Kid takes celebrating Way too far… **MUST WATCH**

– Hello guys, and welcome
back to another video. I am literally freaking
out right now, oh my God! This last hour has been
one of the craziest hours of my entire life. I’m literally just
walking around in circles, like I don’t even know what to do. Yo, yo, yo, calm down, calm down. We are literally so close, Mum. Six hundred off. All my social media are blowing up. – I’m blowing up, I’m blowing up balloons. – We got balloons here. If you don’t know already,
we’re in this villa. This bloody five star villa. Look at the pool, oh my God! We’re gonna hit two million in literally the best
way possible, oh my God. Oh my God! Four hundred! Four hundred! Why do we both not have tops on? Yes! Oh my God. – Stop it. Get some help. – The balloons are everywhere! – Oh my God, these are long balloons! – We got a long balloon! – We got a long one! – No Mum, no. – Oh, sorry. – You’ve taken it too far, Mum. Nope, sit down. Sit down on there. Sit down, calm down a minute, come on. Oh my, what the My Twitter is absolutely
blowing up right now. This is mental. I have no words for this. Oh my God, oh my God! Yo, yo, can you guys see this? Can you guys see this? 991, okay it’s gone down, it’s gone down. 998! Yeah! Two million and 33. – [Mum] No! What are you doing? Calm down! – Come out with me, come out with me! Come out with me! – [Mum] Careful, what are you doing? Wait, wait, wait, wait. – This is for you, two million! (“Keep It Mello” by
Marshmello ft. Omar Linx) – [Mum] Are you alright? – We did it! Oh my God! That was actually so much fun! Oh my God, I didn’t do it guys. We all did it. Two million subscribers, aye? 15 years old, two million
subscribers, not too bad. Is that a piece of poo or a bloody leaf? – [Mum] It’s just a poo. – It’s a balloon! (laughs) Thank you all so much. You know what, Mum, pass me the camera. I think someone else who
needs a big congratulations. is that balloon over there. Like, he’s been an absolute
legend of the channel. He’s helped us out all the way. Nah, I’m joking. Mum, big congratulations to you. You’ve probably made
like all of my channel so I think Mum deserves a
big congratulations too. – What’s that?
– We did it, Mum! We did it! I’m doing another jump,
ya’ll, I’m doing another jump. – [Mum] Oh no, Morgan. Oh, I’m so scared. Don’t slip either! – Guys, two million,
thank you all so much. Actually, it’s the funnest thing ever. Yo, let’s get back inside and
take a look at the sub count. Come on. Well done, mate. – You little (dog barks) (dramatic orchestral music) That was probably the most like out of nowhere celebration ever. You had balloons and everything. We only managed to get
like half of them up. There’s a card! I do love a good card. “Congrats from all of us,” and it’s got three monkeys on there. “To Morgan, well done, you did it. Love from Mum and Martin.” And Bruno, can’t forget about Bruno. – [Mum] No. Bruno would love to be here, but is not. – Yo, I swear it’s been about 10 minutes. – [Mum] Why do people like you, Morgan? – I don’t know. Team Morgz, going bloody mental right now. Look at that. So we’re on the way out right
now, the celebrations begin. It is 10:00 p.m. right now, but yeah, we’re just on the way out now to try and find somewhere to eat. I’ll come back to you guys
when we can find somewhere ’cause we’re just kind of in the middle of nowhere right now. Guys look, it’s a little pussy. It’s a little pussy on the street! Mum, the real question is,
can you handle 21 inch? – That’s actually quite a handful. Quite a mouthful! – [Morgan] Alright, so my
bloody calamari’s here. Mum, what you got? – Like a Greek plate. – That looks bloody disgusting. It’s been two hours
since we hit two million. Check how many subs we got now. Team Morgz are literally mental. Thank you, thank you. Can’t forget the finishing touch. That’s better. Do a dab. Oh God, you just got me
like two million dislikes on the video. (relaxed guitar music) (live karaoke music) – [Mum] Morgan! Have you had a good night tonight? – Yeah. Alright guys, we’ve just got
back from the celebratory Is that a word? Mum, is celebratory a word? I think it’s a bloody word, I don’t know. We’ve just come back from
the celebrational night out. It’s been pretty fun, guys. I’ll tell you what, Ima
