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(upbeat hiphop music) (upbeat hiphop music) (energetic rock music) – [Kayla] We stole Vanessa. – [Connie] We got Vanessa! (Vanessa yelling) Alright guys, so if you
didn’t know already, it is Kayla’s birthday! (Vanessa and Connie cheering) – [Kayla] I’m 41. – [Connie] But we’re
celebrating Vanessa’s birthday, and we’re gonna celebrate
Kendall’s birthday. And we’re going to also
celebrate Sarah’s birthday. (Kayla and Vanessa laughing) Might as well celebrate Tyler’s birthday. Cause it’s just a birthday
party weekend for everyone. Just because we’ve been
out of town for so long. – [Shawn] What about your birthday? And my birthday, do we
get to celebrate ours too? – [Tyler] You guys don’t get birthdays. – [Connie] Nah, we don’t
have birthdays anymore. – Oh that’s right, we stopped it. – [Connie] Don’t you remember that? Just for them. – It’s so weird seeing all the old spots that we used to come to and
frolic like around everywhere. We saw our dentist. We saw the old Starbucks
that we used to go to after the dentist. (laughter) – [Connie] It was really
fun seeing Vanessa’s house. – Yes. – [Connie] Yes. – It’s so big! – It’s really big. – [Connie] So, right now we’re on our way to go pick up Kendall. – And Sarah. – [Connie] And then Sarah, and it’s gonna be a big
party, we’re going to Sawgrass and we’re gonna go to a fancy hotel. – They’ve got a wave machine. – [Connie] So you guys
are gonna go swimming? – Yes. – [Connie] Yes? And what else are you gonna do? – Wave machine! Last time, I was too scared to do it. – We both were! – For like the first 30 minutes, I was like, oh my gosh, I can’t do it. And then I did it and I was so bummed that I didn’t go on it
for the first 30 minutes. Cause it’s so fun! – It’s so nerve-racking cause it’s so big and it makes a loud noise. – But it’s so squishy when you fall. – Yeah, I thought it was gonna hurt. It doesn’t hurt so, I’m gonna do it this time! It’s gonna be great! (laughter) – I’m clumsy. – [Connie] So it’s like surfing, right? – Yes. Kendall’s really good at
it, you guys will see. – Oh my gosh, she can’t do it. – [Connie] Why do you think
Kendall can’t go surfing? – Kendall broke her arm at soccer. – [Connie] So she’s got a cast on? – How do you break your
arm in a foot sport? – Doesn’t she know she’s
supposed to use her feet when playing soccer? – She like fainted and
fell on it, I think. – [Connie] That’s terrible. – I haven’t fainted yet in my life. – [Vanessa] Me neither! (laughter) – So we’re on our way to get
Kendall and Sarah right now and then, it’s gonna be a party. – [Shawn] (singing) Party. (light guitar music) – Hi! (girls screaming) – Hi! (laughter) – [Kayla] Oh my goodness, your arm. – [Connie] Oh my gosh,
it’s all three of you! We still got one more to go. – Yes, we gotta go get Sarah. The next scene we’ll be all together. – [Connie] There’s our
old park back there. – [Kayla] Oh my goodness we’re
gonna pass by our old house. – [Connie] Oh my goodness,
our old neighborhood! Should we just move back here? – [Kayla] Yes. – [Kendall] Yeah, you should just move back into your old house. – [Tyler] Our old house is for sale, we should just move back into it. – [Connie] Wow! Here’s our old street. – [Shawn] And there’s our old house. It looks exactly the same. – [Connie] There’s our old
house that we just left a year ago. – [Shawn] Except they’re
not trying to kill us. (laughter) There’s Steve. – [Everyone] Steve! (laughter) – [Connie] We can’t see him. – [Tyler] You are good right? – [Shawn] Oh, we’re doing great. (girls laughing) That’s Steve right there, right? – [Connie] That’s Steve right there. That’s were Tyler broke his arm. He has to do the mannequin
challenge in there. Now we gotta get Sarah. It’s time to get Sarah! (playful instrument music) – Hi. (Kayla and Sarah screaming) – Yay! All my besties are back. – [Connie] So we got Sarah. – [Kayla] We did it! (laughter) – [Connie] So awesome! You guys are all back together. So we just made it to the hotel. – Yes. – [Connie] Are you guys
