KEEN London 15th Birthday Celebration!

Today we’re celebrating 15 years of KEEN
London and we are really really excited to have read this really important
milestone. We started off as a really tiny tiny organisation with just a
handful of kids and a couple of people with a big ambition and that’s still how
we’re progressing really. We’ve now got over a hundred children, we’ve got over
300 volunteers and it’s just a really lovely opportunity to bring everyone
together and celebrate all of those wonderful achievements KEEN London is a small charity
dedicated to providing one-to-one sports and games for children with disabilities
and their siblings at no cost to the caregiver. The way that KEEN work in a
really lovely way is to focus a little bit on how children communicate with one
another and how they behave together and definitely James’ awareness of other
people’s personal space is definitely improving. I love the fact that KEEN is
run by volunteers and it gives me a peace of mind that James is going to be
safe in whatever he’s doing. It’s amazing we love KEEN.

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