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– John, hey John. This is Mitch, you know Braiden’s dad? – Oh yeah. – You guys should chat. You’ll hit it off. I’m gonna talk with Fran, I’ll be back. ♪ Trapped, trapped, trapped ♪ ♪ Trapped, trapped, trapped ♪ ♪ Happy Birthday to you! ♪ – Ah, that’s too many candles. – What’s that? – The kid’s five. 10 candles. – Oh yeah, more festive maybe. – It’s dangerous, that’s a lot of fire. – Ah I think it’s probably fine. – Yeah, right, good. Yeah fire can’t melt steel beams right? – Are you talking about. – Yeah, yes I am.
– Okay. – And so are you, we’re both talking about it. You get it, I get it, we, we’re the same. – Right. Did you try this yet? – Don’t eat that. Don’t eat that. That’s poison. Did you see them make that? Never eat anything unless you see somebody make it. – It’s just pizza. – Ah, ah, no. Good yeah. You got tattoos? – No I don’t, you do? – Oh yeah. – Okay. – Oh yeah, you want me to take off, you want to see? – No, no. – If you do, I don’t mind. Just whosh underneath here, it’s nuts. – Cool. Um alright man, well cool, good seeing you. – Yeah dude. Every time I’m here, I’m gonna find you so we can talk, okay. – Okay, alright. Hey Molly, Molly, we gotta go. We gotta leave now. – What did she say? – She said we’re gonna
stay a little longer. – Cool.

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