Kids Fun TV Escape The Babysitter Compilation Video! Babysitter Showdown! Escape the Room!

[Fun upbeat music] [Knocking] [Suspenseful music] Well, hello deary’s! Oh hello! Are you Nanny Bertha? Yes deary, Big Bertha
here at your service! Okay, well thank you so
much for watching the kids! [Cackling] I’ve never used a child
care service before. No problem I love children! I don’t mean to be rude, but is there something wrong with your face? Oh! I forgot to take off my mud mask, but don’t you worry I’ll
take it off in a little bit and your kids will have fun here! Mom, I don’t want the
babysitter to babysit us! Aren’t we old enough that we can babysit ourselves for a few hours? Oh sweetheart, I’m sorry but
I’m gonna be gone all day! [Laughing] But I’ll be back a
little bit later tonight. Your munchkins and I are
going to have SO much fun! Kaden, Jack, Jasmine okay
here’s your bag for today! It’s got your lunches in
it and all your activities. All right, so head on in! [Jack] Seriously! [Mom] Bye, I love you! Come on in kiddies! [Laughing] He he he! Toodles! All right you little rascals, follow me! [Boys exclaims] [Kaden] Where are you taking us? None of your business just follow me! [Suspenseful music] Come kids, in here! Now I have some business to attend to so you can stay in here all day! Ha ha ha! Wait, you can’t be serious! Oh I am serious! And don’t you dare say a
word of this to your mother. What! What do you mean? Don’t you even try to escape. [Cackling] [Suspense music] [Suspense music] [Suspense music] [Jasmine] That’s no nanny, that’s a witch! Witches aren’t real! Well, she’s mean and ugly! She did just put us in the basement. I know, I know! She might be might be a witch, but not a real one with magic and stuff! Besides we’re not locked
in the basement see? Whoa! Oh no! We really are locked in the basement! [Kids] Ahhhh!! Guys, guys! Calm down, calm down! Good thing I brought these! Epic! You packed our blasters? Yeah I snuck them in the
bag when mom wasn’t looking! Give me one of those so I can see if I can blast out of the door! [boing] Oh shoot, that didn’t work! Dang it, let’s look around the room and try to find something else! [Playful music] What’s this? [Jasmine] Looks like some
type of old treasure box! [Kaden] Let’s open it! [Jasmine] Push pins? Why would there ever be push pins in here? Jazzy what do you have? Guys, I bet this is the
key pad to unlock the door? Maybe if we guess the numbers,
maybe it will let us out! [Alarm sounding] Well that didn’t work! Let’s look around the room again, maybe there’s more clues? Nope, nope! [Jasmine] I wonder what’s in this pumpkin? Wait a minute! What are
these pumpkins doing here? Guys! Guys come here look! There’s a number on the
bottom of the pumpkin. Wait a minute! Guys, I found the number five! Let’s search all the pumpkins! What does this say? I found the number one. Guys, everybody let’s go and
search for more pumpkins! Look I found another pumpkin! And I found another one! Wait, is that all? Is that all seven? Yeah, this one gives the number three! Let’s go see if we can find– [Kaden] Go let’s go, go, go! [Jack] Okay, Kaden bring yours over here! Which one goes first? Okay let’s put them in order! Wait I see something. Wait, it’s written by odds! One, three, five, seven.. and nine! Maybe that’s the order that it goes in. Let’s try it!
[Jack] Just try it! So one, three, five, seven, nine, enter! [Alarm sounding] [Kids] Ugh!! Wait a minute! Maybe we have
to do smallest to tallest? Come on, let’s go! So.. there you go. [Jack] Put it here, right here! So what order is that? So that’s nine,– Three, One, Seven, Five. Seven…five, enter! [Kids cheering] [Jack] Yes! Yes! [All] Whoa! [Kids] You got to be kidding me! Whoa, it’s a lava trap! I thought we were free! How are we ever gonna get across this. Maybe, I can use my jacket
for a stepping stone? Well, that didn’t work! There’s gotta be another way! Wait a minute, what are
those on top of the ceiling? That’s it, if we get those
stones down to the lava maybe we can get to the other side?! Yeah, but how’re we gonna do that? Maybe we can blast the stones down. Sweet! Let’s grab the blasters! Well here goes nothing. Yes! We got the first one! I guess it is a stepping stone. Yes! Nice job Jack! Here I go! Yes, the next stepping stone. [Fun playful music] Yes! [Fun playful music] Yes! Yes! [Kaden] Now, it’s my turn! Yes! We’re almost there!
