Karen and Estefan Fight at Jack’s Birthday Dinner – Will & Grace (Episode Highlight)

[jazz music] – You didn’t tell me
your Mexican jumping queen was gonna be here. – And you did not tell me
you invited this withered wino. – Tapas-whoseabottomus. – Gin mummy. – Okay, enough, you guys.
Enough. Stop it.
Sit down. Sit! It is my birthday. Can’t you just
get along for me? Damn it, I should
have wished that. But I do want to be invisible. No, I said it out loud! That’s why you can see me. The point is, I want you two
to stop acting like children. – She’s the one who started it. – Shut your paella-hole,
sky waitress. – [gasps]
I will not, you hag. – There is only one person who
is allowed to call me a hag and you certainly don’t look
like Madeleine Albright. [grunts] – You can’t be doing this. Neither of you is wearing
waterproof mascara. – You’re going down,
chimichanga. – You guys, people
are starting to notice. I got you, Karen.
I got you. – I’m sorry, the three of you
are going to have to get out of the lily pond. – But there’s only two
people in the lily pond. – You checked his pulse.
You said he was dead.

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