ready to see your room? (girls screaming) – [Kayla] Yes, I wanna see the room. – [Connie] Okay here you go, hold the key. – [Tyler] The rooms are
gonna be exactly the same. So I could just go in
there and go like (yells). (everyone cheering) – [Vanessa] Sleeping with twin. – [Kayla] Okay, sleep with twin. – Ooh this is nice. – [Connie] Nice, yeah. – [Sarah] He took your phone! – [Connie] So when we get the luggage, you guys can get your bathing suits on, and we’ll go to the pool
and then we’ll order food. And you guys can hang out,
and do whatever you want. Tyler and I are out of the
loop on this present thing, but it’s okay cause we’re
not part of their club. (laughter) – Are you crying? It’s you and me? We’re okay, it’s gonna be all good, you and I will get our own presents. (Tyler fake crying) You don’t wanna hang out with me? – No! – Just kidding. – We’re crying over here. (relaxed jazz music) (relaxed jazz music) – We’re opening presents because we missed a lot of birthdays. – You should open yours first,
because it’s your birthday. – From Sarah. – It’s a unicorn! It says; happy birthday,
I’m so glad that you’re back and I hope I see you again. Thank you! (gasps) It’s so pretty! Thank you so much! It’s a bracelet. – [Connie] Let’s see. – [Sarah] It’s adjustable
what your wrist is like. (laughter) – [Kayla] Forever friends. Its got it in the inside. – [Shawn] Sweet. – [Kayla] It’s so pretty! Thank you! – [Connie] It’s really pretty! – I’m gonna put it on right now. Yay, it fits! Thank you so much! (Sarah screams) (laughter) – It’s a real (laughs). I have like one that is like almost, but this one’s bigger and
I needed a bigger one. But mom won’t give me another one, cause that was like 50 bucks! (laughter) I love it! – [Kendall] Right, Vanessa
and I could open ours at the same time because, – Yeah, we don’t know. – We don’t know whose is whose. Yeah, I’m pretty sure. – Yeah, that’s hers. (laughter) – It’s so cute. – Oh my god. Look at it, Disney. – [Kayla] Then I got mine, see so we can all match! – [Connie] Everybody has a themed purse! – Oh my, I love him! – I love mine. – I still have the Pokemon app, (laughter) – [Connie] Super cute. And oh, Minnie Mouse again. You guys are the twinsies! – Yeah, we’re the twins so
we both like Disney a lot. – Yes. (laughter) – [Connie] There’s Pikachu. We were told you liked Pikachu. (laughter) – And then I got the Marvel one. – [Sarah] I literally
have a Pokemon screensaver on my phone. – [Connie] That is so cool. – [Shawn] Now you got a matching bag. With your screensaver. – Okay, so this is half
birthday, half Christmas. So it’s got like the
Christmas theme on it. – From last year’s Christmas. – Okay, so I got a loofah. I’ve never had a loofah before. – Really? – Yeah, I’ve never had a loofah. – A macaroon. – It’s a little bath bomb. And soap. – [Sarah] I have the exact same one. – Oh, there’s more! Okay, just making sure. This is so cute, it’s like
a baby pink nail polish. Hand cream, it’s got unicorns on it. – [Connie] So cute. – Just making sure. My birthday card, let’s open it. I probably should have
opened that first, but. – [Kendall] Well that’s your Christmas, that’s your birthday. – Okay. I opened Christmas first. Happy birthday! – [Shawn] Christmas did come earlier. – Oh my goodness, it’s
an Amazon gift card! Thank you so much! Yay! – Let me keep this, it’s all me. – Happy birthday, may your day be filled
with extra special moments. Yay, thank you! (laughter) – Okay, here we go. (laughter) – Oh my gosh, that’s so cute! – That is so cute. (laughter) – Exactly my phone. (laughter) Oh my god! It’s like five pounds. – [Shawn] You sure want some Skittles. – Thank you. – You’re welcome. – Let me take out this first. – That’s so cute. – [Kayla] That one’s really cute. – That’s so cool. – [Kayla] That one’s really cool. – I got the taco. (laughter) – Harry Potter! – That’s what that was! I was so confused. (laughter) – Candy! – [Sarah] Oh my god! – [Connie] We know what you
guys are gonna be doing tonight, eating candy. – My mom’s gonna kill me. – Oh my gosh, it’s like
