hey guys Suz here I am back and finally
recovered from the flu boy that was a whammy back with another what’s for
dinner on keto easy keto meal ideas video today’s very special as we’re
doing keto Chinese food these low carb Chinese food recipes totally totally
quench my craving for Chinese food that I have been missing the last year and a
half on keto and if you’re into that please stick around and while you’re at
it please subscribe and join the crew alright let’s get into it to start with
I made this awesome Keto General Tso Chicken adapted from ruled me to
start with I added two tablespoons of primal kitchen no sugar added ketchup to
a dish along with a teaspoon of garlic chili sauce a teaspoon of hoisin sauce
1/4 a cup chicken broth 3 tablespoons rice vinegar two and a half tablespoons
of liquid aminos 2 tablespoons of granulated swerve 2 teaspoons of sesame
oil a teaspoon of red chili flakes a teaspoon of garlic powder 1/2 a teaspoon
of minced ginger and 1/4 of teaspoon of xanthan gum whew whisk that all up
really well and then I just sat it to the side while I got started on my
chicken so to start with I already prepped some chicken breasts and just
sliced it up into like 1-inch pieces I took ah two eggs that I just beat
together and put those into one little storage bag and then another storage bag
I added just shy of a cup of crushed pork rinds along with a third a cup of
almond flour and just mix that together really well then I took my chicken and
I’m just gonna dump all of this into the bag with the egg and then of course I
did wash my hands really really well before I sealed the bag up and just kind
of mix that all around to make sure all of the chicken was coated with the egg I
did it this way because I’m just too lazy to do it all individually when it’s
small pieces of chicken like this now I transferred the coated chicken
to the bag with the almond flour and crushed pork rind mixture washed my hands
again and did the same thing by mixing that all up then over on the stove over
medium-high heat I took a cast-iron skillet and heated
about two inches of avocado oil I like using avocado oil because it has a high
smoke point it’s perfect for frying and I just took my coated chicken and put it
in there and I cooked it probably just two to three minutes I didn’t worry
about getting the inside all the way done as we are gonna put this in the
oven so I fried all of it and then transferred it to a paper towel lined
plate and then I drained the majority of the oil out and I also kept
any of the crumbles from the pork rind almond flour mixture once I had it
drained I added it all back to my pan I do have my oven preheated at 325 I’m just
gonna pour that sauce we made all over this and I’m going to bake it in the
oven for one hour now I did check on this every 15 to 20 minutes and just
give it a good stir because I really wanted that General Tso you know kind of
that caramelized way the sauce sticks on there and gets all nice and sticky so I
made sure to keep coating it and while that was cooking I just did some
cauliflower rice in the microwave and steamed it up this is what it looks like
when it’s plated up I just topped it with a little bit of green onion this
was so delicious I think my husband and I are definitely bartering back and
forth over who got to eat the rest of it we’ll definitely be making this again it
totally totally totally hit the spot if you’re craving Chinese takeout and
you’re following a keto diet next up this is some awesome dim sum shu mai it
is like little pork dumplings these are super duper good so to start
with I took a head of cabbage cored it put it into a big pot into some boiling
water and I’m just going to let that go to a pretty good boil before I turn it
down I don’t want it to boil really hard the
whole way but I do want it to be hot enough that the cabbage leaves can start
separating so I had already removed most of the larger cabbage leaves and then as
it boils I’m just using a fork to gently separate each of the leaves as they
come off and they’ll just come off loose in the pot be really careful when you’re
doing this not to burn yourself especially when you get closer to the
middle of the cabbage I used two forks for that part and really for this recipe
I should have used a smaller thing of cabbage because you just want to use the
smallest leaves off of the cabbage so as those come off I just keep separating
them and sticking them into another container and I’m just kind of showing
you multiple clips here of that in case you’ve never done this before and you’re
curious as to how to do it while that’s finishing up I went ahead and got
started on my pork mixture so for that I just added a pound of ground pork
one-and-a-half tablespoons of grated ginger an egg white one and a half
tablespoons of toasted sesame oil two tablespoons of liquid aminos about about
a tablespoon to two of chopped green onions
a teaspoon of sea salt and a half a teaspoon of pepper
and then it just mix that really well with my hands and then as you can see I
have my cabbage leaves and you see I have these really tiny tiny ones
we’re gonna go smallest to largest I have my steam pot just a basic one
that’s a double double boiler and I’m taking my smallest cabbage leaf first
and just putting a little bit of the pork mixture into it and then I’m just
gonna stick them into the steam basket I’m gonna try to stack them in as close
together as possible to help them maintain their shape and you’re just
