Kids Fun TV Compilation Video: Dinosaur, Pirate, Incredibles and Jumanji Together!

[Upbeat music] Text:
Compilation Video Text: Kids Fun
TV Presents Text: Our Dino
Egg Hatched! Kids, come inside! The babysitter’s here, mom and dad are leaving. Oh man! I’ll turn on a show for you. C’mon, hurry up. [Kids laughing] You guys know Asia. So please be good for
her while we’re gone. We’ll be back in an hour, all right? All right. Okay, before I leave, let’s turn on a
show for you guys. An update on the
volcano situation, here in Jurassic World. The dinosaurs are all
safe and contained. Bye, guys. Be good. Thanks Asia. And they’re evacuating
all of the last remains. The last of the prehistoric
remains and dinosaur eggs are for sale at Jurassic
World, right now. [Gasping] Buy one soon, to preserve these
precious dinosaur eggs. Call 1-800-DinoEGG to
complete your purchase. Whoa, that would be so cool! Please be a part of preserving nature’s most
precious specimens. Looks like Dad left his wallet. Dad would ground us for life if we ever used his credit card. He forgot to give me
my allowance last week. He totally owes me. What was that number again? What’s the number? What’s the number? Shh! The babysitter might hear you. Are you serious? She’s zoned out on her phone. Texting her boyfriend
or something. Yeah, she’s texting her
boyfriend or somethin’. Watch this. Hey Asia, we’re gonna buy something
with our dad’s money. Uh-huh. Uh, I must object! 1-800– Dino EGG. If you’re getting one, I want one too. Make that three! Make that four! [Operator] Press one
to purchase a dino egg. Okay. [Operator] You’ve selected
four dinosaur eggs. Your total is $1 million. Are you serious? A million dollars? [Operator] Please enter
your credit card number now. Okay. What are you thinking? Oh snap! [Fun music] [Doorbell ringing] Boys will you get that? Yeah! [Gasp] What is it? What is it? It’s a package. It’s addressed to us. Boys, who is it? [Gasping] Uh, no one… Probably just a
prank or something. Let’s hide it upstairs. There you are! Oh my gosh, do you
think it’s our eggs? I wonder what the
eggs look like. Hurry, hurry, hurry! I call the blue! I got green! I got pink! I wonder what this is. I guess I have yellow! What’s this? To preserve these specimens, please store them in
a cool, dry place. Caution: heat may
cause eggs to hatch. [Gasps] Whatever that means. I’m going to sleep with
mine. Maybe it will hatch! It’s a petrified egg, silly. That means it will never hatch. Here comes Mom, hurry! Hide it under the bed! Hey guys, whatcha doin’? Mom we bought dinosaur
eggs with Dad’s money! And we’re going to
see if they hatch. You guys are so cute to
play pretend with Kalia. It’s not pretend. Okay, I hope they
hatch for you, then. Do you guys remember that we’re
leaving for Hawaii tomorrow? Oh yeah, I forgot! It’s time to wrap it up, come down and help me pack! Come on! See guys, I told you
it’s going to be okay. Hey boys, it’s time
to get in the car to go to the airport! Jack, come on, let’s go! Hold on a sec, I’ll
be right there! Okay, I’m coming! [Fun music] [Airplane taking off] Hey guys, look what I brought! What? Cool! What? Mom and Dad are going to freak! You brought a dinosaur
egg on the plane? Quick, hide it before
somebody sees you! [Lullaby music] Whew, that was a
long day of travel. Good night kids, I love you! See you in the morning. [Ocean waves] [Yawn] It’s morning! Jack, come on, let’s
go to the beach! Wake up, come on! Yeah, let’s go to the beach! Hold on a sec, I’ve
got to hide my egg. Look, it cracked! [Gasps] Holy cow! What? Did you apply heat? Well, I slept with
it last night. Your body heated it up! This is a major problem. Oh no, it’s cracking more! [Gasps] It cracked! It’s a real dinosaur! It’s so cute. Let’s name it Blue. Okay, but it’s brown. Well we can’t just
let it run around for Mom and Dad to see. I know, let’s build it
a home on the beach! Great idea! Let’s go! [Ukulele music] Hey guys, there’s a bunch
of sticks right here. How about we build a cage? Yeah, good idea! Here you go, boy! [Growls] Well now what? He needs food! Do you guys know
what dinosaurs eat? Maybe they eat leaves. Do you want leaves? It looks like he
doesn’t like leaves. Maybe he likes to eat meat. Do we have any meat? We have lots of hot dogs. Do you think he
will eat a hot dog? I don’t know, let’s try it. Here you go, it’s yummy! [Growls] He likes it! He’s eating it! That was a good idea! You’re just a big sweetheart. [Kiss] What did we name him again? Blue. Oh yeah. You’re such a good
dinosaur, Blue. Hey kids, it’s
time to go surfing! Come get in the car! Oh shoot! What are we going to do? Be a good dinosaur and stay put! Bye, Blue! Bye, Blue! Bye! [Tropical music] Hopefully our
dinosaur’s still here. Are you back?