cotton candy looking. It’s a bath bomb. I got another bath bomb. Another bath bomb. Very bomb. Oh this is unicorn, sorry. Another bath bomb, this is cake bomb. I’m so excited. Oh my gosh! – [Connie] Choose happy! – I love it. – [Connie] That’ so cool. – More face masks! (laughter) And, gummy bears! This gummy bears are my favorite. And there’s so many! Thank you so much. Opened all the presents. I’m gonna eat so many gummy bears tonight, it’s not even funny. (laughter) – [Connie] You guys are the awesomest. Well, get your bathing suits
on and then we’re gonna go out to the pool and get some
food and play and hang out. And, I’m gonna check
on our ghost tour time. (girls cheering) (calm acoustic music) (calm acoustic music) – [Connie] Is Kendall
gonna get her cast wet? Kendall! (screaming) Kendall, you’re gonna
have to go to the doctor and get the cast replaced now! – Well it’s like water. – [Connie] What is it? – It’s like waterproof, so it’s okay. I’m allowed to get it wet. – [Connie] You promise? – [Sarah] Then why were you making such a big deal about it? – I promise. Pinky promise. – [Connie] Okay, pinky promise. She pinky promised to all
you guys so she’s okay. So why aren’t you swimming? – Because the lightning. We’re all gonna die. – [Connie] You gonna die
if you go in the pool and you’re not allowed? – We’re gonna die! (girls in awe) – So adorable! – [Connie] I don’t know
what they’re looking at. – [Kayla] On top of that post. – Oh, there he is, look at him, his little thingy is just. – [Vanessa] That was so random. – [Kayla] He’s trying
to find a girlfriend. – [Connie] Here he goes. – [Shawn] I’ve never seen that before. – [Kayla] I have. – [Tyler] He’s like a chicken. – [Connie] Used to have one
on our fence, the white fence. – [Kayla] Yeah, all the time,
I’ll be like, on the computer, I look over and there was one dancing. – [Tyler] Oh, she got one! – [Connie] Sarah caught one. – [Kayla] Oh my gosh, how did you? – [Connie] Is he gonna bite you? Let’s see. – [Kayla] Oh my gosh, Sarah you’re crazy. He’s trying to bite you. – [Connie] Oh he’s trying
to bite, look at him. – [Kayla] He’s trying to bite you. – [Kendall] He won’t bite you. – [Kayla] Okay, be free, bye. (Sarah screams) – He jumped. (laughter) (calm acoustic music) (calm acoustic music) (calm acoustic music) (calm acoustic music) (calm acoustic music) (calm acoustic music) (calm acoustic music) (calm acoustic music) (calm acoustic music) – We’re getting Starbucks. – [Connie] So you guys
can get food and drinks. (calm acoustic music) – [Connie] What’d you guys get? – Pink drink for us cause
she said she like it so, she likes it, so I’m gonna try it. – She’s supposed to like it. And I got the strawberry refresher cause I’m perfect in every way. – [Connie] Nice! And then you guys got cake pops? – [Tyler] I already ate
mine, I devoured mine. – [Connie] Did you
already eat you cake pop? – No, not yet. I’m gonna safe it for our picture. – I ate half of mine. – We’re saving it for a picture. – [Connie] So much for the backdrop. – Okay, so they just closed the Starbucks and that is going to conclude our vlog, so hope you guys enjoyed it. – [Connie] Happy birthday! (everyone cheering) – So now we are going
to go on our ghost tour. So, make sure you check out the next video if you wanna see the rest of this party. – [Shawn] If you wanna see some ghosts. – Our beautiful faces. – Yeah. – [Connie] Are you guys scared? – No. – [Connie] You’re ready to
go on another ghost tour? – We’re strong independent
women, except for me. – [Connie] One of the most
famous ghost tours, ever. – Yes, so make sure you watch
the next video if you wanna see the rest of our
party, and some ghosts. – [Connie] I think Kendall looks scared. – No. – [Connie] She’s blaming on being cold. – I am cold, I am. (laughter) – So I hoped you guys enjoyed this video, comment down below. – Do you guys like life? – What day is your birthday,
comment down below, and until next time. – [Everyone] Bye! (upbeat techno music)

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