Kids Fun TV Compilation Video with Ninja Kidz TV: Twin VS Twin Challenges & Girls VS Boys Challenge!

[Upbeat music] Welcome to Kids Fun TV! Today we have our friends
Payton and Paxton. And we have a cool YouTube channel called Ninja Kids TV! We’ve known each other
since we were two years old! [Clapping] This is my real twin! And this is my real twin!
[High five] Today we’re doing: “What’s in the box challenge!” Today, my partner is Payton. And mine is Paxton. Twin versus twin. Brother versus sister. Girls versus boys! And the losers have to give
the winners piggyback rides! Be sure to watch our twin yoga challenge on Ninja Kids TV! And there’ll be a link at the end. Let’s get started! [Cheers] We’re totally gonna beat you boys. No, we’re gonna win. ♪ One ♪ We’re gonna play rock, paper, scissors to see who gets to go first. Rock, paper, scissors, shoot! Dang it.
I gotcha. Pick easy, Payton. [Giggling] Pick easy Paxton. Dang it. [Fun music] Try to make it easy for me, Paxton. I tried. [Fun music] One, two, three! Straws!
Cereal! [Buzzer] Pretzels! [Ding]
Straws! She got it, she got it! [Squealing] These little pokey things, I don’t know what they’re called. Oh, I don’t even know what
they’re called either! I know what they are. Mac and cheese?
[Buzzer] [Giggling] Spaghetti noodles. That does not look like spaghetti noodles! [Fun music] They’re dry, that’s why. You have to, um cook ’em.
Boil them. ♪ Two ♪ Rock, paper, scissors, shoot! Yes!
Again? [Giggling] [Fun music] [Giggling] [Fun music] What, what? Can I open up my eyes now? Three, two, one, go! [Squealing]
[Giggling] What?! Ew! Apple sauce?
[Buzzer] No, no, what is it called? This is gross! Is is slime?
[Buzzer] [Giggling] What does it feel like? Slime or something like that! Ah, it’s cold! Um… Uh… What is it? What is it?
Guess! Soup?
[Buzzer] What is it? I can feel seeds for sure. Worm bath?
No. [Buzzer] Water?
[Buzzer] Dirt?
[Buzzer] Chocolate!
[Ding] Cantaloupe, cantaloupe!
[Ding] Yes, yes, yes! Chocolate! [Fun music] Ew, what is that? ♪ Three ♪ Rock, paper, scissors, shoot! Dang it!
I got you again! [Giggling] No! Payton, do an easy one. Not like last time. I would do that one, but I don’t know what it’s called. Just choose. [Fun music] Um, we got it! [Fun music] Three, two, one, go! Baby food?
[Buzzer] Strawberries?
[Buzzer] Oranges?
[Buzzer] No! Um, mashed gravy.
[Buzzer] No. Potatoes?
[Buzzer] Mashed potatoes?
[Buzzer] No. I don’t know! Eggs?
[Buzzer] Ew. Ugh. I don’t know! Banana.
[Buzzer] Kiwi.
[Ding] Yeah, we won! A banana? Kiwi!
Kiwi! Whipped cream?
[Ding] [Cheers] [Fun music] Seriously, I liked whipped cream. Yum, yum. ♪ Four ♪ Rock, paper, scissors, shoot! Aw, darn. Oh, yay, Paxton won for once! [Giggling] [Fun music] [Fun music] One, two, three! Seeds?
[Buzzer] Nope. Baby sauce?
[Buzzer] No. Slime?
[Buzzer] No. Jello?
[Ding] Yeah! Yeah!
Yeah! Um, beans?
[Buzzer] Nope. Cottage cheese!
[Ding] Yes! Woo! [Fun music] ♪ Five ♪ Time to switch! I’m scared. You guys will be terrified. Rock, paper, scissors, shoot! Yeah, woo-hoo! I got it, Paxton. It’s so easy. What?! [Fun music] Yay! I think I’m probably gonna do this. Can I open? [Fun music] Three, two, one, go! Go, go, go, go, go! Go, hurry! Touch the box! Broccoli? Yeah!
[Ding] I got it!
[Cheers] What is it?
I know what it is. Come on, keep guessing? Is it a marshmallow?
[Ding] Yeah! [Fun music] I like to eat this at my grandma’s house! I’m gonna steal some. It must be a marshmallow. ♪ Six ♪ Rock, paper, scissors, shoot! Ha!
Dang it! No!
Yay! No! I feel like maybe this one! Oh! Why did you choose that one? I don’t know. [Fun music] Oh, it’s…
Oh, You’re gonna do that one? You’re serious? He might like it. [Fun music] I love those. You can open your eyes now. Three, two, one, go! Flour?
[Buzzer] No, no, no! Guess it, please, guess it! Sand?
[Ding] Yeah, yeah! It’s sand? Oh, I got it! What is this? [Laughs] You want a hint? Yeah. Green.
It’s green. That’s not really a big hint. Frog leg? No, not a frog leg!
[Buzzer] Here, I’ll give you a better hint. Just so you know, you can
eat it, you can eat it. Not a frog leg. It starts with pick. Pickle. A pickle?
