Karlie’s 3rd Birthday Party

Let Karlie blows the candles… We are on our way to Karlie’s Birthday Party location- Hall Farm Park in North Yorkshire England ? Are we, Karlie?….Hello You are sucking fingers Karlie….Are they nice?:) (jokingly) We are driving there now… How much longer does it take? 15 minutes We only been on half an hour journey drive so far Where is Karlie’s Hair? ( she means the fake one) We just got home after today’s party My little princess fell asleep… The plan was unboxing all the presents when we get home. These are Karlie’s pressies… I want to unbox all of them for her now:)) If Karlie not being grumpy after she wakes up then we can unbox the pressies altogether… She might sleep till tomorrow morning (I wish)😂 Whats that Karlie? Can I open it? Unbox other pressies first….

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