Kendall Jenner Describes Niece Stormi’s First Birthday Party

-Thank you for playing
Food or Not Food. -Yeah, of course.
It was delicious. -Are you adventurous
when it comes to food? Do you like a lot of —
Are you open to stuff? -I didn’t used to be.
Like, I used to be pretty bland. And growing up,
I would always, like — It was like mac and cheese
and pasta and, like,
stuff like that. I was a really, like,
simple person. And then, I think more recently,
since I’ve traveled a lot, I’ve been more experimental.
-Yeah, me, too. I kind of — I don’t —
I can’t do mayonnaise at all. -Kylie is a little bit weirder
with food. You can’t do mayonnaise?
-Ew. -Yeah, I guess
that’s a normal thing. -Just even just saying it
grosses me out. It’s the grossest thing
on the face of the Earth. -I can’t do bananas. Like…
-Really? -No, no, no. Like —
-Bananas are fantastic. -Like, if I smell them,
I’ll probably throw up. -Really? I’m like that
with mayonnaise.
-I can’t. Really? Okay.
-Yeah. -My wife thinks it’s because —
-Well, then I’m bringing mayonnaise next time.
-I’ll bring you bananas. No, I will never even
do it as a joke. When I was a kid —
When I was a kid, I put my head through these bars
outside and — I know.
-What? Where is this going?
-Well, there was, like,
this railing in my backyard. -Okay.
-There was a railing
off of my stoop, and I put my head
through the bars, just ’cause I wanted to see
what would happen. And I got stuck.
And so my head was stuck. -So they used
mayonnaise to get you out?
-So my grandma was like, “We got to get him
out of there.” -Wow.
-“Let’s grease him up.” -Okay. Wow.
-So she rubbed mayonnaise all over my head.
-Right. -And it’s like 95 degrees out. -And so since then,
you hated mayonnaise? -And so, my wife thinks that’s
why I don’t like mayonnaise. -Oh, okay.
Makes sense, honestly.
-Yeah. It does, yeah. What happened
with your banana thing? -Nothing. I think —
My dad ate them all the time, and my dad carpooled Kylie and
I back and forth from school and would eat them
in the morning, would eat them when
he would pick us up and would golf all day
and would have bananas on him. So I think the smell just over
and over started to get to me. -Yeah, you were being
rebellious. -And it, like, gave me
a headache, so I don’t know. I just always, like,
didn’t really like bananas. -Kylie sent out this tweet. Said, “Last night, I had cereal
with milk for the first time. Life changing.” She’s never had milk
with cereal? What is she talking about?
-This is true. She, like, our whole childhood,
only had dry cereal. She loved Lucky Charms,
but she would only pick
the marshmallows. It was like little
marshmallow bits, right?
-That’s so healthy for you. -I didn’t really eat them
-Yeah. Oh, my gosh. Oh, my God.
-She was an interesting eater,
for sure. She would, like, wake up,
and for breakfast, she would have, like,
Haagen-Dazs ice cream, and, like, she would, like, eat little things of pomegranates
right after. -Really?
-It was just like her combo was really interesting.
-Dry cereal? -Yeah.
-I never kind of heard of that. -She was a funny girl. -And now she likes it?
-Now. Now she’s with all of us
with the milk thing. -Have you tried something
recently where you were like, “Oh, dude, I’ve never had that.
That’s pretty good”? -I didn’t like chocolate
most of my life. And I remember I was on a flight
like a year ago, and I was starving. I had gotten off,
like, an 11-hour flight and then was getting on
a 6-hour flight. And we hadn’t taken off yet, so
they didn’t have the food out. And the only thing I saw
was a baby Twix. And I was like, “You know what? I am desperate,
I’m going to try this Twix.” So I tried it, and I was like, “Jesus Christ,
this is really good.” -It’s the best thing ever.
-It’s so good. -Twix are delicious. Yeah.
-Shout-out Twix. -I love it. That’s great. -But, yeah, so I’ve liked
chocolate ever since, I swear. I’m, like, obsessed. -Talk to me about Stormi World. -Oh, my goodness, yes.
-This is a — Look at this inflatable baby. Inflatable — This is the
entrance to Stormi World. Now, they had — Your sister
had a birthday party for Stormi, who turned 1.
-Yeah, 1. I know, 1. -And she went all out.
Did you go to that? -All out.
No, I was so upset. So, it was supposed to happen
on her actual birthday, I’m pretty sure, on the 1st,
and it, like, rained, and everything kind of
got postponed. So it didn’t happen
until I was out of town, which was very unfortunate
because I would’ve loved to go, and it looked really amazing. But she really went all out.
-It was insane. -And I said something to her.
I was like, “You know, she’s 1.” -She’s never going to
remember this. -“I don’t know if she’s
going to remember this.” Like, I love you for the effort.
-You’re so right, yeah. -And she was like,
“I really don’t care. I really want to do it.”
I was like, “You know what? More power to you.
Do it. Go for it.”
-It was gorgeous. Yeah, I did the same thing
when my baby turned 1. I go, “Nothing — I’m barely
going to do a cake, that’s it.” Cut to there’s a petting zoo
in my backyard. There’s, like, a bouncy house,
all my relatives, people I don’t even know
were there. -You got to. you got to.
Even just the photos, though. Like, the memories.
You can show your kids, and they can just,
like, appreciate it. -I hope I share
some of these photos. I don’t know,
I take so many photos, I go, “I’m never going
to see this again.” -You got to save them on
your computer and make
little folders. -Kim taught me that.
She, like, sits for hours and makes folders
on her computer of just, like, life
and, like, labels them all. -I have to because I — But I
have like the dumbest photos. I have photos of, like, brunch. You know, it’s an omelet.
-Same. -You know, it’s a picture
of a fried egg or something, where it’s like
sunsets and fried eggs. That’s all it was before babies.
Now it’s everything babies. I go, “Oh, my God,
this is the best. She’s pointing at something
for the first time.” And you go, “You’re never
going to watch this. You’re never going to look at
this photo, ever remember that.” Might show it to my cab driver.
He likes it. He’s like, “Just let me drive.”
-Yeah, Stormi World. My mom showed me — She, like, FaceTimed me
right before and, like,
before everyone got there. I was literally on FaceTime for,
I’m not kidding, 45 minutes to an hour. Like, it was so much
stuff she had to show me.
-Looking at the party? -Yeah. It was crazy.
-So basically, you
were at the party. -I was there.
I kind of was there.
-Oh my, God.

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  1. She's like the white sheep in Kardashian family in kind of way. There's nothing wrong with black though I'm just saying..

  2. I know I'm a little late but ever since I was little I want to say when I was a baby that I will eat bananas and then when I got older I hate it but nana 6 custody and everybody in my family eats bananas around me and I would literally throw up I don't like the texture I don't like the taste I like the color another coloring outside is pretty but nothing inside I don't know I just feel it's disgusting can I give you headaches images funny my sister doesn't like mayonnaise she hates chocolate she doesn't drink dark sodas all she drinks is light attorney and she loves bananas like loves bananas can I share a room with her we always fight over stuff about like food wise cuz I can get anything like I'm I'm not afraid to eat anything but she hates everything like she hates mayonnaise I love 90's I put mayonnaise on everything she was bananas and everything

  3. this was a very genuine and simple interview. they seemed like two friends, i liked this a lot. she seems like a very normal and easy person to be around

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