’ll be good Idly is now cooking, switch off the sambar burner IT has to cook for sometime Let’s check whether idly is cooked or not Idly is now cooked well Switch off the flame and take it out Let it cool for sometime We’ll take it after sometime Take a spoon with water, If you are making it in bowls, you can use the same spoon like how you take idlies usually It’s upto you, you can make it in any of the molds If you want some thing in different shapes, you can make it like this You can make it in tumblers also Kanchipuram idly is now ready It took 45 mins to make all these If you are a working woman, you can soak the rice in the night, grind it in the morning and make it for dinner Kanchipuram idly is now ready to serve with chutney & sambar Like share and subscribe to our channel Don’t forget to share it in facebook Thank you

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  1. Hai.. I made this chutney, when I had guests…. it was too good… finally,when I was eating I had nothing to eat…. everyone praised me… all shd try this chutney and it goes very well with idlies and egg dosa…just follow the same steps

  2. amiga gostei mas sou brasileira amo essas comidas parabéns dá pra você fazer um video com traduções para o português por favor por favor obrigada

  3. Amma you are the real amma for all young couple because of you we learend some of out Tamil remarkable dishes, we love your cooking forever thank you

  4. When I see your videos I really miss my mom😞 she cooks really well like you maa.i really love to call you amma..ur children are really lucky

  5. but arisi 10 minutes aaitina podhum nu sollrenga Amma.. appo nalla grind aagathu thaane?? paruparu thanne irrukum??

  6. Dat dal for sambar should not be pressure cooked an??? And one more doubt what is so busy used in sambar and poondu.. What is dat

  7. Sorry .. I tried asking what is poondu.. Cudnt understd…. In auto correct .. I think it came "busy" What is poondu

  8. amma for sambhar did u cook the redgram dal with coconut. nd grind ut wth little sombu..coz u added that in sambhar..I wanted to clarify ..pls hlp

  9. அருமையான காஞ்சிபுரம் இட்லி செய்முறை சொல்லி தந்தமைக்கு நன்றி அம்மா.இப்போது எல்லோருமே table top grinder உபயோகிக்கிறார்கள்.உங்களது போன்ற பெரிய grinder எப்படி உபயோகிப்பது,அதை எப்படி கழுவுவது,பராமரிப்பு போன்றவை பற்றி ஓர் காணொளி செய்ய வேண்டுகிறேன்

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  11. I tried chutney its really awesome. For us its new and at the same time its so delicious. thank you so much amma.

  12. you are very well experienced. One suggestion. You could publish cooking recipe book in tamil. its just suggestion

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