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  1. Marriage should be a highly respected Union between two people in love. A beautiful Declaration to the world and God that you sacrifice all for each other to become one.

  2. I'm not trying to be mean, but I'm really going to stop watching. I was a big supporter when The Kelly Clarkson show started, but her constant interruptions make this unbearable. Hoda is telling a serious story about adoption and Kelly interrupts about a 'girl's trip' or whatever and completely changes the vibe. Then goes into a monologue about her own husband. She has ZERO self control.

  3. Holy molly some people are being so rude to Kelly. People are freaking out cuz she talks a lot like damn people chill she has a TALLK show for a reason. And yes she can sometimes get a little carried away but she loves her guests, she lets them talk, ANNND she can tell her own stories as well. Exactly what a talk shoe host is supposed to do. Just because she talks a lot doesn’t mean she’s being rude. I absolutely love love love Kelly and this show and all the amazing guests she has on it. People also need to keep in mind that this is a new thing Kelly’s doing. She’s never had a Talk Show of her own before sooooo he’s tryin to figure it out just like everyone else. 😁😉

  4. If Kelly was on The Masked Singer, she would be in a parrot costume because she never stops talking. 😂🤣

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