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Salam (Greetings) this is Taha Nagria from Travel Viness So friends, as you all know that we were not active for many days on Youtube there are two reasons for that, What they are?? I will answer this at the end of video So let’s start the video Music ♪♪ Urdu Poetry So friends, as you all know that today,05 Feb is celeberated as Kashmir Day in Pakistan But very few of you knows that why this day is observed and what is the history of this day Kashmir, which is the state located in the north of Subcontinent Britishers have sold kashmir to Raja Gulab Singh in 1846 Currently the state of kashmir is distributed in 3 parts Territory of Pakistan which incldes Azad Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan and it comprises of the 30% of Kashmir Territory of India which includes Jammu Kashmir and Ladakh and comprises 55% of the Kashmir Territory of China which is called as Aksai Chin and it covers 15% of Kashmir If we talk about the religion, There and 80% Muslims and 20% are other religion followers Kahsmir is a separate state from the Britsih rule that’s why during the 1947 partition of subcontinent, Kashmir remains undivided But soon after the independence of Paksitan and India the muslims residing in Kashmir demanded Kashmir to become the part of Pakistan In virtue of this Raja Hari Singh,the ruler of Kashmir at that time given the permission to Indain army to get in Kashmir and then the war began between Pakistan and India to acquire the Kashmir Unfortunately this dispute is still unsolved On 1st January United Nation gave the orders of cease fire to both the countries and till now Kashmir issue is unsolved At that time Pakistan has acquired the 30% of the area of Kashmir which is known as Azad Kashmir After this, both the countries fought many times on Kashmir issue and many people lost their lives In the light of these wars, in 1990 the leader of Jamat e Islami (political party) Qazi Hussain Ahmad calls to observe the Kashmir Solidarity Day and it was followed by the opposition leader of that time Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif And then and Prime Miniter of that period Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto (Late) has publicaly announced to observe Kashmir Solidarity Day From 1990 Paksitanis are observing Kashmir Day to show the solidarity with the people of Kashmir On the ocassion of Kashmir Day, peoples resding in Pakistan, Azad Kashmir and United Kingdom (Paskitanis and Kashmiris) The day is marked by public processions special prayers in mosques for the liberation of Kashmir And hopes that Kashmir issue resolves as soon as possible So friends, this is the story of Kashmir Day Give your reviews regarding this video in the comment section And our disappearance from Yotube is followed by these reasons Firstly, We are shifting and renovating our office and Secondly i was suffering from jaundice that’s why we are unable to shoot the videos and I request to pray for us See you in the next video till then take care of yourself and other around you Allah Hafiz (Greetings) Music ♪♪

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