Kids Birthday Party Places Long Island: One of a Kids Birthday Party. Long Island number one Place

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deftab720 pardpardeftab720sl280 f0fs26 cf0 My Birthday Party this year
was a blast! White Post Farms is the best kids birthday party place in long island.
‘a0 My friends and I had the best time ever. ‘a0
Would you believe my friends and I rode a
pony, held the softest bunnies, hand fed the friendliest farm animals and saw all sorts
of exotic animals that you would never imagine seeing outside of a zoo?
‘a0 We were escorted by the sweetest hostess who
showed us around and took care of everything. ‘a0
The pizza was delicious and the cake was adorable!
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White Post farms made me feel like a princess on my special day, one that I will never forget.
‘a0 If you are looking for the best kids birthday
party place in long island, then you have found it. ‘a0
‘a0 ‘a0Thank you White Post Farms for such a
perfect day!
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