Are you still here Blue? Blue, you’re gone! Where’d he go? I don’t know! [Funny music] Is that him way down there? That’s way too big to be him! Yeah, when we left him,
he was just a little guy! But now he looks huge! How is that possible? Maybe it was that hot
dog that we fed him! Look, he’s coming back this way! [Rumbling] [Laughter] [Upbeat music] [Roar!] Let’s teach Blue some tricks! Yeah! Hey Blue, can you sit? Can you shake? Can you roll over? [Growling] [Upbeat music] One, two, three! One, two, three! Oh Blue, we have
to go to bed now. Hide yourself and we’ll
see you in the morning. Text:
The next day Hey, if Blue’s so smart, why not teach him
hide and go seek? Yeah, awesome! Come here, Blue! Blue, this is how you play. You count to ten,
and then we’ll hide, and then you come to find us. Looks like he’s excited. Cover your eyes, Blue! [Fun music] [Giggles] Good job. Now it’s our turn to count
and your turn to hide! Ready? One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten! Ready or not, here I come! We see you, Blue! Peak-a-boo! Okay, we’ll give
you another chance, but you should probably
hide a little harder, and probably go behind
a tree this time. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten! Ready or not, here I come! [Fun music] Blue, are you behind this tree? Blue, where are you? [Growling] That was a good
hiding spot, Blue! Let’s go to the beach now. [Relaxing jungle music] Maybe it’s not so bad
having a dinosaur after all. It’s a swing! Woo-hoo! [Laughter] [Growls] [Guitar music] How about some yoga poses? [Classical Eastern music] Hey Blue, can you do
a cartwheel like this? [Laughter] Good job, Blue! Oh Blue, we have
to go to bed now. Hide yourself and we’ll
see you in the morning. What are we going to
do with you, Blue? We’re going to leave
in a couple of days. Yeah, we can’t keep
feeding you hot dogs! I’ve got an idea! We could teach Blue how to fish! That’s a great idea, there’s
tons of fish in the ocean! [Excited cheers] But how are we going to teach
the dinosaur how to fish? Yeah, it’s not like
he has a fishing pole. Maybe he could stick
his snout in the ocean, and maybe he could
figure it out. That’s a great idea, Kaden! [Cheers] Alright, Blue. Follow me! [Playful music] That’s a good job, put
your snout in the ocean! Look, he got one! Yeah! [Roar!] Text:
Several days later Oh Blue, we’re so sad we
have to get on the airplane. Don’t worry, we
have a plan for you. We’re going to hide
you in the jungle. Oh, I’m going to miss you, Blue! Bye! We’ll see you next year! We’ll come back! Oh, I’m so sad. Do you think he’s
going to be okay? Look how much fun he’s having, he’s having the
time of his life! He’ll be fine, we’ll
visit him again next year. Bye, Blue! Enjoy the jungle! [Upbeat music] Text:
Kids vs Pirate! There’s nothing like a
relaxing day at the beach. Hey Kaden, where
are all the snacks? I don’t know, I thought you
were sopposed to bring them. I’m pretty sure Jack
asked you to bring them. I didn’t grab snacks
but I did grab these! Don’t you dare. You’re not the only one
who brought a blaster. Jack, catch! I don’t think so. Bet you can’t get me! Ahhh! [Adventure music] Ahhhhhh! Wah ha ha ha ha! [Playful music] Ow! [Laughter] Ha! Ha ha! Hi-yah! [Snoring] [Gasp] Yar, drink up me hearties! [Silly music] [Gasps] Shhh! The Black Pearl! Is that a real pirate? I don’t know, do you think? Oh my gosh, I think it is! [More snoring] What’s in his hand? It looks like a treasure map. Let’s wake him! Buccaneers… Yeah, let’s blast him! Yar… Three, two, one! [Giggles] [Adventure music] Kids these days think