[Ding] I’m gonna eat a pickle right now. Ew! [Fun music] Ew! I know, it tastes gross, right? ♪ Seven ♪ Rock, paper, scissors, shoot! Yeah!
No, no! Okay, um. Pick a good one, Jasmine. I feel like I’ll doing this one. That’s what I was gonna do. This is delicious, delicious. [Fun music] I don’t know which one to choose. I know, the rest are so hard. Oh, this is pretty obvious. Can I open my eyes? So easy. [Fun music] Three, two, one, zero! Put your hands in! Guess, guess! What is it? Is it cereal?
[Buzzer] I’m pretty sure you’ve ate it before. You already guessed. Is it cereal?
[Buzzer] It’s a fruit.
Is it a kind of fruit? [Buzzer]
Nope. Is it a vegetable?
Nope. Is it pineapple?
[Buzzer] Nope. Is it… Hurry, he’s getting closer! [Clapping] What is this? Do you need a hint?
Yeah. Strawberries?
[Buzzer] It starts out with a “C-H.” You want another hint?
Yeah. It starts with “Wat.” Is it chocolate?
Watermelon! [Buzzer]
[Ding] Okay, you got it, he got it. This does not feel like
Smell it, smell it. That’s definitely watermelon. [Laughs] Cheetos.
[Ding] Yeah! [Fun music] It’s so cool!
We won! It’s my favorite, you can’t eat it! ♪ Eight ♪ Rock, paper, scissors, shoot! Yes, yeah! Yes! [Fun music] [Fun music] I can’t watch you to
One. Even touch it,
Two. Ew.
Three, go! Is it soy sauce?
[Buzzer] Ah, disgusting, ew! Come on, keep guessing! Is it a grape?
[Buzzer] Oh, Payton. Is it dirt?
[Buzzer] No. Feel more into it. Brussels sprouts?
[Buzzer] Come on, guess, guess, guess! Sugar? Uh-uh.
[Buzzer] Dirt?
[Buzzer] No. Can you give me a hint? It’s white. It’s black. Olives!
[Ding] Yes, yes, you got it, you got it! You got it! Look at hers!
I know. It starts with a “O-O.” “Ooo.” [Laughs] She’ll never guess this one, she doesn’t even know what it is. I know, I didn’t even know either. Ooble… Oobleck? [Ding]
I don’t know! Wait, you just said it! Oobleck?
That’s what I said. Yeah, oobleck! What’s oobleck? I don’t know. [Fun music] Oh, this thing is so cool! ♪ Nine ♪ It’s time to switch. Oh no, I don’t wanna do this again. Rock, paper, scissors, shoot! No!
Yay! You won, Pax, again? No, no, no! I knew you were gonna choose that one! [Fun music] Oh, no! [Fun music] One, two, three! Slime!
[Ding] Yes! Waffle!
[Ding] Yes.
Let’s play with the slime! [Fun music] It’s so stretchy. ♪ Ten ♪ Rock, paper, scissors, shoot! Yay!
No! [Giggling] It’s okay. [Fun music] Yes!
Let’s go do this one. [Fun music] Three, two, one, go! Dough, dough!
[Ding] Yup! How did you know? Sugar?
[Buzzer] I know what dough feels like. Pudding?
[Buzzer] I help my mom with it all the time. [Fun music] Oh, I know what it was. Whoa, this makes a huge mess. That would be the second
one I was gonna play with. ♪ Eleven ♪ Rock, paper, scissors, shoot! Did you win, Paxton?
Cut! Paxton, you need to win!
My hands smell like dough, ew. My hands smell like [Fun music] dough. [Fun music] Three, two, one! Chocolate.
[Buzzer] No!
Cottage cheese? [Buzzer]
No. Pudding?
[Buzzer] No.
Ew. Baby sauce?
[Buzzer] No, no! Baby food?
[Ding] Yeah, you got it, you got it! Ew. It’s aloe gel! I don’t know what that is. [Fun music] Where you put some, you
rub it on your sunburn, and then it kinda stings
but it helps it a lot. ♪ Twelve ♪ Time to switch! I’m so scared! [Banging] Oh, great. These are hard! I think, I’m gonna do
a weird one to Payton. So am I. ‘K, ready? You can’t steal mine. Rock, paper, scissors, shoot! Ugh! [Fun music] A-ha! [Fun music] Three, two, one, go!
Three, two, one, go! [Laughs]
[Squeals] It’s eggs?
[Ding] Yeah! I got it, I got it! Is it meat? No, you’ve got to keep guessing. It was an egg. Mac and cheese?
[Ding] Yes, mac and cheese!
Yes, you got it! [Fun music] There’s butter, cheese, and Yummy! I’m gonna cook this. ♪ Thirteen ♪ Rock, paper, scissors, shoot! Yes, yes, I won again! Paxton, do the easiest one possible! Okay. [Fun music] [Knock, knock]
‘K. [Energetic music] Okay, ready? Three, two, one, go! Is mine a,
What the heck? Taco?
