Kansas City Chiefs’ quarterback Patrick Mahomes says the offense is ready for Week 1

A good job. First off they had that
big play by Damian, him catching that ball on the third
down and making a play and scoring a touchdown, had that
explosiveness, it’s always good, and then I felt like just having a long
drive was something that we needed, going into the season,
things 12 some play drive. Drove it down the field and
we didn’t get the touchdown. We got to kick the field goal I thought
that was a good sign of kind of had both those in the last dress rehearsal I
guess you would say before the season.>>We see you and Tyree cook up three straight third
down conversions plus more than that.>>Yeah,
I mean Tyree’s a guy that he understands where we are on the field at all times. And people always talk about his speed,
but the way he’s came on as a receiver and able to run routes has been truly special. So just to have guys like that all
around that understand the game of football is really cool.>>Are you guys where you need to be?>>Yeah, I think so for sure. We did good things on offense, good things
on defense, good things on special teams. I feel like now it’s about just kinda
perfecting those things as we have these the young guys get the play
in this last preseason game and we kind of perfect and
practice as much as we can and going into Jacksonville will be
a tough opponent for week one.>>The broken play where you scrambled and
catch near the goal line and went headfirst, so.>>Yeah, I scrambled around I probably
left the pocket a little early honestly and they kind of scrambled around and
I wanted to find someone to throw to and kind of saw it opened up and tried to run
and get the first down and go for it. I told Coach Reed,
I gotta get hit sometimes, get myself ready for the season. So, I gotta took a hit, it was a nice hit. And, so, it was good to kinda get that
first hit out of the way really, and then to be able to run, and
try to make something happen.>>You expect you were
coming out right after that?>>I didn’t know, I was prepared and
they told me, so, I’m always cool with
whatever Coach Reed says. I’m gonna prepare every single job that
I can though, be ready for next month.

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