they’re so funny. What are you doing
in these parts? Who are you and why are
you sleeping in a tree? This is my jungle. I think he’s crazy. Are you a pirate? Duh! Haven’t you heard of me? The only pirate
we’ve ever heard of is Captain Jack Sparrow. Then you have heard of me. That’s you? What’s that in your hand? None of your business! Hey, hey! Ahhh! Kaden, watch out! Come back! Me map! Me map, me map! Come back with that! Kaden, watch out! You give me me map right now! Hi-yah! Let’s get out of here! Oh, ow! I think we lost him. Yay! Let’s look at this map. It looks like we have
to go to Alligator Point to get the treasure. We go that way! [Sneaky music] Looks like we go past
Mango’s Evil Tree. There it is! And through Sherwood Forest! We go that way! I wonder how much gold
is in the treasure box. 232 billion dollars! Now where do we go? We go to… Greenest Meadow. This way. [Sneaky music] Those dirty, rascal kids, they’re going to swab me deck! We just passed One Eyed Rock. That means we’re almost there! Treasure, that’s so exciting! We’re all going to be rich! Woohoo, we’re going
to find the treasure! Now through Spooky Staircase. [Sneaky music] We follow the treasure map! I think this is it! The treasure is hidden under
a hanging palm in a cave! That way, we’re so close! Yeah, let’s go! We’re here! It’s right over there! [Cheers] We made it! There’s so much treasure! Oh, I get gold! I got a hundred dollars! Seashell! I wonder what I’m going to buy! Some Jewels! What are you doing
with me treasure?! Ahhh! Got you trapped
now in this cave! The pirate! What are we going to do? How did you get here? Hand over me treasure right now! No! Or you will never escape! Never! Bring out me treasure,
or you’ll walk me plank! Oh no, no! Goodbye, beautiful necklace. Goodbye, treasure. [Dramatic music] What’s with the secrets and
the funny business, me laddies? Three, two, one, go! Give me back me treasure! Me treasure! What are you doing? You leave us alone or else
we’ll throw it in the ocean! Please, I beg of you! Maybe there’s another way. I’ve been thieving me
whole life for that. What do you propose? Why don’t we just
split the treasure? I guess that’s
better than losing me treasure to the ocean. Hooray! [Soft guitar music] What are you going to buy with
your share of the treasure? I’m going to buy Disneyland! I’m going to buy a
unicorn and a dolphin! I’m going to buy shave
ice for all of you! What in the world is shave ice? Shave ice is the most delicious
thing in the whole world. Let’s go, then! Four shave ices, please! Mmm, this is the best
thing I’ve ever eaten! Drink up, me hearties, yo ho! Do you guys want to
hear a pirate joke? Mm-hmm! What’s a pirate’s favorite
letter of the alphabet? “A” “Arrrr!” You’d think it’s the “R”
but it’s really the “C”! Not little Miss! She scares me out of my mind! Uh… [Gasp] I’m out of here! Her mom did not teach
her how to share. [Upbeat music] Text:
Jack-Jack in real life [Adventure music] [Doorbell] Hi, I’m Kari! The babysitter! Thank you so much for
coming over to babysit our little Jack-Jack! Come on in! No problem, Mr. Parr! I can handle anything
your baby can dish out! Kari, thanks so much for coming! Baby Jack-Jack’s taking his nap, so hopefully everything will be nice and peaceful
for a little bit. Don’t worry Mrs. Parr, I’m certified in CPR. I just turned 14, and I brought my bag of
interacting activities. Here’s the phone, so