speak to you tomorrow because I need some sleep. I am absolutely bloody knackered. I thought I’d come out here
and just say a few words. It’s the next day right now, I’ve had time just to kind of
relax and think a little bit and just take it all in, two million. It’s pretty crazy. I know I kind of do these speeches a lot, where I say thank you, and I really, really
hope by now you guys know how thankful I am of you. But I am gonna do another one today. I’ll try and keep it as short
as I can, without rambling, but I do want to say some things. Now on YouTube at the moment, it’s been pretty weird for me. It’s been pretty on and off,
in a way, staying motivated. Motivation is a weird thing, because you’ll have so
much of it at one point and then you’ll have none
of it at another point. For example, exactly a month ago, I got to a point where I
really, really was just It wasn’t that I wasn’t enjoying it, I was just a little bit demotivated. But then I decided just
to keep working hard, just to work hard again, and I started uploading
daily, and it’s been like that was one of the best decisions ever because right now, my
channel is doing so well. There’s so many new faces coming over, and it’s crazy, it really is. I’m just enjoying myself so much. So much at the moment. I’m making multiple videos a day, editing multiple ones a day, and it is really all down to you guys. So I just want to say a massive, and this is coming
straight from the heart, a massive, massive thank you. I know a lot of YouTubers
say things like this and sometimes don’t mean it, but I really hope that you guys do know that everything I say,
or when I say thank you, I mean every word of it. I mean every bit of it. Two years ago, I literally had nothing. There was one thing I knew I wanted to do, and that was YouTube, but at the time it just
seemed so unrealistic. I had nothing else. I never had any other hobbies, I never wanted to be a footballer, I never wanted to be a singer, I never really had anything
that I was good at. And then the YouTube thing took off, and it was honestly the best
thing of my entire life, and the best thing that could’ve happened. Because now I know this
is what I want to do and this is the only thing I want to do. And the fact that I’ve got an audience of two million people now supporting me every day, every video,
is the best feeling. So I just want to say I
really, really, really, really hope you all understand
how much you mean to me. And they aren’t just words. That’s truth right there. I really, really hope you all know that you mean everything to me. I really hope you do. When I see you guys saying
that you’ve enjoyed a video, when I see you guys saying
that you’ve subscribed and you’re new, it genuinely
is the best feeling. Seeing the family grow bigger and bigger, and then hitting a
milestone like two million just reminds you how
big this thing all is. It’s just, it is a great feeling, guys. Honestly, it’s the best feeling. And yeah, I just want to say thank you. I just want to say thank you, and I really, really hope you all know how much you mean to me. But yeah, guys, I’m gonna
go and enjoy the day. Let’s go enjoy the day. Let’s have a good one. Guys, thank you all so
much for two million. Let’s have a good day. Okay guys, it is time for
another competitive game. Me versus Mum. Today it’s tennis. As you can see, we’ve got
the tennis net right here. No, but for real guys, we’re
gonna have a one on one game of basketball. I mean, I’ve kind of
put my own spin on it. If you touch the net, then it’s a foul. You can dunk it as long as you
don’t actually touch the net. If you score, you get a point. First to five points wins. Thanks for that. And then obviously, everything else is just normal basketball rules. So Mum, are you ready? Martin, throw us in a ball. Oh no! Oh! She’s low key drowning. – You touched it. – I touched it. You get a penalty. Alright Mum. Ah, she missed the penalty! Alright, one more Mum, are you ready? Two, one. – You can’t do that,
you’ve got to throw it! Two all. (laughs) – Did that go in?
– Yeah. – Did it go in?
– Yeah. – Oh, no way! That’s three, two.
– Yeah. – Aw, no! – [Martin] Missed it. How can you miss that? (laughs) – Oh no. (laughs) – You cheat! Referee! – Oh my God.
– Free shot. – This is to win it, isn’t it? – [Martin] Yeah. – She touched the net!