[Ding] Yes! [Latin music] I know what it is, but
I forgot the name of it. It was, it was peas?
[Ding] Yeah! Yes! [Fun music] The taco is served. I usually like it cooked. ♪ Fourteen ♪ [Squealing] Rock, paper, scissors, shoot! Yes, yes!
No! [Fun music] You got the hardest one of all, Payton! [Latin music] [Fun music] Three, two, one!
Three, two, one! Put your hands in! Um, rice?
[Buzzer] Chicken?
[Buzzer] No.
No. Um… Can you give me a hint? You feed it to your
fish, just so you know. Fish food?
You eat it for breakfast! [Ding]
Yeah! Yes, I got it! I know what it is!
You love eating it! It’s oatmeal!
[Ding] Yeah!
Yes. [Fun music] Now it’s time for the bonus round! [Hop, hop, hop, hop, hop] Each team gets to put
five items in the bowl. The items you put in here
is for the opposite team. The point is to trick the other team. Each team has to try to pick five items that are put in the bowl. The more you guess, the
more points you get. Here we go! [Fun music] Rock, paper, scissors, shoot! A-ha!
Yay! [Fun music] [Laughs] [Laughs] Okay, ready. Three, two, one!
Three, two, one! Oh. Ew.
Slime? [Buzzer] Chocolate?
[Ding] Wait, flour, flour, flour!
[Ding] Flour.
Flour. Flour.
Flour. Chocolate? Yeah.
Yeah. Bananas?
[Ding] Yeah!
Yeah! Cottage cheese!
[Ding] Yeah.
Yeah. [Whispering guesses]
[Buzzer] There’s no what? Cow food. Fish food.
[Ding] Ha, you got it! Vegetables? No, fish food. Fish food. How did they guess so quick? [Fun music] Dinner, is served. Three, two, one! Oh…
Oh, I know there’s Mac and cheese in here!
[Ding] I feel watermelon.
[Ding] Yeah, guessed that, too. Oh!
Ew! I feel sand, I feel sand.
[Ding] Okay, good. Um,
Just two more! Whipped cream? [Ding] No, wait, wait, Yeah. And, There’s one more! There’s a little bit, Chocolate, chocolate!
[Ding] Dang it. [Fun music] [Several dings] Yay, we won! Time to pay up, boys! [Upbeat piano music] Oh,
Weeee! Yay! Make sure to like the video and subscribe! And hit that bell for notification. Make sure to check out
our Ninja Kidz TV channel! And watch our Twin Team Yoga Challenge! [Cheers] [Upbeat music] I’m Jazzy! And I’m Jack! And we’re the twins from Kids Fun TV! [Cheers] I’m Payton. And I’m Paxton. And we’re the twins from Ninja Kidz TV! [Cheers] Today we have another twin
versus twin challenge. And you decide who wins. It’s called the “Not My Arms Challenge.” And me and Jasmine get
to challenge each other. To see who decorates the best cake. We’re gonna be the heads. And we’re gonna be the arms! Who’s gonna win? The Kids Fun TV kids?! Or the Ninja Kidz?! But before we get
started, subscribe below. And give us a big thumbs up If you like it! Hey, Jazzy, who are we
making these cakes for? Hmm, Kaden’s birthday is coming up. Let’s make it for Kade! [Clapping] [Boing] Let’s get started! [Cheers] So we’re gonna put these huge shirts on. And we’re the heads! And we’re the arms! Okay, let’s get ’em on! [Laughs] Okay, come on. [Laughs] This is Hey, give me high ten! [Laughs] Kiddie match! First we’re gonna put our baker hats on. Woo! Put it there. Yeah, I’m awesome. [Laughs]
Yeah, me, too. Okay, Now we need to put on our aprons. Okay, my hands are crazy. Need to put it on more. [Laughs] Okay, um, okay. This is the weirdest
way I’ve ever done it. But, okay. And now, the apron.
[Laughs] Put it on. Um, my heads a little funny,
can you lift it up, please. My little hands. You’re shoving it down more, not up. Yeah, that’s good. ‘K, put it on. My hands are in a little trouble. Um, wrong way! Wrong way! Okay, good job. [Laughs] Now, you have to tie that, okay. Now we’re tying, tying. First we need to layer the cake. So let’s grab
This Extra cake.
And then we stack it on. Yup.
We’re good. Good.
All good. Good, I’m great at making cakes. Okay, now we’re gonna grab this spatula. Spatula. Spatula, yeah, my hand’s
doing some crazy stuff. On and slide where the
sprinkles are, yeah. And then you put it on top of the cake, and then let’s reach for the frosting. Yeah, the frosting. Yup!
No, no, no, no. Right there, no, no, the
other thing you touched. No. Yes. Now you gotta open it.
We gotta open it, open it. Open.
Now grab the spatula again. And then grab the spatula. And then you dig into it. Not that spatula. No, not that spatula!
No, no! He digs into the cake. Not that spatula
K, now you put down The big spatula. Now you put down the frosting! Now you put it in, yup.
