KIDS BLOCK PARTY x Hip Hop 4 Hope x Fundraising – Manila, Philippines

Hi everybody here’s NIAKO (Legion X) I’m an international dancer from France I travel the world to give workshops and to inspire the new generation of dancers. This year, 2018
with the association “Hip Hop 4 Hope” we gonna bring the Hip Hop
culture again to Philippines to help the street children. With the fundraising we gonna
organize a “KIDS BLOCK PARTY” we gonna bring all the children to one place and we’re gonna let them discover all the different elements of the Hip Hop culture. To bring all the kids to the event, we will use some part of the funding to bring them by bus. So the kids don’t have to pay for anything We gonna share the different elements of the hip-hop culture DJ’ing rapping graffity and dance The “KIDS BLOCK PARTY” is a part of the “workshop tour” of the association “Hip Hop 4 Hope” In this “workshop tour” we will bring different famous dancers we know who can inspire the kids from the different slum areas where we’re gonna operate It’s not about the name, but all
those international dancer´s are coming as volunteers All the dancers are paying
their own travel costs so it´s really something that we are doing with the heart Please help us from a small amount to
a big amount everything is gonna help we really need you on that. Please again you have all the information in the video description bellow. Please help us on this project and make it possible we really want to share the Hip Hop culture with those kids we really want to make them to feel as part of our community so please help us on this project

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