please don’t hesitate to call me with anything. [Ding] You ready to go? Bob, I don’t know
if I can do this. Helen, it’s our anniversary,
what could go wrong? The other kids are at
their cousin’s house, Baby Jack-Jack’s
asleep taking a nap, we will only be gone
a couple of hours. But I’ve never left him before! Don’t worry, what
could go wrong? Okay, I can do this. Bye! You got this, Kari? Got it, bye! Bye, don’t worry about a thing! This is going to
be a piece of cake. Besides, honey, I don’t know
what you’re worried about. Jack-Jack’s the only one of us that doesn’t have
any powers at all. You’re right. This is gonna be the
easiest job I’ve ever had. Do do do… [Baby crying] He’s awake already? Gonna come get you, little guy! Baby Jack-Jack, let’s go! Let’s go play some games! [Classical music] Peek-a-boo! Horse. Peek-a-boo! Hi Mrs. Parr, I just
wanted to tell you everything is going great! I have baby Jack-Jack,
we’re playing with toys, everything is going great. Have a great time,
no need to worry! Ice cream! Peak-a-boo! Achoo! I’m thirsty, I’m going
to go get a drink, okay? I’ll be right back. [Whooshing] Jack-Jack? Jack-Jack, where did you go? [Baby giggles] That’s weird, how did
you get up there so fast? [Whoosh] Huh? What the heck? Hmm. [Playful music] [Gasp] What in the world,
how did this get here? Okay, let’s clean this up. [Baby babbling] Why don’t we play
with these balls? Do you know how to play catch? Good job! Whoa, whoa! [Thud, thud, thud, thud, thud, thud] That was fast! And you’re a little
too good for your age. What’s going on here? Okay, okay, okay,
that was a bad idea. Let’s play a game, like a
harmless game of hide and seek! Okay, I’m going to count to
five and you hide somewhere. One, two, three, four, five. Ready or not, here
I come, Jack-Jack! Hmmm, I wonder where you are? How could a baby hide that fast? Okay, fine, I give up. Where are you, Jack-Jack? Where are you? Are you playing a
trick on me again? [Gasp!] [Baby giggles] Get down here right now or
else I’ll get you myself! Hurry, pick up, hurry! Mrs. Parr, Mrs. Parr, I think there’s something
going really strange over here. I think you should
come home right now and see what’s going on! [Baby laughing] [Gasp] [Splash] [Baby giggles] Jack-Jack, no, no! What! Jack-Jack! What! Jack-Jack! Where did you go?! [Giggles] Please stop floating
through walls! I’m getting really
weirded out here! Whoa! I got you now! Try getting out of that! Mrs. Parr, please pick
up, please pick up! Your baby has gone
out of control! Please come home
as soon as you can! What, you’re gone again? [Adventure music] [Boing!] [Thu d,thud, thud, thud] How did you do that? I’ve never ever, ever,
seen this before. What are you doing? Be careful, you might
break the house! Come down from there right now! What am I going
to tell Mrs. Parr? Now that’s a big baby. [Baby laughter] Uh, your baby is
huge, really huge! I need you to come home
as soon as possible! Aah! Uh-oh… Please come down, little
guy; I mean big guy! I’ll give you a treat if you
come down to your normal size! Yay! Not again. [Drums] [Roar, roar!] Huh? Was that a tiger growl, or was that just him
playing with a toy? [Roar] Bye-bye! [Growls] [Gasp] [Roar] I can’t take this anymore! This is just so crazy! [Drums] [Growling] [Roar!] Mrs. Parr, Mrs. Parr,
please come home soon! Jack-Jack has turned
into a real live tiger, and I don’t know what to do! Please come home soon! [Classical music] Oh no, I missed 10
calls from Kari! Ahhhh!
