Kids Birthday Parties Long Island – Celebrate your Kids Birthday in the best Party place

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pardpardeftab720 f0fs28 cf2 Birthdays are the best, but
kids birthday parties in long island at white post farms are even better!
It was just the most perfect day from start to finish!
We walked into a private Birthday Room, decorated with Balloons, party favors and farm animals
painted all over the walls. There was a fish tank and stuffed animals that peaked out from
every corner We ate, drank and had a cake that looked like
the farm with miniature ponies on top. It was delicious.
White post farms is the best place for kids birthday parties in long island
My day was full of surprises. I held a bunny that was so soft and beautiful, it didn’t
look real. I could have held it all day, but there was more to do.
We walked through walkways of animals, each one was friendlier than the next. We fed them
bottles of milk and hand-fed them. We pet them and played with them. I could have been
there all day. The highlight of my day were the Pony Rides.
I chose the most beautiful pony. A dream come true and a Birthday I will always remember.
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