We’re almost there! Wish me luck! [All] Yay! We made it! [Kids cheering] We made it! Wait a minute, there’s another one! [Jack] Oh no, another trap! Oh no, what’re we supposed to do? I don’t know? Look at that doorway! [Jack] What, lasers! Let’s go check it out! [Playful music] Hey guys, look at this! It’s sort of a light. It is a light! It’s purple. Wait a minute, it’s a black light! What’s that? Black lights are only used in the dark. Hmm.. maybe it’s a clue? Yeah let’s try it! Let’s
turn off the lights! I’ll go get the lights. [Boys] Whoa! Cool! What’re we supposed to do with this? Well, if this room is like all the others then there has to be clues! Let’s get up and look around! Whoa, guys look! There’s
stuff written on the balloons! [Kaden] Whoa! Wait, this one says A! Yeah look! Numbers and letters and shapes! I’ll gather the letters, you get the numbers and you get the shapes! Great idea! I got all the symbols over here, but I don’t know if they’re
supposed to mean anything? Well I got all the
numbers in this section! [Jasmine] Unless there’s
another code box in here? I don’t know how they’re gonna help? [Jack] I got all the letters! Let’s see if they spell something! [Jasmine] H.. A, usually comes after. L.. There’s an L. Let’s try 2 L, L’s? Hey look Jack, I spelled hall! Look I spelled the word new! Hall.. new? That doesn’t sound right? Wait a minute there’s two letters left over here that doesn’t make sense? Maybe switch the N? and the W? Maybe the O goes next to the L? And E goes to the other E. W.. Look, look– [Jack] Halloween?! [Kaden] Halloween! It’s Halloween! Yeah Ha-llow– [All] H-A-L-L-O-W-E-E-N! [Kids] Halloween! We did it! [Kids cheering] That’s nice, but how do
we turn the lasers off? Hey remember when we got those push pins in the treasure box? Maybe we’re supposed to use
them to pop the balloons? That’s a great idea! Let’s just pop the H first,
and let’s see what happens! Yes, let’s do this! Three, two, one, go!
[Balloon pops] [All] Whoa! It worked! I’ve got the A! Hi-ya! L. [Kaden] Whoa! It’s working! O..W.. [Jack] There’s only three lasers left! E..E.. And the last one is N! Bye, bye N!
[Balloon pops] [Kids cheering] It’s gone! We escaped! Grab your blasters,
let’s get this old witch! Yeah! A rat’s hair! The eye of a newt! [Cackling laughter] Give up now! Yeah, surrender! What? How did you escape? We’re smarter than you think! Well, then I’ll get
you my little pretties! Eat.. my.. darts! [All] Ahh! Give up! [Cackling laughter] How about this? What happened to Kaden? I don’t know he’s frozen or something?! Nooo! What have you done to my brother? Ahhh! We’ve got you now! Those blaster darts don’t scare me! How about I melt you with
a tall glass of water then? [Suspense music] No! Ahhh! You better run! Jazzy, did you get her? No, she flew away on her broom
before I could even get her! What’re we gonna do with Kaden? It looks like he’s in time out. I know, let’s tickle him! Tickle, tickle, tickle! That didn’t work! Let’s scare him! Boo! Wait, stinky socks wake everybody up! Pee yew.. disgusting! Well that worked! [Fun upbeat music] Hey mom, who do you get
to babysit this time? Her name is Helga, and she
sounds very sweet on the phone! Well the last babysitter
you hired was a witch! So anyone’s better than that one! She wasn’t a witch! [Doorbell ringing] Well, hello my deary’s! Hi there, are you Helga? You look familiar! Have we met before? No, I don’t think so? Why
would you think that? Wait mom, it’s the witch, it’s
the witch, it’s the witch! Your kids and I are
gonna have SO much fun! Yeah it’s her! I can see
through that phony disguise! Excuse me just a minute! You guys needs to be nice. Mom, it’s a real witch! The same one as last time! Yeah last time she froze me solid! Shh.. she’s gonna hear you! You guys are gonna hurt her feelings! Her feelings? No one cares about her feelings? Be nice! I’m serious okay! Here, here’s your day bag! You guys be good! Come on in kiddies. He he he! [Mom] Love you guys! Bye-bye.