[Roar!] [Classical music] [Yells and growls] Something is terribly
wrong, we’ve got to go! Oh, I’m so exhausted! [Door opens] Oh Kari! I got your messages,
is everything okay? There’s something terribly
wrong with Jack-Jack! He can fly, float through walls, shape shift into scary animals, run faster than
lightning, disappear, create force fields that
I can’t even touch him! This is the craziest baby
sitting I’ve ever done! How am I ever going to
explain this to my mother? Kari, I am so sorry. So Kari, are you
still fine to come babysit for us next weekend? Forget about it! Kari, you forgot your
shoes and your backpack! I don’t care! [Adventure theme] You have power! Yeah, baby! [Laser] [Adventure music] [Upbeat music] Text: Jumanji [Drums] [Elephant trumpet] [Drums] [Drums getting louder] What’s this? Mom, we’re home from school! It’s Friday, no homework! I can play all the
video games I want! Not if I get there first! Wait a minute, what’s this? A board game? Who plays board games anymore? Jumanji? What’s Jumanji? Who cares, it’s
not a video game. [Drums] It’s a video game! Jumanji. A game for those
who seek to find A way to leave
their world behind. Let’s play it! Good thing Dad’s old
Nintendo is still out! That’s weird, this player
is called Jammin’ Jazzy! I want to be her. Strength: Dance fighting! Weakness: Babies? I’ll be Karate Kade! Strength: Karate, naturally. Weakness: Donuts? Guys, do you think it’s weird
that our names are on here? Look, there’s Jumping Jack,
and even Cute Kalia! Kalia’s strength is cuteness? I can’t select Kalia. You don’t want to
be a girl anyways, you want to choose Jumping Jack. Fine. It looks like my
strengths are jumping. That’s pretty awesome. Just select your player. [Drums] Where’s that
drumming coming from? Huh? [Trumpeting elephant] What is happening to us? Ahhh! [Monkey chatter] Jasmine, my gosh! I thought I was here on my own! Oh my gosh, where are we? And what are we wearing? I would never wear this! I think we got sucked
into the game, guys. And where the heck did
I get this backpack? Why do I need it? Why do I look so buff? Yeah, you really are buff. Really buff. Yeah, and I think my
muscles are bigger, too! Oh no, I’m not an overweight
middle aged man, am I? No, you look the same. Why would you ask that? I think I saw it
on a movie once. Is this Jumanji? Are we actually in the game? How is that possible? I think we turned into
the players in the game! That means I’m Jumping Jack? And I’m Jammin’ Jazzy? And I’m Karate Kade? Wait a minute, what are these yellow flags
hanging down from our belts? I’m not sure, but it looks
like we each have two of them. Maybe these have something
to do with the game we’re in. [Moneys howling] [Gasp] Jack, look behind you! Who’s Harambe? Jack, don’t move! [Boing] [Boing] [Boing] [Boing] Hey guys, did you see
how high I jumped? [Yoink] No! What just happened!? You just got distracted
by that big gorilla, and he took one of your flags! Wait a minute, maybe once we run out of
flags we lose the game! Oh no! Kaden, you’re right! We can’t lose our flags or else we’ll be stuck in
Jumanji forever! Run! [Yelling] Hello players, hop on in! Huh, how are we going to get in? Nevermind, just follow me. [Squeaking] Welcome to Jumanji! Jumanji is in great danger. We are in great
need of your help, to return the jewel
and break the curse. What jewel? This jewel! It’s huge! It’s really really heavy also! Let’s put it in your backpack
just for safe keeping. Backpack, backpack,
backpack, backpack. All the things are loaded up, with things and knick knack too, all the things that
you might need, I’ve got inside for you, woohoo! Backpack, backpack, yeah! Remember your
nemesis, Dr. Bad Guy? He stole the jewel from
the top of the mountain and put a curse on Jumanji. Yes, I have the
jewel of Jumanji! I have the power! Mwa ha ha ha! He has power over all of
the animals in Jumanji. So he will use them to stop
you from returning the jewel. Jumanji needs you! First you must find
the missing piece. Return the jewel and
break the curse, bye bye! Bye bye? Hey guys, I think the way to
get home is finish the game! We have to save Jumanji. If we’re in the game, that
means there will be levels. And each level will
get harder and harder. Hey, guys, look what I found! I think it’s a map of Jumanji! This reminds me of a song! I’m the map, I’m the map,
I’m the map, I’m the map, I’m the map! I can’t read this thing. Let me see if I can. I think we go this way! Follow me! I guess this is where we
find the missing piece, keep your eyes open! Rations! My favorite! Donuts, my favorite! I could eat all of
these, I’m starving! No, no! Donuts are your weakness! [Yoink] Oh no! I lost one of my flags! I’m so glad you’re here!
