Keto Full Day Of Eating I Keto Grocery Haul Christmas Dinner I Endomorph On Keto

hey YouTube family I just broke my fast
with some peanuts you know I’m so hungry I want something more than peanuts but I
need to go grocery shopping also going to be picking up some items for Christmas I
want to keep it kind of like Kido fight for Christmas y’all but I’m planning on
that’s gonna be Keto friendly is meat of course I’m gonna be trying to make
some Quito dinner rolls I’ve never done that before so that’s gonna be a first
you know freely ow I hurt myself a keto friendly chicken salad and possibly no
I’m gonna make some deviled eggs because I really love doubled eggs and that’s
like the main thing that’s keto friendly that I’m gonna be cooking y’all
/ baking probably line myself and probably gonna add something else to the
list yeah but I’m also gonna be making some corn pudding if I have corn pudding
it’s gonna be a little bitty piece y’all because with corn pudding out eat the
whole container so I really do have to make sure I don’t eat too much of it
then I’m also going to be making ambrosia salad because my mom loves it
so much y’all I really don’t care for it is whatever and she she didn’t say she
wants potato salad but my mom loves potato salad so I’m gonna make that and
I think that’s all for our Christmas dinner menu that we’re gonna be doing I
think yeah oh yes oh also sweet potato casserole how did I forget that I would
get killed probably if I didn’t make that but eating my love’s umm yeah so
we’re about to head to Walmart and I may go to Kroger as well to get some items
yeah because you know like my Keto or only chocolate I really love to have is
it Kroger so yeah I planned today is not to spend any more than $100 fingers
crossed yep okay y’all see what happens when you
live in a city that has all the bumpy road yeah but in a way he’s about to
take this inside the house alright yeah so I went to Dollar General Walmart and
Kroger we have some pumpkin yay almond flour then we have some xanthan gum
I’ve never used that before but we’re gonna try it then we have our three gram
car mission car balance some pecans some day a dairy-free vegan friendly cheese
do we have some Lilly’s dark chocolate but
King chips and this is vegan friendly y’all I’ve never tried their bacon chips
I don’t believe I’m really excited to try them again if I have then we have
two eggs that’s a cheaper version because we are
being budget-friendly today you are and you know eggs can be expensive al
sometimes so yeah we got the great value type eggs then we have some lilies
almond dark chocolate so good yum yum no sugar at it then we also have halo top
dairy-free vegan friendly soy free chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream
okay then we have green bean all natural ground beef we have chicken wings some
bacon some chicken breast some ham chopped ham then we just have some
regular ham then I have some homemade is it how you say ray house-made tomato
sauce y’all this is expensive al but I’ve seen other people talk about is how
I just want to try it so these are all of the keto friendly items I got so I
guess we don’t like a keto grocery haul a mini one in a way right now
I mean I got some other something I told you I plan on making corn pudding some
yams casserole Paytas salad and some other stuff I think but you guys I want
to make sure I only nibble on the nine keto friendly foods my plate is gonna
mainly be keto friendly items so yeah I’m about to put this up and yeah I’m
really hungry you guys it’s three o’clock and the only thing I’ve had was
some peanuts some sugar-free gum and I just was really hungry so I just had
some so delicious dairy-free coconut milk no sugar add an ice cream yeah and
so yeah whatever I need this I don’t know I may make some
I don’t know what I’m gonna I don’t know what I’m gonna have for my first meal of
the day y’all but it’s gonna be something good okay y’all so first meal
of the day I’m gonna just draw like cooking for Christmas y’all and I don’t
feel like cooking like real food right now so I just have my mission card
balance wrap this three grams net carbs two pieces of ham and one egg and y’all
I bought some salt and pepper I don’t know
I don’t know where that is so only how pink Himalayan sea salt here at the
house so my mom she’s on her way here and hopefully I’ll get some pepper but
yeah I have to have a with no pepper and that’s not fun in my opinion so yeah
even though we don’t have any pepper y’all there’s gonna be bomb diggity yeah
mm-hmm bomb calm over here and I’m gonna be drinking some water lots and lots and
lots and lots and lots of water over here Merry Christmas you guys so first
meal of the day I have to keto friendly chicken wings
i coated my chicken wings with almond flour yeah yeah yeah like some good old
seasoning of course and then we have some green beans two pieces of ham we
have some corn pudding and then we have my sweet potato casserole this sweet