Toodles! We know who you are, you can
lose that phony disguise! You’re back! Follow me! [Suspense music] See if you can get out of this one! [Laughing] [Suspenseful music] [Kids exclaim] Guys, she turned the door into a wall! How are we ever gonna get out of here? ♪ I’m singing in the rain! ♪ Pay attention! Well, you’re the one who summoned
me here during my shower! Your job is to guard this
door, do you understand? Aye-aye, captain! I’m serious! I’m going to take a nap, so
don’t let those kids go by! Nothing gets by me! You guard this door and
don’t mess it up or else?! Try the window door! This one’s locked too! Let’s check the window! It’s sealed shut! Maybe we can find something
to open up the window. Guys look what I found! What is it? It looks like a music note! Does anyone remember their
notes from piano lessons? It looks like middle C! That’s weird, there’s
a number on the back. I wonder what’s under here. It’s a dusty piano! Do you think we should play the note? Yes, let’s try it! Maybe it will help us to get out of here! I think this one’s middle C. [Alarm sounding] Darn it, nothing happened! Middle C is the easiest note to remember! I know I did it right. Maybe there’s more than one note. Let’s look around the room! Guys, I found a clue! I wonder what it means. Wait, let’s check the other drawers. Hey guys, I found another clue! [Kaden] Yay! What? Guys what is– [Kaden] Guys, I found another clue! How’re we gonna get this one down? There we go.. yay! [Fun upbeat music] [Fun upbeat music] Why are there numbers on
the back of these notes? Okay, one.. Two.. Three.. Four.. Eight, nine, ten! C.. E.. Hmm.. is this a sharp or a flat? I think it’s a flat. Do you think or do you know? I’m not really sure? Let’s play it and give it a try! The first three are C, D, G. Play them! C, D, G. [Alarm sounding] Dang it, that didn’t work! It must be a sharp? [Piano playing] The door worked, yes! [Kids cheering] Oh, come on! Bars! Seriously! We’re stuck here forever! How are we ever gonna get out of here? It looks like we’re in a prison. How are we gonna get out of this one? It looks like the bars
need a key to unlock them. Maybe there’s a hidden key! That would be too easy. Yeah remember last time? Each escape room got harder and harder! Well, I’m gonna have a look around. [Suspense music] What are these for? Nothing in here. Or in here. Nothing! Hey, found a pitcher. Nothing in here. Hey I found a funnel or something. Maybe these are clues? How’s a funnel and a pitcher
gonna unlock those bars? No tools, no keys, no
way to get out of here. Well I brought our blasters! Maybe we can blast our way out! Blasters won’t open a prison door. What’s that gallon of water over there? It looks like there’s
something orange inside! [Jasmine] That’s weird, what is it? It’s attached to a key! That must be the key to open up the vault! The keys attached to a float. Guys my hand doesn’t fit. Let me try. The opening is too small. What if we tipped it over? Whoa, this thing is WAY too heavy! Even if we poured the water out, the key would still be stuck. Hey, maybe I can reach
it with these tongs? Hey I have an idea! Maybe if we put the funnel on top and if we add water, the orange float will rise and bring the key to the top! Yeah, so I can grab it out with the tongs. Come on, come on, come on quick! It’s working! Come on, go get some more! Whoa! It’s raising the water level! We’re almost there!
