Kendall Jenner REJECTS Marriage Proposal!

Kendall Jenner had the ultimate start to her
day over the weekend as a fan got down on one knee and proposed to her out of nowhere. I mean hey, I guess you never know where or
when cupid is going to strike right?! What’s up? It’s Emile Ennis Jr. here with Clevver News
and imagine you’re Kendall Jenner for a second. You’re out in West Hollywood minding your
own business in your Lamborghini, running some errands and a fan approaches you. What do you do? I know I’d stop and smile for a selfie and
then carry on with my day. And that’s exactly what the real Kendall
Jenner recently did in this exact scenario. She let the fan snap a quick selfie with her. But what came next was a romantic gesture
that nobody saw coming. The fan legit dropped down on one knee and
proposed to Kendall. You’ve got to see this to believe it. Now that takes some serious bravery to propose
at first sight, but hey, stranger things have happened! I mean it is 2020 and if you’ve watched
the Netflix show Love Is Blind, you’ll know that this sort of thing is apparently totally
acceptable. But Kendall, who could’ve been totally creeped
out by the fan, took the whole thing really well. While she low-key rejected him, she was all
smiles in the moment. I want to know what you guys think of this
though! Can you believe this fan actually got down
on one knee? And what do you think about how Kendall handled
this situation? Get the conversation started down in the comments
below. And the fan didn’t seem too sad as he explained
that the proposal was part of a video for his YouTube channel. And when he asked if she would say yes if
he hit ‘one million subscribers on YouTube.’ Kendall said that social media stats ‘don’t
matter to her’ when it comes to her relationships she said quote, ‘I need soul,’ as she
jokingly gestured to her heart. And eyewitness told E! News that quote, “She
was clearly very surprised as he brought out a ring box. She had a big smile on her face but said that
she didn’t even know his name.” And the insider added that Kendall was quote,
“having fun with him and was very flattered by the whole thing. She said it was nice to meet him and then
closed her car door.” And fans were shocked by how well Kendall
handled the whole situation. One person said quote, “Omg she’s so nice
I would’ve shut the door” Another said quote, “Omg!! Kenny is a cutie!!! WHEN she smiles, her smile makes me smile
bc theres a sweetness in her smile thats genuine, how can that NOT make anybody smile too!? Jus saying!” And another fan wrote quote, “Kendall was
so sweet to that fan who proposed to her, she didn’t have to be that nice and that’s
why we love Kenny! Also glad she’s safe and he only had good
intentions getting that close to our girl!” And we definitely agree! Glad it was all in good fun and we give him
credit for shooting his shot with Kendall! But fan proposals aside, Kendall appears to
still be hanging out with NBA player Ben Simmons, who she’s been on again and off again with
for years now. And it looks like they are on again at the
moment. According to E! News, while the pair tries
to keep their romance on the down-low, they quote “really like each other and want to
be a part of each other’s lives.” So while an on and off-again relationship
might seem messy, these two clearly have strong feelings for each other. After all, Ben might be Kendall’s most public
relationship she’s had to date. And recently, Kendall and Ben have been spotted
out together in New York City and she’s been seen at some of his NBA games in Philly. So while it’s not 100% clear what led to
the couple’s previous breakups, it seems like their busy schedules were part of the
cause and they are trying to overcome that now. A source said that quote, “Kendall is very
busy with work but so far she and Ben are still going strong. In the past things always cool off as soon
as they get busy. But this time it’s different, she’s still
making him a priority.” And while the pair still aren’t looking
to label their relationship, sources noted that they treat each like a boyfriend and
girlfriend would. So it seems like they are just living in the
moment and enjoying their time together, all while trying their best to keep their relationship
somewhat private. And we respect that! You do you Kendall, and keep living your best
life. But I want to know what you guys think about
all of this. Do you think Kendall and Ben have a future
together? And what do you think about that fan proposal? Would you have shut the door on him or would
you have laughed it off like Kendall did? Let me know down in the comments below. And for more on Kendall and Ben you can click
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hit that bell so you never miss another entertainment news update. Thanks so much for watching, I’m Emile Ennis
Jr. and I’ll catch you next time.

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  1. Imagine her saying yes and running away with him out of nowhere

    I don’t know why this made me laugh

    I should sleep

  2. Dude forget the proposal, look at that Kobe mural on the back bruh. 8️⃣➕2️⃣4️⃣💜🖤💜🖤🐍🐍🐍

  3. Awe! 99.9% of other celebrities would have made this situation so uncomfortable or ignore him and flee the scene. She handled this like a pro.

  4. Kendall handles these situations rlly well. Last time when Hailey and I forgot the dudes name pranked her, she reacted quickly and made sure not to give away her personal info in the phone call in case it was someone with bad intentions.

  5. That shit was STAGED! Come on people…do you really think that some RANDOM fan would be able to get that close to Kendall Jenner? Where was her security? People are just dumb nowadays for falling for crap like this!

  6. I can't believe anyone got that close to her. All her family have groups of body guards. What a sweet girl.

  7. He's black so he has a great chance. You don't think any of those girls have woke up in bed next to a dude and said the same thing? OMG… I don't even know your name.

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