Put it down. I need to, um… Now I need to pat the cake. Put it down, put down the spatula. Okay, now put down the frosting. Now stop touching it. Oh, okay. Grab the spatula again. [Laughs] Okay.
Ah, no! Just keep your hands straight and um yeah, put it down. Ya feel it? Yeah, good job! Now the frosting. Nope, nope nope. Do it here. Grab a big scoop, big one! Now, It’s all a… Okay. I need to be gentle. I need to be gentle.
I need to be gentle. And not so hard on the cake, I need to not be so hard on the cake. This is the best cake
I’ve ever made before. I know, right!
[Laughs] Oh, you’re almost spreading me. [Laughs] Ahhhhh! Now you’ve got to slide, you gotta slide. Now you gotta stop me. I need to stop now, and now I need to grab my cake. No, that’s not the cake.
Grab my cake. And then,
So, me Slide it back on!
Back to the Need to slide it back on. The top part of the cake, I need to slide. The cake, um, you’re doing awesome. Hey, no, no, no. Dude, that’s not the, that’s the cake! So now I can grab the icing. The frosting’s not working, so we’re gonna move onto the icing. Let’s grab the icing.
Okay, so let’s grab the icing. We’re gonna spray it.
Let’s spread it down. [Circus music] Okay, good. Now you need to rub the cake. Now, let’s mix it all in. Yeah. Now there’s lots on the side.
Uh, we need any more. I used the pink one, silly me.
Oh, that’s good. [Icing pops]
Ahhh! You’ve got it. Yeah, and I’m gonna lick some icing. Right on the red one. And I’m gonna get myself some icing, so yeah, let me take my finger
There you go, more. Alright now,
Squirt more. So, now we’re gonna grab
the blue icing in the back. Nope, nope. The one in the back, back. Um, so close. Yup, you touched it one time. No, not the Oreos. Oh, yup. Now that one you just squeeze. Put it over to the back. Good. Yeah, keep squeezing. Now I’m gonna write Kaden’s name. I need to write Kaden’s name also. Yeah, now I need to rub the cake now. This is so great. My hands are
Okay, and a little more. So awesome!
Over here. Little bit right there. Let’s actually add more. So you dip your hand
Squeeze at the very end Yeah! I’m doing great.
And then squeeze again. This is gonna be the best cake ever. Write Kaden’s name now. Okay, now put it to the
back so it won’t fall off. “K” “A”
Okay, now. “D” “E-N.” Now, let’s go scribbly. Yeah, let’s go scribbly with the red. Now we’re gonna do the red. A little more over here. Yup, that’s correct. Oh, your cake looks awesome. Yeah, it’s the best cake. ‘K, now we’re done with
blue, plenty of blue. Let’s add the sprinkles. Alright, sprinkles. Wait, no. So, yeah, add, open all of it and now just dump it.
Nope, not that one. Nope, nope, nope, nope, oh! Yeah, oh, wait, wait, wait, we need to get rid of
Okay, over here. the cap on the cake. Get the sprinkles in the back. Yeah, nope, nope, Now dump all of,
nope, yup… Now you need open it up. Oh, you got it open.
Yeah, sprinkle it all over! Okay, that’s good, that’s good! That’s good, okay,
that’s good, that’s good! Now, drop it, you used all of it. So we’re gonna use some
red little baby sprinkles. So, not that one. I’m gonna use the red.
Get some blue. Oh, the lid’s not open all the way. Silly me. Yeah, go crazy.
Okay, now we’re gonna add some of the white. Yeah, I need to try some of these sprinkles.
No, not those, those are red. [Laughs] Silly me. Kay, now I need to grab
some of the purple, let go of that. Now do these ones. No, not those ones, no! No. Okay. Now, we already did those. Nope, they’re empty. Yeah, no. [Laughs] Um, no. [Laughs] Yeah, that one! No, no, no, the other! [Laughs] Okay, now we’re gonna add some more blue. The other one, no grab the blue, already, no the other one, grab that! Grab it! Grab, shake it. [Indiscernible talking] The Oreos now. Grab the Oreos.
No Oreos, those aren’t Oreos. Yup.
Grab the Oreos. Now open them up. Okay, we got it. Yes! ‘K, yes, this is gonna be a great one. Okay, we’re good. Now candles. Ow, my nose. Okay, so we’re gonna put some Oreos on, put some Oreos on. Oh, make a happy birthday cake, see that? More frosting. Okay, that’s all of it. That’s all of it. For the last time. Okay, now we’re gonna put some candles on. Yup.
Um, yeah. Nope, that’s not candles, silly me. Yup. Yup, candles. Now put some candles on. Kay, we’re good with that.
Candles. Now grab the other one.