Hurry one more pitcher! Hurry, hurry, hurry! Yes it’s raising the water level! That’s it, it’s to the top! Yes! Now I can use these tongs to get the key. I got it, I got it! Yes, you got it! You got it! Guys we got it, we got it, yes! [Kids cheering] It opened! ♪ This is halloween ♪ ♪ This is halloween, halloween yeah ♪ Oh no, she put a ghost
in front of the exit! [Laughing] You thought you were free, but you’re not! You’ll never escape now! I’m here to guard this
doorway and no one shall pass! [Laughing] How’re we gonna get past the ghost? I have an idea! We just blast him. Grab your blaster come on! Na na na na na, you cannot get me! No you cannot! [Laughing] Let’s get him! Oh you got me! I think we got him! Just kidding! Ha ha ha! I’m a ghost, it all goes through me! Those don’t do anything. Wait a minute. Remember that song, who you gonna call? [All] ♪ Ghostbusters! ♪ ♪ Ghostbusters! ♪ That movie isn’t even
real. It’s an 80’s movie! Ghost, what’s your name? I’m a spooky ghost, and I’m
not supposed to talk to you! I never met a ghost before. What is it like. You mean being a ghost? It’s actually not fun! I’m supposed to be spooking
people all the time but I much rather tell riddles! You mean riddles? It’s my most favorite thing. I’m the best riddler in Halloween Town! Oh really? They call me Rocky the Riddler. No one can solve my riddles! Guys, guys! Okay Rocky, if we solve one of your riddles, would you let us pass? Hmm you’ll never solve one,
it’s practically impossible! Then no problem! Okay, you’re on! Are you ready? What about this one. What has a face and hands, but no legs and never stops running? A ghost?! Wait that doesn’t make sense. I told you so, it’s a hard one. Hmm… What has a face and hands? But no legs. Are you getting bored yet? And never stops running. ♪ I told the witch doctor
he was in love with you ♪ Guys it’s been two hours and
I still don’t have any idea? Uhh.. Me either! You can just give up now kids! Hey Rocky, can’t you just give us a clue? There is a hidden clue
somewhere in this room but you’ll never figure that out either. [Fun upbeat music] [Fun upbeat music] Guys, I found a hairdryer! That’s a strange place for a hairdryer. Maybe, it’s another clue? We’re gonna be stuck here forever! Whoa what is that? I think the paint changes with heat. Hey Jack, where’d you put that hairdryer? Quick let’s plug it in! [All] Whoa! It’s a clock! That’s it! That’s it! Ghost, we have our answer! It’s a clock, it’s a clock! Is that your final answer? Yes! Uh oh, I’m in big big trouble! [Laughing] [Kids cheering] Yeah! Now let’s go! Shh.. quiet! Let’s sneak up these stairs. [Suspense music] Look, there she is! [Snoring] Maybe we can sneak by
without waking her up? Or, we could take this
chance to get her good. Yeah let’s pull a prank on her and teach her a good lesson! Well, we know she’s afraid of water. [Happy fun music] [Happy fun music] That was the last one. Come on, let’s get out of here! We can’t leave yet! I’ve gotta see this. Whoa! Where’d you get that? An air horn. You never know when you might need one. Three, two, one, go! [Air horn sounding] [Helga] Ahhh! Ahhh! Ahhh! No, anything but water! Take that babysitter! Oh snap! What am I gonna do? No! [Air horn sounding] [Fun upbeat music] Those sneaky kids have
messed with me long enough! It’s time to get even,
but what should I do? Ooh it’s their silver play button. That’s it, they’ll never get it! It’s mine! [Phone ringing] [Noah] Hello, What’s up Jack? Hi Noah! Hey guys, did you ever get
your silver play button? No, not yet! It should’ve come a long time ago. In fact, we’re almost to
a million subscribers! No way! You’re almost to a million? I know, cool right? Well, I hope you get
your silver play button. Thanks Noah, me too! All right catch you later, bye! Good-bye! Mom, can you call YouTube and see if they forgot to send us
the silver play button? Well, I already called them and they said they sent it months ago! Maybe got lost in the mail? Maybe it came and someone took it? Like a witch! I saw the witch take a package off our door step! What?! [Suspense music] Ooh.. what is this? It must be their silver play button. [Cackling laughter] Hey, what are you doing? Don’t take our package! Umm..don’t tell anybody I was
here okay! Shhh.. bye-bye! That’s our’s give it back! No, mine! No! Ahh! Ahh! Darn it, she got away! What?! And then she ran away! What? I knew it! But where does she live? How’re we gonna get it back? Come on you guys, she didn’t take our silver play button! That’s ridiculous! She did you just don’t understand Yeah! Yeah you have to believe us! Honey, do you remember that we have a neighborhood meeting tonight. We need a babysitter! Who should I call? Short notice. I have an idea! Come over here. Okay! Hey guys, remember Helga? We can call her to come over. Great idea, let’s get mom to
ask Helga if she can babysit! Yeah we can get ready for her and get our silver play button back! Mom, why don’t you see
if Helga can babysit? Helga?! I thought you guys didn’t like her?! What are you guys up to? Oh, ha ha that as just pretend! Yeah give her a call, she’s super nice! She’s our favorite! All right! Okay, we’ll give her a call! Yes! We’ll be ready. I hope this works! Okay Jazzy, the babysitter’s coming. We need to figure out a way to get that play button
back from the babysitter! Let’s load our blasters so we’re ready! Come on. Honey, Grandma already
picked up the little ones and I’m gonna meet you in the car! Quick! Hi, you must be the babysitter! You look strangely familiar! Uh why would you say that? But yes, you do too! That’s really strange! Oh well, they’re inside you can go on in! Okay! He he he! I have a feeling this is gonna work! Oh yeah! Oh kids, I’m here!