She touched the net! It cancels out! Martin, do what’s right! – [Martin] Take it again. – Yes! – [Martin] Don’t touch it, Morgan. – Yes! – Oh no! – Winner! – Oh, I’ve just been beat by Mum at a bloody basketball game. Alright then, we’ve just headed
out of the house right now. Mum, what are we doing? – We’re going to get some charcoal. – We’re going to get some
bloody charcoal, mate. We’re having a barbecue tonight. We’re having what Mum calls a game night, where we’re gonna cook some
nice food and have some games. It’s gonna be fun, guys. – How did he get to come with us, anyway? – No idea. – I don’t understand. I don’t even know how he
thought to put his passport in. He must’ve been listening to us. – Can we lock him out tonight? Let him sleep outside. (electronic/trap music) – We went into the shop wanting charcoal. We came out with charcoal
and about 50 pounds of floats on top of that. We got the biggest float in
the entire shop, it was $25. And then we got these ones here, we got another rubber ring. We’re gonna just literally
fill the pool with floats. This is gonna be pretty
cool, to be honest. – Stop it! (laughs) – You’re like a child! Just ’cause you’ve got something long in your hand for the first time. Leave Martin’s head alone. Get off his head. – [Morgan] No! (laughs) He’s going for the legs,
he’s going for the legs! Oh, you little booger! Look at that. Fills the entire pool, basically. We’re gonna be here for a bloody while. Yo, I have been pumping away at this thing for like the past hour. We’ve finally got it, it’s like 95% done, and it’s literally, it’s going dark, guys. It’s actually going dark, but yeah. We’ve got the food being prepared. Martin, is the barbie done yet? Nearly done. We’ve got burgers, chicken, and hotdogs. That just sounds gorgeous. And look at the pool, guys. It just looks amazing at
night, it looks so beautiful. And guys, that’s a wrap. We’ve finished! It is literally rock solid right now. The food is also on
the barbecue right now. The world’s first bald
barbecuer is on the case. Finally, after about an hour – [Mum] An hour of pumping. Them little skinny legs must be worn out. – Oh wow, it floated in the air! So now we’ve got a donut, a
basketball net, a big float, we’ve got a goal net,
we’ve got balls down there, we’ve got water guns, and then we’ve got them
big long things, hold on. Bam, the pool, we’re slowly filling it. I think we have got another thing though. I think we’ve got another ring. – [Mum] You’ve got
something else to blow up. – We got a standard rubber ring as well, just because I thought why not? Yo guys, the food is here! Shout out to the big man
himself, the big head. We got burger, we got chicken, I’ve got a nice little sausage one here, we’ve got some nice corn. Oh, this is gonna be good bro. Hi, look who’s joined us! We’re all through eating. Wait, let’s see if we can scare it off. Boo! Oh, he’s a bloody savage, this one. This is what I call the jump of why are you not recording? – [Mum] Oh, should I be? – Guys, this is what I
call the jump of doom. – Oh no! (laughs) The floor is lava. Oh my God, oh my God! (“Mask Off” by Future) Okay guys, so I’m back inside right now. It’s been a little wild. Right now it’s actually
like 3:00 a.m. Cyprus Time or like 1:00 a.m. UK time. I’ve just been editing
for the last few hours because, you know, the grind never stops. But yeah, I think I am gonna go to bed in like an hour or something. At the moment, I’ve been going
to bed at like 8:00 a.m., so like as soon as the sun’s come up, I’ve been going to bed. It’s been really weird. But yeah, I just wanted
to say one more time, a massive, huge, ginormous
thank you to you guys for two million subs. And hey, here’s to three million. Hopefully we can get it. I don’t know, let’s see if we can get it before the end of the year. I think we can though, because
Team Morgz, we’re a unit. No one can stop us. We’re a unit. That’s not us, that’s us. It’s true. But yeah guys, if you’ve
enjoyed this video, remember to smash a like on it and also subscribe to my channel. Guys, thank you all so much for watching, Thanks for two million, and as always, I’ve been Morgz, you
guys have been awesome, and I’ll see you in my next video. Peace out! – If you enjoyed the video, then remember to subscribe
to Morgz’s channel. And don’t forget to leave a
like. (laughs) Thanks for watching. Peace out.

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