Yup, yup, yup. Uh-huh! Three, two, one! ‘K, we’re done with that. ♪ Let’s shake it all about. ♪ ♪ Do the hokey pokey and
you turn yourself around, ♪ ♪ That’s what it’s all about! ♪ Yah! Kaden’s turning eight years old. So we’re going to put a
happy birthday eight candle. Our cakes are amazing. I know. If Jack were here, he would say, “Oh, the cake is so beautiful,” but too bad, he can’t even see it. I wonder where he is! I know, right? Oh, yeah, that works! Ahhh! We’re done! Woo! ♪ All the sprinkles are in the cake. ♪ ♪ Yeah, yeah, yeah! ♪ Oh, I forgot to open it. Oh, that’s a good way. This is hilarious, okay. Now, let’s put it in the cake, in the same corner, there’s okay, nice job! Wooo! No, no, no! [Laughs] No! It’s so good.
Oh, yeah, I need an Oreo. I need an Oreo. Oh, yeah, they’re yummy. Oh, so good! [Laughs] Oh, it just fell down my shirt! [Laughs] Ahhhhh! [Laughs] I’m good, I’m good. Wait, if we sing Happy
Birthday loud enough, maybe he’ll come. Yeah? Here he comes, here he comes! Here comes Kaden! ♪ Happy Birthday to you, ♪ ♪ Happy Birthday to you, ♪ ♪ Happy Birthday dear Kaden, ♪ ♪ Happy Birthday to you! ♪ Happy Birthday, Kaden, we love you! You want some cake? How do you like your cakes, Kaden? You guys are pigs! Do you want a piece of our cake? You should choose my cake, it looks way better than theirs. Yeah, but ours have more glitter on it, or should I say sprinkles. [Upbeat music] I want to try this cake. So do I. Are you guys crazy? Yes, they are. [Laughs] Happy Birthday! Subscribe below! Be sure to like the video! And give us a big thumbs up, If you like it! Comment down below, what
video you want us to do next! Bye! [Upbeat music] Hey guys, Jamie Alderton here. Today I am joined with, Ninja Kidz TV! And… Kids Fun TV! And what I want to find out today is Who’s better? Boys or girls? Boys!
Girls! There’s only one way to find out. [Upbeat music] Alright, let’s get into
teams, make this happen. This is the girls’ team. And this is the boys’ team. [Cheers] You ready?
Yeah. Who’s gonna win? [Cheers] Girls, girls!
Boys, boys! I need, one of you down the end there. One for the girls. And you’re going to stand up there. And what you’re gonna
do is when I say, “go,” you’re gonna run as fast as
you can through the foam. You’ll run as fast as
you can through the foam. Tag your teammate and
they’re gonna run back. Round one.
[Playful music] Are you ready?
Yeah. Count down. Are you ready? [Playful music] Three, two, one, go! [Cheers] Oh, it’s neck and neck, neck and neck! You have to do it quicker! Soon as you get there, tag your partner. And go! Go, go, go! Go, go, go! Oh, it’s neck and neck! Come on Jasmine! Come on Jaz!
Come on Jasmine! Come on Jaz! It’s close!
Come one Jaz! Yes, yes, yes! Go as far just to touch here. [Horn]
[Cheers] So close, so close. [Playful music] You’re doing it wrong. Okay, ladies. One to the girls. [Ding] Zero to the boys. [Cheers] No! Onto the next challenge. Round two.
[Upbeat music] Okay, we’re gonna be calling this the Roo Race; the Roo
Race after a kangaroo. So I’m gonna give you
a little demonstration. So we’re gonna do, when I say, “go,” you’re gonna kangaroo
jump all the way down, touch the wall and come back. Tag your partner, and they do the same, okay? You ready?
You ready? Three, two, one, go! [Upbeat dance music] ♪ Let me see you jump! ♪ How quick are they? That’s incredible! [Upbeat dance music] Oh, it’s the boys! Perfect!
Yeah! Okay, so the current scores are, one for the girls, [Ding] one for the boys. [Ding]
Which can mean only one thing. Face-off. Face-off. Face-off! Round three.
[Upbeat music] Okay, so we’re gonna do a time trial. Girls versus boys. Girls are gonna go first. You’re gonna go all the way down there, come back over these platforms, jump on here, hang on there. One goes down here, the next one goes. I’m gonna time the girls first, and then the boys. So if any of you fall, you’ve got ten second bouncing. Ten seconds? Ten seconds, yes. [Upbeat music] Three, two, one, go! [Rope creaking] Go Payton! You can do this! You can do this, Payton! What are, right now!
Oh, sorry! [Boing-oing-oing] [Knocking] [Slip, Splat] And, time!
[Ding] [Cheers] [Rope creaking] [Boing-oing-oing] [Knocking] Take a run off on this… [Slip, Splat] [Horn] Three, two, one, go! Paxton! Go Paxton, you can do this! [Rope squeaks] [Boing-oing-oing] [Knocking] [Slip, Splat] [Ding] [Cheers] [Rope squeaks] [Boing-oing-oing] [Knocking] [Horn] Okay, so. We do have a winner. I’m just gonna start with the times. So, girls. Your time was two minutes and 23 seconds. [Ding] Boys, your time was. One minute and 33 seconds. [Ding] [Cheers] [Dings] [Slowly cheers] [Slowly cheers] Boys are the winners. [Cheers] Boys are the winners! Yes! Here, ladies. Yeah! You win!