potato casserole has some pecans in and marshmallows and it I made um this keto
dinner roll I made it first with almond flour and then I was like oh this is
disgusting so I made it the second time with coconut flour and I think I like
that one better and I just have some butter on top of it I’m gonna have some
hot sauce and I’m gonna be drinking some Coke Zero yeah I’m feeling great right
now y’all so it is the day after Christmas I’m feeling great feeling
wonderful I’ve only fastest so far for 13 hours y’all today I’m gonna try to
fast as long as possible I don’t know how long that’s gonna be
but as long as possible over here I’ve been drinking only water been taking a
whole lot of water today my period is almost over whoo whoo thank you guys I
really look like I’ve been crying y’all but my eyes have just been watering
randomly today I don’t know what that’s about negative energy we don’t want any
of that but I actually went to go visit my dad and my god and some other family
members it’s immaterial came back home cuz I forgot some stuff so yeah we’re
about to go to the gym right now I don’t know what today is gonna be I should
do a full body workout but I don’t know my body is like man but I need to do it
so we’ll see what happens when we get to the gym okay y’all so as you can see I did an
upper body day today and normally I don’t ever wear tennis shoes without
socks and I couldn’t I couldn’t do anything with my lower body like it was
irritating me to not have socks on today I will never do that again
never ever ever oh my gosh y’all I gotta take these tennis shoes off now because
I hate the feeling of not wearing socks with shoes yeah so right now it is 11:11
a hook Make A Wish hot on a second okay I also
had to make a wish real quick so at 12:04 p.m. y’all I will have hit the 16
hour market for my intermittent fasting why don’t I say like I don’t know but
I’m not hungry yet so we’re going to fast a little bit longer and y’all ready
no I’m going to let y’all know when I break my fast of course okay y’all so I
am breaking my fast at 1:31 p.m. we have been fasting for over 17 hours I am
breaking my fast with some chicken salad and I have three frozen strawberries and
drinking water and we’re currently watching you own Netflix only 11 minutes
into this y’all it’s so good oh my gosh I hate the fact that it took me this
long to start watching it my god this is a keto friendly chicken salad y’all and
I do have a little bit of eggs and no sugar added sweet Jerkins in this y’all
so good mm-hmm ready to dig in if you moments later okay y’all so
that’s not I had did nothing so I’m back to have a whole meal right now so we
have to keto friendly pancakes with two scrambled eggs salt and pepper then we
have some keto fried chicken yes yes yeah are you guys so mom and I are in
the car we’re about to go to cinema class
Rodman’s in fact I’m gonna have some water y’all of course but I also have my
zero sugar country time raspberry lemonade I don’t think I’ve ever tried
this before ever try it I hope I like because I would hate to be in zumba
class and this is disgusting but you know i’ma
let you know you want to say anything yeah I’ll see I still have my Santa hat
on I’m still in the Christmas spirit they say how are you gonna weigh your
hair until New Year’s I’m gonna wear two new your new today I’m gonna have this
real cool cat on our camp one that shimmer and I gotta find me a nice one
if y’all know of one nice when please let me know thank you I want to look
good for new you okay YouTube family let’s go to Zumba class leggo hey y’all
so no super today I’m gonna wear these clothes tomorrow I’m so serious
anyways my love so we’re gonna head home that means I can edit my videos and all
that stuff early today I’m gonna be early a.m. today
yeah well you guys I have a hot date tonight
Oh actually I guess it’s cold I’m sorry they cracked me up okay so I have my
halo top chocolate-chip cookie dough ice cream and some lilies almond dark
chocolate well you guys I’m about to start my fast at 7:30 p.m. if by any
chance you are new to the channel welcome to the fam I’m over here
documenting my keto weight loss journey and your girl is sharing everything we
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uploads here I do upload three videos a week so you can’t expect the video from
me on Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays and we have not missed an upload yet to my
amazing beautiful unique YouTube family thank you so much for watching this
video as always if you don’t hear it from anyone else I love you so stay
blessed and I would see you in the next video which will be Monday alright you
guys I hope y’all have a wonderful and safe weekend and have all the fun enough
for me as well oh yeah I love you so much see you on Monday bye

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  1. Great Christmas dinner, those chicken wings looks good. Thanks for sharing hope you & your mom had a great Christmas.

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