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 Since 2005 Kate Garraway has been happily married to psychotherapist Derek Draper, raising their two children at their plush home in north London   But before that, the I’m A Celebrity. Get Me Out Of Here star was married to another man, ITN’s news director Ian Rumsey  The pair met when Kate was his boss at Meridian TV and tied the knot in 1998.  But it was all over four years later when she reportedly kicked him out amid claims he’d had an affair with a younger TV presenter – claims Ian has always denied  Speaking at the time, friends told the Mirror that Kate – who had just been picked to cover Fiona Phillips’ maternity leave on GMTV – threw her husband out of their £500,000 home in Cookham, Berkshire, after he supposedly confessed  “She says he was cheating on her for some time and that’s why she threw him out,” a close friend insisted  “She had her suspicions because he was going out and staying away a lot. He always denied anything was going on but Kate still had nagging doubts – call it women’s intuition – that something was not right ”  The friend added: “Ian kept saying everything was fine, but she says the affair became common knowledge and eventually she got to hear the TV gossip  “When she confronted him with it she says he eventually came clean.”  Ian, however, claimed Kate’s long hours and 2am starts were to blame for the split, leaving his ex furious  “There is no one else involved, I’m not seeing anyone,” he insisted.  “There was no one involved at the time Kate and I split up and I have not got a new girlfriend I’m sure about that.”  Hitting back at his comments, Kate, then 33, broke her silence in a brief statement  “It’s always terribly sad when a marriage comes to an end. I’m disappointed that what’s a very private matter has been brought into the public domain,” she said  “I was dismayed by reports in the papers because they are substantially inaccurate ”  Despite the ill-feeling, their paths awkwardly crossed again in 2010 when Ian was brought is as GMTV’s new boss  Tasked with boosting figures on the flagging show, Ian did his best to play down any drama, telling reporters: “I’ve always had the utmost respect for Kate as a TV journalist and presenter She’s enormously experienced and talented.  “We are good friends outside of the office and have remained in regular contact ”  But Kate – who by then was married to Derek – admitted she’d had her share of concerns  She said: “We’ve seen each other since, so it wasn’t a case of, ‘Weren’t you wearing white when I last saw you?  “But before he started, I did think, ‘What is this going to be like? This could be weird or really awkward ‘ You would, wouldn’t you?”  “Seeing as we’re both working together at the moment, we obviously get on and have a lot in common I think it’s good we’ve managed to keep a friendly relationship afterwards.”

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