He he he! [All] She’s here! Quick! Hide them under the blanket! Catch! Well, hello my deary’s! [Laughter] Oh you’re here! Thank
you so much for coming! The kids are really excited you’re here! Your kiddies and I are
gonna have SO much fun! Well, sounds great! We’ll see, we won’t be back ’til late so, bye guys be good! [Jack] Bye mom! Okay, toodles! Hi kiddies! Bye-bye! All right you little rascals! Okay we know you took our silver play button and it’s time to give it back! Yeah give it back to us or else! Or else what? Or else you can eat.. our.. darts! Ahh!! Your silly blasters
don’t scare me! He he he! Let’s get her! Oh no you don’t! Go right ahead! He he he! Oh they’re all stopping. Not coming so close. [All] Ahh!! [Playful music] What?! I told you! Worthless! Are you ready for another escape room? Bye-bye! [Cackling laughter] Let’s see if they can get
out of this escape room. Whoa! Whoa, where are we? Looks like they’re in the escape room. My plan is working well! Now how to keep them in there. Hmm.. I know! How about this? [Laughter] The babysitter must’ve put
us in another escape room! Let’s check the door. [Jack] It’s a river! [Jasmine[ No Way! Now how are we ever gonna escape? Hey, let’s check for clues! Yeah great idea! Guys– [Kaden] Yeah me too! I got another one! There’s numbers on the back. Wait, let’s put all the– Wait! Another one! I’ll start trying to put them together. Oh man I found a lot! That’s so cool! Look it’s just right on the– Wait I found another one! Hey guys, look what I found! A key code? What would a key code be for? Wait maybe these numbers on the back. Great idea! We’ll save it– I’ll keep on searching! I’m separating them for– Oh guys there’s lots under here! Oh it’s a kitten in a pot! Oh here’s another kitten in a pot. Oh this goes right– There’s two of them! I think we got all of the pieces but now we have to put it together. The last piece. Let’s flip it over and read the cardboard. Hey, it looks like a bunch of numbers! Two, nine, one, six, four, five! It must of been the numbers
that we were looking for! Maybe if we put in the first number, let’s see what happens to the river! [Jasmine] Come on Kaden! Okay I’ll press, it’s two right? Okay guys, I’m gonna
press the first number. Let’s see what happens! Two! [All] Whoa! [Jasmine] A stepping stone just appeared! Awesome! Let’s see what
the next number is. It’s nine, type nine! Yes! What’s the next one? [Jasmine] It is one! and then six. One, six okay. One, six… Six whoa. Jack solve the problem! Whoa! It’s five! Five! [Kids cheering] Hey guys, we got out of the
babysitter’s escape room but now what do we do? Umm.. I don’t know? Let’s ask Hope and Noah, maybe
they’re still at the park! Come on, let’s go check. ♪ Promise that you’ll never
find another like me ♪ What is she doing? I don’t know? [Humming] Come on guys, while she’s over there. ♪ Promise that you’ll never
find another like me ♪ ♪ Promise that you’ll never
find another like me ♪ ♪ You’re the only one of you ♪ ♪ I’m the only one of me ♪ Look, there they are! Hope, Eden, Noah! You’ll never believe it but our babysitter took
our silver play button! Yeah it’s a long story but
we really need your help! Why didn’t you just corner
her with your blasters? We already tried that, but she used her magic to put us in the escape room! Sounds like you might
need to outsmart her! Yeah do you have any ideas? Have you thought about enchanting her? How do you do that? There’s three ways, the
first way is to scare her! Boo! Ahh! No way, did that really work? What just happened to me? What if that doesn’t work? What’s the second way? Check this out! Ooh Noah! Huh? No way, we don’t have one of those. Can we borrow yours? Sure! And what if that doesn’t work? What’s the third way? You’re gonna have to use a powerful tool. Like this! [Enchanting music] Ha ha ha! This is too easy! Can we borrow that too? So, where is she now? Oh back at the house, we gotta go! Bye “SuperHeroKids!” Bye! [Fun music] [Fun music] Looks like she’s sleeping. First thing we need to do is scare her! How’re we gonna do that? Just sneak up behind her and then make some type of scary noise! Kaden you do the scaring!