[Upbeat music] The twins did amazing! But now it’s time to challenge
Jamie to the warped wall! [Cheers] Let’s do this! First, let’s do this! And that’s the 12 foot! [Laughs] Ready? Let’s slow clap, come on. Go Jamie! [Cheers] [Laughs] Yeah, Ashton! [Cheers] Get up! You can use your feet to get up! [Laughs] Hurry, hurry, hurry! Yeah! Woo! Jazzy! Pull it up, pull it up! You got this, you got this, you got this! Alright, good job!
[Cheers] [Cheers] Go to the next one. Yay! Are you ready? For the 12 foot wall?
12 foot wall, here we go! [Laughs] Go for it! [Laughs] That struggle is real! The struggle is real! [Cheers] We have one more challenge for Jamie. Who can climb up the
rock wall the fastest? [Upbeat music] Three, two, one, go! [Funky music] [Buzzer] That’s the fire alarm,
that’s not the buzzer! [Laughs]
I win! [Buzzer] [Cheers] I challenge Jamie to a
rock wall competition! [Upbeat music] Bring it on, let’s go! Yeah, me, too! Alright, count it down! [Adventure music] [Buzzer] [Cannon blasts] Well, it’s been a
fantastic day being referee to the boys versus girls challenge. Boys, girls, what did you think of that? Good? It was awesome. Yeah, good job, Pax. Nice job, boys. Boys won this time. Thanks, sis. Make sure to like and subscribe! Thanks for being cool, good bye! [Laughs] [Guitar music] I’m Payton. And I’m Paxton. And we’re the twins from Ninja Kidz TV! [Cheers] I’m also Jazzy. And I’m also Jack. And we’re the twins from Kids Fun TV! [Cheers] This is a “Not My Arms
Making Pizza Challenge.” This time Jack and I are making pizza. And Jazzy and I get to be the hands. I’m gonna challenge Jack to see who can make the best pizza. Who’s gonna win? Paxton versus Jack! Dun, dun, dun!
Dun! [Clapping] [Cheers] But before we do the video, make sure to like and subscribe! Let’s get started! Step one, let’s get in our shirts! [Italian music] Oh, this is gonna be awesome! [Laughs] Jack! [Italian music] Oh, now I can’t see!
[Laughs] Step two, put on the
baker’s hat and apron! Baker’s hat. Got to put it on, There, oh!
Backwards Is it on?
Yeah, it’s on. I’ve got it on. Whoa, yup, it’s on. Now I’m gonna put on my
apron, it’s over here. ‘K, put on my apron, my arms. Oh, I’m putting it over but I forgot so we need to open this and put it over. So, and now we have it on, now I just have to tie it around myself. Tie it on my back. Now I can make pizza! [Laughs] What did I do? You wiggle a lot. And now we get to take this
dough out and roll the dough. Um… Do your work. Now I need to put it out. I put on fingernail polish. And now I need to take this
and throw it out of here. You need to roll it! Now we have the roller.
Need the roller… Yeah, I got the roller. Roll up! Hold on, now I just messed up. Now I need to move my dough. But I’m ruining my table. My arms need to roll out and
then start rolling again. Listen! Now we need to roll this faster. My brain isn’t, my brain isn’t connected at all. I can do it with my eyes closed. We’re almost done! Okay, we’re almost done. All we need to do is flatten
it out a little more! Flatten it out with your hand, now. And we’re almost done. And we are done. Should we throw our dough in the air like a real pizza maker? Yes. Okay, let’s do it. Now, arms. Okay. Dough is, don’t stick. Okay, yeah, it’s good.
We need to grab it again. It’s circular. Oh, no, it’s messed up! We gotta flatten it again. I’ve gotta flatten it, no! Why is there a sprinkle on here? I don’t know. [Laughs] It’s mixed in with the dough. Okay, now we need to put
our thing on our tray. ‘K, all we have to do is
put it in front on us. You wiggle there, you wiggle right around my dough. And now we need to put this in. No, we need to put it on the pan. We need to put it on the round thingy. I need to put it on the round thingy. The round thing, the round thing, there, yeah. I need to get the rolling thing again, I need to turn the plate there, that’s good, that’s good. Okay, now turn, we need to turn the plate. Okay. That’s good, now start rolling again. It’s not getting flat. The dough. I need to push the dough harder, but fast, too. And now, I’m done! I’m done, right Pax? Now it’s time for pizza sauce. Now we need to get the sauce. Yeah, the sauce. Get the sauce. How much sauce do we pour on? Get the sauce, sauce! I’m just going to put that there, okay. No, no, no. Get the sauce, sauce! I’m just going to put that there. ‘K, we’re not gonna put that much in. Okay, I’m not gonna put that much in. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Okay now go to the side,
we need to go to the side. And now let’s mix it. This seems a lot, This looks a lot easier than
the girls made their cake. I know. Right? Now. It’s so easy. We need to spread this
around a little more, okay? Now I need to get more sauce. Or I can just rub it in. More sauce. Now, let’s get more sauce, we have to get more sauce. Why are you using your hands, Jack? I don’t know. [Laughs] Pour the whole, you’ve got, let’s pour the whole thing in. Yeah. Pour all the sauce in.
