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  1. Hey girl! you did great! I love the choreography of Breezy too so I did made a video if you wanna check it out 🙂 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Pc03fF7-fA&t=3s

  2. most people wouldn't even put a video out knowing they might have "messed up" or thinking its not 100% perfect but you posted it and had fun doing it and at the end of the day as a dancer thats what is most important that people often forget……HAVE FUN!!!!!!!. keep doing what you do

  3. I really like this dance a lot 🔥💯🙌 .Dancing  and music are my passion since I was a baby. My parents would tell me I would watch mtv and bob my head all the time. Since then I knew nothing more then I wanted a career in music. I only been training self teaching myself everyday but my dream is to build dance studios around the world so people will have a place to be active and stay away from trouble. Lol sorry if this is really long.  You got to stand out from everyone else somehow right😂😂? But anyways please help support me by requesting any song for me and give any feedback and I'll give a shoutout🙏💯. Appreciate you for reading this long comment and keep doing your thing!🤓.
    P. S.  I only been self teaching myself watching YouTube videos and dancing everyday for 11 months. I got way better than my first video let's just say that 😂. Okay that's it thank you! Wait I Subscribed too lmao Please subscribe back 🙌🙏

  4. damnnnn. you killed it!!! check out jun sun yoo's version on 1million dance studio's channel! & I saw that you went to korea. Idk if you're still there or not, but you should definitely visit 1million. they're pretty amazing.

  5. I need her to come to city academy because I'm doing a dance of if she can come that would be a dream come true for me and my friends

    A Callum 😎🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶

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