kind of making this like a cup in your hand and I just put kind of varying
amounts of the pork mixture in them and then you’re just gonna squeeze it all
together almost like a little wonton and just keep stacking them in there and
like I said I did work with the smallest cabbage leaves to the largest ones
because I do prefer the small ones the best but you’ll see at the end that I
have varying sizes and they all cook just the same and just fine in there after I have those done this is what it
looks like on the stove and the steam pot you want enough water so that you
don’t have to worry about all of the water boiling out and you don’t want it
on a heavy boil but you don’t want it on a light simmer just like just right and
I steamed them from very start of cold water 40 minutes while those were
steaming I went ahead and started working on the sauce so I did two
tablespoons of liquid aminos a tablespoon of rice vinegar a teaspoon of
sesame oil a teaspoon of minced ginger and added a half a teaspoon of the
garlic chili sauce that I like to use and just whisk that together and then
you can see this is what they look like while they’re steaming you just want to
make sure you keep the lid on the whole time and here they are all plated up and
they might not be much to look at but these keto dim sum shumai were so so
delicious they taste just like pot stickers without the carbs SuperDuper
delicious will be making again and also again this was just like everything I
wanted and needed that I’ve been missing not being able to have Chinese takeout
next up made this awesome sweet and sour chicken Keto
sweet and sour chicken and again I’ll link these recipes for
these last two recipes down below but to start with I needed to make the
sweet and sour sauce so I took a half a cup of granulated swerve 1/4 a cup of
brown granulated swerve 1/2 a cup just white distilled vinegar a third of a cup
unsweetened ketchup I use the primal kitchen one a tablespoon of liquid
aminos and a heaping teaspoon of minced garlic and I whisk that together really
well and then I’m just gonna stick that to the side while we do our chicken now
for this recipe I also prepped about a pound to a pound and a half of chicken
breast ahead of time by just cutting it into 1 to 2 inch pieces and again I’m
using my cast iron with about two inches of avocado oil on the stove top medium-high
heat and for this recipe I’m taking all of my chicken and putting it into an egg
mixture this is just 2 eggs beaten together with 2 tablespoons of
unsweetened almond milk and a little bit of salt and pepper and then in this
other tray I actually just have some whey protein now this is just I think
GNC brand unflavored whey protein and I’m just taking my chicken and coating
it in the egg and then dipping it one piece at a time into the protein powder
and then dropping it into the hot grease now this cooks up and browns really
really quickly so you don’t really need to cook it for more than two to three
minutes again we’re gonna put all of this back into the pan later with sauce
too so you don’t really have to be worried about you know getting the
middle cooked but these small pieces of chicken fry up so quickly anyway that
you don’t really have to worry about it and again I scooped these out onto just
a paper towel-lined plate and I just cooked these in batches and
I’m really this is the first time I think I’ve fried chicken with the whey
protein coating on it and I really really do like the way that it turned
out it does give you almost that tempura maybe as close as you’re gonna get on
keto tempura kind of batter to it then I just emptied all but about a
tablespoon of my oil out of the pan and I would say this is probably the
equivalent of like one large pepper but I just used what I had in the fridge
which was some mini ones I was all out of onion somehow or else I would have
probably added that too but I just left them cut into like one-inch chunks and
missed some of my video clips here but after I sauteed those about a minute I
poured that sauce that we made on top and started simmering that down to let
it thicken it didn’t thicken quite as fast as I would like to so I did modify
the recipe and add about a quarter of a teaspoon of xanthan gum to the top of
this and that did the trick right away and thickened it up to that
kind of sticky consistency that I would want for sweet and sour sauce I’m gonna
just add in all of the chicken that I had fried back to the sauce and stirred
that really well and I probably went ahead and simmered this for another ten
to fifteen minutes just to give the sauce a chance to really get on the
chicken really well and steamed some cauliflower rice for this recipe too and
here it is all plated up and topped with a little green onion this keto
sweet and sour chicken was great and is a little different than just you know
having the sweet and sour chicken you know and dipping it but my husband said
he liked this sauce even better than the Chinese takeout sweet and sour sauce so
that was a huge win and again I’ll be making this recipe again it was super
easy next up is an original recipe of mine
that I’m still working on for a keto crab rangoon it did turn out really
really tasty but I will keep you know playing around with it till I get it
more just how I like it but to make this you just take a block of cream cheese
and I took about a six ounce can of like lump crabmeat and a teaspoon of avocado
oil Mayo a teaspoon of I mean a tablespoon excuse me of
