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Hello Welcome back with us
Korea-Indonesia Family in Germany Today is a special day,
because today we’ll have a birthday celebration of… JERONIMO JJ: Yeah.. I have a crown Chayton: Me too Mama: Also Chayton !!? So, we’ll celebrate it in cinema JJ has already invited his friends Now we’re waiting So keep follow us, we’ll show you, let’s go… Popcorn & Softdrink for each kid Ready to go in the cinema room The film ended So, now we are home already And JJ want to unpack the birthday presents So we were so busy in the cinema There were 8 kids in total And they were so active But they really enjoyed the day.
Which film did you watch just now? Everest (ABOMINABLE) Did you like it? JJ: Yes So I want to tell you something These presents are actually chosen by JJ himself So in Germany, if a kid has birthday They can choose their own toys/presents
(Chayton is so excited) Like a wishbox They can go to toys shop,
and they can choose the toys… the toys that they like, which collected & put in a box
(What is he doing?) And the friends which invited to the birthday Their parents can go to that toys shop And they can buy those chosen toys for the birthday kid So these are the toys/presents that JJ chose by himself So we can watch together what kind of toys that he chose Mama: Yes, you can open any of them Mama: wait first.. wait JJ let his brothers to open his presents too Chayton: Mama, can you open it? Mama: Yes, you can open it
Koko (older brother) said you’re allowed open it Mama: But it belongs to Koko, ok? JJ: Oh yes, that Lego figure Mama: Oh, let’s show what that is Mama: Playmobil JJ: Police book JJ: a police book Keanu: Dragonoid JJ: Show me.. Look! Dragonoid Mama: What is it? Bakura… Bakura? Mama: Bakugan. The mama has no idea what the name is Chayton: Mama, that is mine JJ: That’s mine… unfair Mama: Oh, this is for school bag Mama: So it’ll blinkt Keanu: Show me, mama Chayton: A dragon, mama JJ: Where is the scissor? JJ: Now, come the new Lego JJ: Yes, what is this? New Lego JJ: The new Lego Spinjitzu.. Wait Keanu: Lloyd (From Lego Ninjago) Mama: Another Lego Ninjago Chayton: No… Lloyd Mama: Yes, it’s nice right, Dede (younger brother) ? Mama: Is Lloyd the name? JJ: I think, it’s a book Mama: This one too Mama: So these are all what JJ chose.
He get all of them Mama: You get all what you chose JJ: Wait.. I chose the mini books as well Mama: Ah yes right, it’s not included Mama: May be because it’s not that good Mama: Chayton, what did you get just now?
JJ: Mama, can I unpack this now? Mama: Dek, can you show it? Mama: Can you show it? There is the camera
JJ: Can I unpack this ? JJ: Can I unpack this ? Mama: They can’t see it Mama: You should show it like this Mama: Chayton bought this one just now Mama: While waiting for his brother watching film Chayton: A horse Mama: Yes, Kuda (horse in indonesish) Keanu: Where is mine? Mama: What is it Dek? “Kuda” Keanu: Now mine !!! Mama: What is Keanu’s? What did Keanu buy? Mama: Keanu bought a car toy Mama: It can make sound Mama: Oh, there is light as well JJ: Mama, can I open it now? Mama: Yes, you can.
Keanu: Mama, can we open it ? Mama: This is a keychain for JJ’s school bag
(Chayton take the chance to play with the scissor) Mama: Because JJ has to walk to school Mama: And in Winter, it’s dark already Mama: It’s dark in the early morning Mama: And in the afternoon, after school, it’s dark too Mama: So this one, if you press once, the light is on Mama: If you press once again, it blinkt Mama: So in the morning, it’s still dark Mama: Sometimes, there is haze too
Thus JJ still can be seen by the cars We stop today’s video here. We hope you enjoy it. Thank you for watching and don’t forget to subscribe, ok

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  1. Hello guys, I thought the comments will be disabled, because this video is set for kids.
    As long as you still can write something here, let me know your thought about what Chayton was doing from 2:22 ๐Ÿ˜Š

    Hallo gaez, aku kirain komentarnya akan tidak aktiv untuk video ini. Selagi kalian masih bisa tulis komen, kasi tahu pendapat kalian tentang tingkah laku si kecil Chayton dari menit 2:22 ๐Ÿค—

    Note: Some faces are sensored according to the privacy law in Germany. Thank you.

  2. Wah.. ini lanjutan perayaan ulang taun di video sebelumnya. Seneng banget JJ pergi ke bioskop nonton sama teman-teman. Awww itu Chayton kocak banget di awal video.. heboh sendiri hahaha

  3. Selamat ulang tahun jj๐ŸŽŠ๐ŸŽ‰ Bahagia dan sehat selalu,semoga semakin pintar dan jadi kebanggaan keluarga aamiin๐Ÿ˜‡๐Ÿ’™
    Jj seneng banget ya bisa milih mainan๐Ÿ˜

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