I’ll do the pendulum! If that doesn’t work, I’ll
be ready with the umbrella. Come on! [Snoring] AHHH! That’s your scary noise? What! It was the first
thing that came to my mind? Well looks like it worked. Good job Kaden! What, what? Oh no she’s snapping out of it. Quick Jack do something! Quick Kaden scare her again! Ahhh! I can’t believe that actually works! How do we know that she’s
enchanted this time? I don’t know, why don’t we
ask her to do something? I have an idea! Babysitter, do ten push ups! [Jack] Is she gonna do it? [Children] Three, four, five, six! What, what? What am I doing, push ups? I don’t do exercise! What’re you guys doing to me? What, why are you guys here? Jack use the pendulum! What, what’s a pendulum? No way that actually worked! That’s crazy! How do we know that she’s
gonna stay enchanted this time? I don’t know? Maybe let’s try something again. Maybe let’s have her act like an animal! Hey babysitter, why don’t you act like a dinosaur? Yeah babysitter turn into a raptor! [Roaring] [Kaden laughing] That’s the craziest
dinosaur I’ve ever seen! Quick Jack make her do something else. Babysitter turn into a–a chicken! [Clucking] What’s going on? Oh no, it looks like she’s
snapping out of it again! Jasmine, use the umbrella! I’ve got this! None of this nonsense. Get back. [Enchanting music] Yeah, way to go Jazzy! Hey babysitter, do the floss! [Fun dance music] Do the orange justice! [Fun dance music] No way they’re crazy! They
don’t even know how to do it! Keep it up, keep it up! Is the not good Fortnite dancer! The not good dancer ever! All right enough messing around, remember why we enchanted
her in the first place. That’s right babysitter, give us back our YouTube silver play button! Your YouTube silver play button. As you wish! Here you go youngling! Guys we got it! [Kids cheering] I can’t believe that worked! Finally, finally we’ve been waiting for this months and months! Let’s open it! I can’t wait to see what it looks like! Me too! What, what? It wore off again! Oh no! What just happened? Where did you get that? That’s mine! Oh no! You little rascals, you
enchanted me didn’t you? Hey guys I’m home! Mom! Yes she’s home. Oh no. The silver play button, you guys found it? Uh huh! Yeah, yeah! Hi you’re home early. Yes I helped them find the
silver play button also. Well thanks for your help babysitter! But we’re gonna open our
silver play button now. Okay. Well thanks so much for coming. Can I call you again real soon? Yes of course. We had lots of fun we played
lots of arts and crafts and thank you bye-bye, toodles! Bye-bye! Dang it, their mom came home too soon! But she said she’ll
call me back real soon! I’ll get even! Finally! Let’s go open
our silver play button! Amazing! [All] Whoa! [Jasmine] It’s amazing! That’s so cool! Oh it feels so cool! It says, “Presenting to Kids Fun TV for passing 100,000 subscribers!” Woohoo! [Fun upbeat music] Hmm.. those kids from Kids Fun TV, they’re such a nuisance! What can I do to get them back? I know! Where are we?
