KIDS CANDY Dispenser Roulette GAME! FUN FUN FUN!

– Welcome back, and today we’re playing
the gumball machine game. This is gonna be so fun. – Yeah! – You ready? – Yeah. – [Kyle Voiceover] Welcome
back to Kyle’s Toys and Games. Let’s have some fun! – This is how it works. So we have our giant gumball machine here. You spin this, and them
whatever color of gumball that comes out, like orange. I got orange which is hit three targets with a Nerf Blaster. – I can’t wait to see what
games we are going to play. – Okay, after we got it,
and we’ve picked it up, we can see what’s on this card. – Yep. – Go, Luke, what did you get? What are you gonna get? You got pink. That’s make a slime bubble. – Oh, awesome, okay. – Here’s the slime. – I’m gonna open up our slime. Whoa, I love this slime. Remember when we did the
slime dispenser video, Kyle? – Yeah, that was so cool. – This is the green slime. It’s very squishy. Ready? – That one also had the Orbeez in it. You can still kind of
see the Orbeez in it. – Oh, yeah, ready? Three, two, one! (screams) – [Kyle] First try! Look at that. – Ah, it deflated. Here, I’ll do one more. – Okay, do one more, and
then it’s gonna be my… Well, there’s goes a stack of cups. – Okay, ready, Kyle? – Go! (screams) Ready, ready, here’s something cool. – Oh, it tipped over. Now, you put your other
slime in a container. Slime bubble container. – Oh, yeah, that’s really cool. – That was awesome, Kyle. It’s your turn now, ready? – Hey, guys, I can’t wait
to see what game I get. Purple. – [Luke] Which one is this? Let’s see here. – Purple is race on the hoverboard. – Yeah, let’s do it. (upbeat music) You ready? – Okay, guys, we’re here
at the starting line. We gotta race to, over to the cones. Let’s do this, guys. Let’s see who wins. Three, two, one, go! I think you’re gonna win, Luke. Oh, I’m winning, I’m winning, I’m winning! Go! Oh, no! Yes, yes, yes, yes! – Ah, man, you won, Kyle. Let’s go back to our table,
and draw more gumballs. – Okay. Okay, Luke, it’s your turn. – Okay, that was so much fun, Kyle. What am I going to get? – [Kyle] Green! – [Luke] Green is? – Eat a Warhead! – Oh, no! – You get Extra Sour Lemon. Yay! – These are the sourest ones. Oh, my mouth is already watering. – Oh, that’s looks so sour. – Yeah, look at that, you guys. Three, two, one. – Just wait. If you keep it in there for a while, if you run around a lot, then it’ll get sweet faster. – It’s so sour. – If you run in circles really, really fast, then it will get, it won’t be sour. – Oh, it’s so sour. (Kyle cheers) – Okay, guys, I’m up next. This is gonna be so fun. – It’s still really sour. I got pink, so that means I
gotta do a slime bubble too. – Okay, here’s your slime, Kyle. – Okay. – This is weird slime. – My Warhead’s getting way
sweeter, which is awesome. – Fun bubble, here, I’ll help you. Go. – Aw, it didn’t work. We’ll try one more time,
and see if we can get it. (screams) – [Luke] Aw, it deflated. – That was still a slime bubble. – Yeah. – Yeah, Luke, it’s your turn. – Here I go. – Let’s see what you get. Blue! What blue, what’s blue? I wonder what blue is? Jump in the hot tub with your clothes on. – No! At least it’s warm. – At least it’s warm, yeah. Okay, Luke. – It’s warm. – Okay, go in, ready? Three, two, one. – Oh, I’m in the hot
tub with my clothes on. This is crazy. – [Kyle] Does it feel weird? – Yeah, it’s warm. I have my socks on, too. – [Kyle] You’re gonna
have squishy feet today. – Yep. Okay, I guess I have to come out. – Okay, I’ll get your towel ready. – Oh, my socks are so squishy. – There you go. – This is weird. – Let’s go finish this. – Okay. Alright, Kyle, here you go. What are you gonna get? – Blue one again. – I got a blue one? I got a blue one, come on. – [Luke] We’ll go in together. Come on, Kyle, let’s go. – We’re getting in the hot tub. Oh, this feels so weird. – So squishy, huh? – And I’m wearing normal shorts. – Oh, this is weird. – Yeah, my socks are really,
really, really weird. – Yeah, they’re so squishy, huh? They’re like SpongeBob’s feet. – Squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak. – Alright, we’re going to get out. Oh, look at that. Alright, let’s go finish. – Now we’re all wet. Luke, it’s your turn. Let’s see what you get. – Okay, here I go. – Please, don’t be yellow. You got, what’s that one? – [Luke] Red. – Red is… – Spin around 10 times. – And hit a ball off of a tee. Oh, no! – Ready, I gotta spin around 10 times and try to hit the ball. Ready? – [Kyle] Go! One, two, three, four, five, six,
seven, eight, nine, 10. – That is weird. – I really wanna try it. – You wanna try it? – Yeah. – Okay. – Okay, guys, I’m gonna go extra dizzy. I’m gonna go 10 more times. – 20? – 20 times. – Okay, ready? Go! One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, go! (laughs) He’s really dizzy. Let’s move on to the next gumball. What are you gonna get? – Orange! I got orange. – Kyle, orange is you need to hit down a tower with a Nerf blaster. – Okay, let’s do this. – Three, two, one, go! (screams) – There’s one more tower. There’s one more tower. – You made another stack. (screams) Get outta here, cup. (screams) – I blasted that, so cool, and I made two towers. – My turn! Here it comes, three, two, one. Orange! I get to do the Nerf Blaster! – I’m gonna make a tower for Luke. Okay, ready, three, two, one, go! (screams) – Okay, guys, let’s see what I get. Yellow! Guys, I got yellow, so I have to pop three
yellow balloons on my head. – Okay, go! – That’s one! I gotta go in the hot tub and warm up! – Here I go. Oh, I got yellow! That means I have to pop three
water balloons on my head. Here I go. Three, two, one! What? (laughs) Last one, here I go. That is awesome. I’m so wet. This is a bonus round, blow a bubble game. Ready? Three, two, one, go! (upbeat music) – I’m ready to blow my bubble. Are you? – Not yet. – Nope, not yet, I tried
it, it’s way too hard. It’s too chunky. (laughs) I made one! – Alright, my turn, ready? Comment down below right now
who won the gumball game. Kyle, who do you think won? You ’cause you did it three times I think. – Yep, I think I won too. I don’t know, you guys
write down in the comments. – Thanks for watching
Kyle’s Things and Games, click any of these other
videos to watch more. I’ll see you guys next time. – [Both] Bye! (upbeat music)

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