Kids bedroom idea: DIY Porthole decoration

Hi! Imagine that you go on a cruise and you
look through the porthole of your cabin… Today, I propose to create such a porthole
and to dream a little. For pictures of breathtaking scenery, recycle
old calendars, or if you are in a very creative mood, create
your own seascapes. Take a paper plate and draw a circle on the
bottom of the plate. Draw the circle freehand or use a round object
as a guide. Then cut out the circle you have drawn with
small sharp scissors. You now have the base of your porthole! Paint the porthole with ochre paint to start. Then add a coat or two of gold or copper paint. Since gold and copper paints are rather transparent, I always put an ochre base coat to better
bring out the golden or copper colour. If you wish, you can paint the other side
of the plate but that is not mandatory. When the paint is dry, you are going to decorate
the porthole with brass nuts. You can use real brass cap nuts. Mark the points where you want to glue the
nuts and then glue them in place with the glue gun. If you do not have nuts, use brass fasteners. As in the previous case, mark where you want
to place the brass fasteners. Then make small holes with sharp scissors. Now insert the legs of the fastener in the
hole and spread them apart on the other side. To complete the porthole, choose your dream
landscape. I love beaches with turquoise water and palm
trees… and that’s what I chose for my porthole! Put your porthole over the landscape with
the part you want to keep at the center. Trace the outline of the plate. Cut out the circle you traced with large scissors. Put white glue on the flat edge of the plate
and glue your landscape on it. Turn the porthole over and admire the result! The porthole project is a nice project to
do in the summer or for a birthday with an ocean theme! Share your porthole with your dream landscape
on the Animaplates web site. To print the illustrated instructions for
this project click on the link below the video and don’t
forget to visit the Animaplates website to find hundreds of creative projects.

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