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(video game music
and sound effects playing) (sighs) What am I supposed to do here? There has to be some way
to get out. Where is Tea? TEA: Hey, Sabrina. I finally finished
Miss Jones’ homework. Have you figured out how we’re supposed
to get out of here? What if we knocked down
this wall? SABRINA: I tried
shooting an arrow at it, but it didn’t work. TEA: Hmm. Maybe if we hit it together, that will create
a bigger impact. SABRINA: That’s a great idea. It’s definitely worth a shot–
let’s do it. (wall crumbling) SABRINA: Hey! (Cody laughs) Watch where you’re going there,
newb. What’s the password? SABRINA: Password? What are you talking about? You’re not supposed
to hit other players. They’re going to ban you. CODY: Says who? I can hit anyone I want to.
(laughs) Oh, no! TEA: Ha! I guess that’s what happens when you’re such a greefer. He was so annoying. SABRINA: Yeah, let’s keep going. We’re getting close
to the final castle. Let’s go through the forest. That knight
just sent me a message. I bet they know how to get
to the final castle. TEA: Hold up, Sabrina. Let’s go the other way. Last time I was playing, I teamed up with a knight and I got a weird feeling. They wanted to know
how old I was and where I lived. SABRINA: Oh– did you tell them? TEA: No way– you never know who’s really playing
this game. Better to play it safe and keep that kind of info
private. SABRINA: Look, we made it. MAN:
Welcome to the final castle. Most players don’t make it
this far. Enter at your own risk. TEA: Okay, Sabrina,
you ready for this? SABRINA: I’m ready. We got this– let’s go.

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