It’s cold. Just pour all the sauce in. It’s cold. It’s cold. It’s really cold. I need to pour all the sauce in! Now I need to get my Get all of it!
scooper which is on my right side. My arms aren’t very connected to my brain.
And stir it around. [Laughs] Grab it. So, now we need to grab the stir thing which is in the middle. My hands are so messy! My arms,
Now I need to spin it around and around and around.
It’s on the cheese. It’s time for cheese! Okay, now we need
Stop! to get the cheese.
I need to get the cheese! On the left. This is the pepperoni, I don’t
need to get the pepperoni. Apron’s on top of the cheese. And we’re about to get the cheese. I need to put my hand down,
Go ahead and open it, grab this little bag,
arms, arms, Now I just put this in my pizza and now I need to dip all of the cheese in here. I’m doing so good. [Laughs] Used up all the cheese on! I know. Why? Okay, that’s a good amount of cheese. I think it’s time to
move onto pepperoni, now. No, no, I have too, I want this much. I need to stir it around, I need to stir it around to the left. Okay, I’m going to move onto pepperoni. Move it to the left, I’m putting my… I’m putting it…
This is the… more on the right.
perfect amount of cheese. I need more on the left. I wonder why we used all of our pizza. Arms, I need my arms to switch
to grabbing the pepperoni! This is enough cheese! It’s all gonna cover the whole pizza! The pepperoni, it’s father though, that’s not the pepperoni,
that’s the sauce. No, it’s on the other side! My arms! It’s like my arms are blind. [Laughs] Okay now I need to put more cheese, look how much cheese I have! You should dump all your cheeses. You’re gonna open up the bag and just pour the whole thing in. Just half the pizza with pepperoni,
Okay now we need to get the and half with cheese.
Pepperoni which I don’t like pepperoni. Well, I don’t want We’ll put some pepperonis on the left, I think mine is finished. [Laughs] Mine looks normal.
And we’ll put Yours is covered in cheese.
some on the left. Try to put one in the middle, I need to put it on the left. Now I put it on the right.
[Laughs] Why did I put it on the right?
[Laughs] Now I need to put it on the left. You’re just throwing them everywhere. I know. Why are you doing that? I don’t know [Laughs] I don’t know why I’m throwing. Are you trying to round
the pizza with pepperoni? Yeah. Are you gonna dump all
the pepperonis on it? [Laughs] That’s a lot of pepperoni. Uh, okay. Now I need to put this down and then [Laughs] Yay! Hey let’s put more sauce on it. ‘K, now we’re gonna take
this rest of the pepperoni. Do it on the left side. That’s the cheese, yeah. Oh, now we put all of
it on the right side. Oh, now we need to fix it,
Dump it on their side, we need to put it all
Dump the cheese on their side. ‘Cuz ours has the perfect amount. Oh, now we just put one on the left, put it on the right. ‘K, now we need to move that, hey! Hey, it’s not working. How do you like your pepperoni pizza? I don’t like it. I’ll eat it. No, you won’t. Well, If you take off most of the cheese. That’s a little too much. Now we’re gonna take this
and throw it to you, okay? No, no! No!
No! Yo, this is my pizza! [Laughs] Stop it! [Laughs] No, my pizza! Yeah, yeah, that needs to go all around the top. ‘K, now we need to put Just all around the top
cheese on the right side, and put pepperoni on the left side. And you sprinkle it around the top. So now we need to take the pepperoni over here
That’s enough, and put it on the left side, and we need to take the pepperoni up here, Pizza with tomato on it.
And there’s one more peppy, pepperoni you need to get.
I need the pizza with tomato. It’s over up here. For the pizza. Comment down below, would you rather have cheese pizza, or pepperoni pizza? I think mines is ready to eat. Let’s heat ’em up.
So is mine! Yours is gonna be really cheesy and a while to heat up. Hey, one side’s full of pepperoni,
[Clapping] one side’s full of cheese.
[Clapping] Okay, let’s cook them up. Okay. And put it on right here
and right here, okay? There’s, no, there’s enough on it. There’s enough on my pizza. And, we’re grabbing a lot of this and gonna put it all over the place. ‘K, now we need to get more. Put more on the cheese. ‘K, more on the pepperoni. Now we need to go on the right side more. Oh, yeah! Right down here. I don’t like toma…. I loathe all of those. ‘K, now we’re gonna take
this whole cheese right here and, throw it down. Woo! Pizza party! Woo! ‘K, now we need to mix it around. Make sure the pepperoni’s showing, which we can’t really see. [Laughs] Okay. Now, Yeah, we’re gonna grab this, put it all over the cheese. Yeah, just grab the whole bucket. Let’s grab the whole bucket! Again? You grab everything! And let’s dump it.