chopped green onions I did two teaspoons of Worcestershire one teaspoon of liquid
aminos a teaspoon of lemon juice 1/2 a teaspoon of granulated swerve an eighth
of a teaspoon salt eighth of a teaspoon pepper and a teaspoon of minced garlic
and I just took a fork and mixed that together really really well and stuck it
to the side and started making dough by taking a cup of mozzarella cheese
microwaving it for 30 seconds mixing it microwaving it again for 30 seconds
mixing it and to that I added 3/4 a cup of almond flour with 1/4 of teaspoon
baking powder and 1/2 a teaspoon sea salts and I just used my spoon and mixed
those dry ingredients in with the cheese pretty well before adding one egg and
then I also use my spoon to mix in the egg pretty well before I oiled my hands
and got in there and really kneaded the dough to the consistency that I would
want now a super awesome tip for working with a dough like this that’s mostly
cheese and not that much almond flour is to keep your hands oiled really well and
what I usually do is just stick like a finger bowl beside me with some avocado
oil in it and I will periodically dip my fingers in it and reoil them to prevent
the dough from sticking to me so then I got a cookie sheet and lined it with
some parchment paper if you’ve seen me like if you saw the appetizer video
I just did a couple weeks ago then you’ve seen me do this before but I’m
going to separate it out into 12 kind of even balls of dough
and then after that I re-oiled my hands and this is you guys are seeing me make
this recipe for the very first time so I kind of played around with trying to
figure out how to make them kind of like crab rangoon so I just pancaked the
dough out added a little bit of the crab filling and you can see on this first
one I didn’t make the dough part big enough so it was kind of overflowing
so I just scooped a little bit of it out back into the bowl and I’m just folding
one end up like a taco and then just pinch the other ends together so makes a
little shape kind of like that and I repeated that process over and over
again again making sure that my hands were oiled really well in between as
I pancaked that dough out this one you can see I did thinner and larger and
that worked a lot better for this recipe and do have my oven preheated to 350 and again I’m just folding it like a
taco on one end pinching it together and then kind of doing the same on the other
so it’s like a little diamond-shaped there you go here or what they all look
like they’re kind of varying sizes and then I baked those for 20 minutes now I
have half of the mixture left over I could have made another batch of dough
but instead I decided to add about 1/4 to 1/2 a cup of mozzarella cheese to
this mix it up really well and then I took just a small pyrex dish and put the
rest of the crab mixture in there and topped it with a little bit more
mozzarella cheese and I just baked this whole thing in the oven also for 20
minutes to make a little crab dip and this is what the keto crab rangoon
looked like when it came out so not as cute as I would like them to look but they
tasted really really good I’m gonna keep tweaking the recipe though to get it
more like the takeout crab rangoon that I so want but here it is all plated up
with a little liquid aminos to dip it in and we demolished these really really
quickly so there you go guys that is this week’s what’s for dinner on keto
what to eat on a keto diet if you’re doing your keto meal prep for the week
hope you found this video interesting and that it gave you some awesome keto
meal ideas these are our favorites some of our favorite keto Chinese food
recipes please give this video a thumbs up comment down below subscribe to our
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  1. I'm so glad you're feeling better, Suz💗 Brad's favorite is General Tso's Chicken, he gets it every time we have Chinese takeout. That second dish, I've never had before but it looks delicious! I'll have to write that one down so I can order it next time we're out. And of course I love sweet and sour chicken, and the crab rangoon looks amazing! I'm so hungry now😂 Well done, Suz!

  2. That all looks really good. You went through a lot of work and it sounds like it was really appreciated. My take would be – make the sauces, brown the chicken with no coatings, and just make the crab dip. 😀 😀 Not the same but I'll call it "imitation Chinese" – ha-ha!

  3. I'm glad you're feeling better! 🤗 Omg Suz… I swear I could go keto with just the recipes you share! Too bad I'd have to buy 2x the groceries bc my husband/kids would refuse 🤦🏻‍♀️🤣 These look amazing & Chinese is the one food type I ALWAYS crave… Even if I just ate some! 🤣 These are awesome… And that thumbnail? Beautiful lady!😍💜 Great video!

  4. Chinese food I crave quite a lot. I love using liquid aminos and what a clever idea to use protein powder as a sub for flour. That looked like it worked out well. Im going to try avocado oil. I’ve never used this before. The dimsum looked really good. The sweet and sour looked really good though. I really want to eat that now. Great video this week 💕 xx

  5. oooooh ok so I just found your page
    .. are you keto focused?? I'm trying to go.keto and I love this video!!!! so helpful xx

  6. I've never softened and peeled a cabbage like that. Good to know. Thank you. Everything looks delicious. 🙏😊
    Whey protein as breading… great idea. 👍

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