Keto Dinner | Pork Sirloin and Green Beans | Cast Iron Cooking

Hey y’all Shawn with NoDough Acres.
This evenin’ I’m gonna bring you in the kitchen with me I’m gonna be cooking up
some pan-fried pork steaks and some green beans for dinner
so come on along. First thing I’m gonna do is I’m gonna throw some butter in my
hot cast-iron and get that good and melted we’re gonna season up these pork
steaks, they’re actually a boneless sirloin cut chop that I get from the
local butcher as you can see I put a piece of tin down on my tin foil down on
my cutting board so I don’t get my marinade and my my brush all over the…
Make sure my heats in the right spot all right I
pre-make a little marinade rub kind of thing I like to brush on and then what I
do is I just toss these right in the skillet and sear ’em and then after they’re good
and seared on both sides then I’ll throw them in the oven to finish them off if. If I
got plenty of space in my cast iron then I’ll just leave them right in the cast
iron pan throw the lid on it and cook them up like just like their in a Dutch
oven so but we’ll go ahead and brush these down real good all right all.. right
now we’ll go ahead and toss these and skillet, ooh listen to that sound looks like I might only get about five of them
in here let’s see probably this one here that’s okay a little bit more my seasoning rub on
them a little bit of Lawry’s seasoned salt, a
little bit of Tony Chachere’s all right now we’ll let those brown up..
bring you over here closer so you can see them we’ll let those brown up in
there and then I’ll flip them over and we’ll sear the other side then I’ll
throw them in the oven to finish them off and I may just throw them on a
sheet on a rack but that’s what I like to do right there. Whoo-whee I wish this
will smell-a-vision so you guys can catch a good whiff of this. Cause these here
smell fantastic I am here to tell you people these are
gonna be good. Okay y’all these look pretty good we’re gonna go ahead and
transfer them over to a baking rack throw the next set in. Alright y’all we’re
gonna finish this up get these all nice and browned up seared we’ll throw them
on that cookie sheet we’ll toss them in the oven and then I get started on the
green beans and then we’re gonna toss them in the oven let them finish off. I’m
a rinse this cast iron with some hot water and cook our green beans.. all right
y’all now once again we like butter and since
we’re on keto we can use plenty of it so I’m gonna throw a couple tablespoons in
here to melt and then I’ll throw our green beans in.
Nice part about skillet green beans is that they’re so easy. We’ve all kind of
learned that we all like them a little bit different my wife and I like them a
little bit firmer and our older daughter likes them a little bit softer but
that’s okay because we just leave them in the skillet a little bit longer for
her. Season these up with some Lawry’s, uh-oh that’s not good and looks like I
gotta go get some more Tony’s *(sizzling sound in background) so a pinch sea salt, *(sizzling sound in background) pepper *(sizzling sound in background) and Give ’em a good stir and we should be good to
go shouldn’t take much for green beans
they’re pretty simple dish even in the cast-iron and I’m good and coated with all the
seasoning spread them out here real nice throw the lid on them. Now pretty much
all my cast iron is Lodge right now but I’ve got Lodge cast iron because that’s
what we could afford at the time, but I do collect it so I do have some
collectors pieces I have some BSR and stuff like that and some Griswold but
for the most part we really like our Lodge it’s a it’s a good functional
brand and it does real good so the original nonstick cookware. Oh now this
is one of those times I truly wish that there was smell-o-vision
doesn’t that just look delicious, got some nice pork sirloin steaks here I’ve
got some fresh green beans granted they weren’t out of the garden but they’re
organics from Walmart so. Alright y’all we’re gonna enjoy this delicious dinner
pork steak and green beans see if I can let you guys see that hopefully you can
see that. I’ve got a beautiful pan-seared pork steak, green beans we’re gonna go
enjoy this great keto dinner so. We sure do appreciate y’all, hit that like button,
hit that subscribe button, ring that bell so you don’t miss out on anything going
on here NoDough Acres. God Bless y’all

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