Where are we? Looks like we’re in a hotel room. [Door banging] Guys, it’s “That YouTube Family!” Whoa let’s see! Guys we’ve been out here for hours. There was a crazy lady
that put us out here! And locked the door. Thank goodness you guys saved us! That’s strange. Okay what’re we gonna do? Where are we? And what are we wearing? Feels like we’re prisoners. All I got is those shorts. Looks like we’re jailbirds. Ahhh! We have a crazy witch
that comes to babysit us and every time she puts
us in an escape room! An escape room? Ahhh! Wait, so does that mean we’re
in an escape room right now? How did we get stuck in your escape room? Ahhh! Thanks a lot! How did we even get stuck
with your babysitter? Oh she has a magical wand! What? Our witch babysitter must be
after our friends now too. Oh great! Sorry! Let’s go check the door
and see if it’s locked. It’s locked! Do we have a key? I don’t know, should we look for one? You have to. Scatter the room. [Static] I’ve got my two favorite channels trapped in an abandoned hotel escape room! [Cackling laughter] We’re in an abandoned hotel. Oh no! And what are you going
to do about it? Ha ha ha! What’re you gonna do guys? We’re gonna solve it! So there’s no people here? We’re by ourselves? It’s deserted! No way! We’ve gotten out of your
escape rooms before. Not this time, I’ve got you good. You’re stuck forever! Sure, you’d spend a whole day saying that! Toodles my little pretties! [Static] Oh no we’re stuck! That crazy babysitter,
she’s always after us! Guys, if we’re in an escape
room, there must be clues. So let’s look around,
scatter around let’s go! [Kaden] Guys heads up, I got a rose! I just found a rose. Wait let me check under here. Hey guys there’s an S. You’re right! This has to be something. Yeah it might be spelling
a word like spark? Wait there’s more petals
around, more roses. More roses? [Fun music] Look there’s an E. Maybe it could spell see. R.. R.. I don’t think we found
all the letters yet? Guys there’s another rose! Underneath the bed, you should
check underneath the bed. More roses? Look on them there might be
like a letter or something? True okay! Found a clue? Why would there be roses in here? Wait guys! Wait let’s find all the roses. O guys there’s an O. O. There’s no letters on here just numbers. S-O-R-R-Y. Darn it, there’s no Y. Oh found it. S.. [Kaden] Two S’s. Guys we have an R, we have an S, another S, an O and an E. So it sounds scrambled, we have to put the words in different– Ro… Rose! Roses! We count all the roses maybe? Smart okay! One, two, three five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven! Let’s try it. There’s no clues in here. Wait, what are we gonna
put the roses in here? Oh so look there’s 11 roses in total– Which says count me. There were three in there though. There was three. And then 11 is total. So try three, one, one or one, one, three. Or three, three. Okay let’s count them as we
put the roses in the jar! [All] One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve! Wait now out the number
12 in see if it will work. [Kaden] But it’s a four digit code! Is there anywhere else we
can put a code in this room? Where else can we put in numbers? The phone! Okay, the phone! [Phone dialing] [Male voice] Mirror, soap.. It’s a creepy voice! Do you think it’s the witch? It’s saying the same
thing over and over again. Wait let me hear. [Male voice] Mirror, soap, kleenex, lotion! Mirror, soap [Male voice] Mirror,
soap, kleenex, lotion! Wait a minute that’s all in the bathroom. Mirror, lotion– [Jasmine] Stars, it’s a star. Guys a one. Seven. Seven. Eight. Kleenex. Wow guys– Two. [Jack] One, eight, seven, two. One, eight, seven, two. [All] One, eight– Wait wasn’t it seven? One, seven, eight, two. It’s not working! Try a different combination! One, eight, two, seven. Oh we gotta get out of here. We can’t be stuck in here forever! Eight, seven, two, one. Wait lotion was at the end. So one is first. [All] Seven Two Eight. Yes it worked! We got it! Here it is it worked! [Kids cheering] [Jack] Let’s all get out of here! [Kids cheering] Take that babysitter! Yeah we escaped! Let’s go play in the pool. [Kids cheering] What? What? How did they escape? This is impossible, no! Make sure to like and subscribe below! If you wanna watch our other
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