You want all the cheese. Dump, dump, dump, dump. Okay, now, more on the right side. Now I need to fix it. ‘K, we need more now, we
need more, I need more! We want to see the pizza. Yeah. Yours is like huge and so cheesy; and mine’s, like, small. See the pepperoni has its own side. Look how much pepperoni
we got on this side. Do I have any cheese? We wasted all of our cheese. [Silly music] I’m the judge. Woo!
[Clapping] Pick which one, pick which one! This one!
Pick this one! Pick this one, okay?
Pick this one! This one!
This one! This one!
This one! This one!
This one! Yay!
Yay! Ninja Kidz win! Yeah!
Yeah! [Cheers] Look at it! Just look at it! It’s so huge!
It’s great! It’s huger than theirs! It’s the same amount of dough. It’s cheese! Who wouldn’t like cheese pizza? But that’s just too big. The judge wouldn’t. Well, you have cheese, too. Hey, that’s enough cheese! [Laughs] Okay, let’s go cook. [Buzzer] [Soft guitar music] [Laughs] Ow,
I want to eat it! Subscribe below! And like the video! Comment down below who you
think made the better pizza! Kids Fun TV! Or, Ninja Kidz TV! Bye! [Guitar music] Welcome to Kids Fun TV! Yeah! Woo! [Cheers] Today we are with the Ninja Kidz! Paxton and I are team Orange! [Whomp] Today, me and Payton are Team Pink! [Clapping] Whoo! [Whomp] Ashton and I are team red! [Clapping]
[Whomp] And today we’re gonna
play the “Pool is Lava!” Roar!
Ahhhhhh! And I am the lava monster! [Dun, Dun, Duuuuun!] So this is how it works. There’s three teams, they’re starting on that side of the pool. And they have to get to this side. But, they have squishies, they can only take one squishy at a time, that they have to take all the way over and put ’em in their bucket. If the squishy falls in the water, or if the shark gets them, then they have to start
all the way back over. The first team to get all their squishies in their bucket, wins! So who’s gonna win? We are!
Red team! [Cheers]
Red team! Team orange, team orange!
Team orange, team orange! Red team’s gonna win! Yeah!
Team pink! Three, two, one, go! [Laughs] [Growl] [Splashing] Ahhhhh! [Dings]
[Cheers] [Sports music] Come on, come on! Give me that thing! No!
No, no! Get over it! Come on! Hurry! [Growl]
I made it! Hurry! Oh, you’re out! I want to make it to the pizza! [Dings]
[Cheers] [Cheers] [Sports music] Oh, no, no! No, no! [Growl] Yeah! Jasmine, the watermelon flipped up! No, go, go! No, go, go! Paddle! Yeah! [Growl]
[Splashing] [Buzzer]
No! [Awwwww!] That means, we have to start over! No! [Growl] No! Change it fast! Catch! Nice catch Ashton! [Buzzer]
[Awwwww!] No! You missed! That was so close! [Buzzer]
[Awwww!] [Splashing] No! [Dings]
[Cheers] [Sports music] Go for it. [Growl] [Splashing] Take it! Oh, they’re both out! Chicken! [Buzzer]
[Awwwww!] [Growl] Hurry up! And take your squishy! [Thundering] [Guitar music] [Fun music] Wooo! Yeah! Ahhhhh! Ahhhhhh! [Guitar music] [Yelling] [Dings]
[Cheers] [Sports music] Kaden! Kaden, pass! Kaden, hurry! Kaden! [Dings]
[Cheers] [Sports music] [Splashing] Oh, no, oh, no, he caught me! He’s caught me! [Growl]
Wait for me! [Splashing] Get it! No! No! [Buzzer] Dang it. Payton, we’ve got to beat them! [Growl] Yeah! [Dings]
[Cheers] [Sports music] Come on! [Buzzer] Oh!
Oh! [Splashing] I’m on the smiley face. Go! Hand it to me! [Yells]
[Growls] The shark is on my tail! [Growls] [Dings]
[Cheers] Yes, another point! [Sports music] No! [Growls]
Throw it! [Buzzer]
No! I need to get it! Go get it, then! [Growls] Kaden, you’re down! Ahhhhh! [Growls]
Kaden! Payton! Grab the next squishy! Ready, go! I got on! Hurry! No, don’t you dare! [Growls] Ring around the rosey!
Stop! [Dings]
[Cheers] [Sports music] One more! Yes, one more! [Dings]
[Cheers] [Sports music] No! Oh!
[Buzzer] Hurry! We have one more! No!
[Growls] I still have it! Kaden! Just try and throw it to me! Kaden, pass it! Kaden! Pass it! Kaden, hurry! [Splashing]
[Growls] Kaden, you’re out!
No, I’m not! Kaden! Pass! Pass it! Kaden!
[Growl] [Cheers]
[Dings] [Sports music] Team orange! [Cheers] Me and Paxton won! We hope you liked the
“Pool is Lava” video! Make sure to subscribe below! And smash that like button! Roar! Comment down below and
tell us who you think won. And if you liked this video, make sure you watch the video
that we did with Kids Fun TV on Ninja Kidz TV! [Cheers] Ahhhhh!
[Splashing] Whoa! Ahhhh!
French fries! Put the french fries back! Whoa!

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