Jumanji needs you, follow me! [Drums] Oh no, I bet there’s
a giant snake or something scary
behind that curtain! Jack and I already
lost one of our flags, so you have to
see what’s inside. Fine. Oh no, it’s a staring contest! No, that’s not it. Her weakness is babies! Don’t let that baby touch her! Goochie, goochie, goochie, goo! [Baby laughter] [Yoink] What happened? You got hypnotized by
the baby or something. Now we’re all down to one flag! Look guys, there’s
something on the floor! I think it’s the missing piece! Yoda? I guess we should put
it in the backpack… [Gasps] It’s time for Karate Kade! [Guitar music] [Karate yelling] Roundhouse kick! Uppercut! Kalia! They got away, didn’t they? It better not! Go find them and don’t
disappoint me again! [Yells] [Marching drums] Oh no, how are we going
to get past those guards? Somebody needs to
distract the guards so we can get past them. Do you hear that music? Something’s taking over my body! Dance distracting! It’s one of your strengths! [Dance music] It’s a transportation yard! Which vehicle should we take? Here we go! [Propeller airplane] Oh my, they actually did it! Kalia’s flying a plane! How are we going to get
Jasmine if we’re flying? Hey, I have an idea! Jazzy, climb up! [Falling whistling] Oops! When the plane
tipped to the side, the jewel fell out
of my backpack. No, we need it! What? Uh, don’t look now, but
we’re being followed by a giant cat! [Hiss] Ahhhhhhh! [Hiss] [Meow] Come on, backpack, what do
you have that you can help? What is this? It looks like a giant
piece of cat food! Yeah, I think it is. Why the heck do you
have that in there? [Angry meow] Who’s going to
feed the cat then? I’m not doing it. Um, I’m not feeding that thing. Okay, I guess I’ll do it. [Angry meows] All you need is food and love. That was really brave of you. I think we’re on the
last level, you guys! And I see the mountain
in the distance! Me too! Let’s head that way! We made it! This must be it! We made it! I think this is where
we put the jewel. Not so fast! Hand that jewel over to me! Hi-yah! [Kisses] [Dink, dink, dink, dink] I’m out of here! Nothing happened! I think we’re opposed
to call out Jumanji. One, two, three! Jumanji! [Elephant trumpeting] Well done! You have lifted the curse. Are you ready to go home now? Yay! Yay! Hip hip hooray! Click your heels
three times and say there’s no place like home. [All] There’s no
place like home! There’s no place like home! There’s no place like home! [Swish] We made it! We’re back! [Dink, dink] Perfect timing, I’m starving! We have one last
thing to do you guys. So kids, what did
you guys do today? Nothing! [Drums] [Baby babbling] Aloha! Make sure to subscribe! And give us a big thumbs up! If you like it! Comment down below on what
video you want us to do next! Bye! Aloha! Yay! Kalia say, “Make
sure to subscribe!” Make sure to subscribe! “And like the video.” And like the baby-o! [Laughter] Say, “And like the video!” Like the baby-o!

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